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Drew Roy: a brief biography and a career in film

As a child, Drew Roy dreamed of becoming a doctor.Actor's career, he began to build, as they say, "for the company" - all his friends dreamed of shining in Hollywood and after graduation moved to Los Angeles. Andrew (full name of the actor) followed them.

Biographical information

American actor Drew Roy was born in 1986in the state of Alabama. The homeland of the actor is the city of Clenton. As for Drew's date of birth, some sources report that the star of the Lincoln Heights series (first shown from 2006 to 2009) was born on May 15, while others claim that Roy's birthday is on May 17th.

Drew first appeared on the screen in 2006.His television debut was the image of one of the heroes of the mystical motion picture "The Curse of the Pirate's Death." Some sources claim that the first appearance of the actor on the screen should be dated in 2005 - that's when the television series with Andrew "Daily Habit" started. The show premiered in 2011.

"The curse of the death of a pirate"

This movie history is sure to appeal to young people, and representatives of the older generation will recall the past fervor and excessive self-confidence, which only youth is capable of.

The main characters of the film are youngstudents of the college (one of them was played by Drew Roy). The plans for young people - to find the treasure, which, according to legend, once hid the leader of the pirates Abraham Left.

The horror film "The Curse of the Death of Pirates" was released in the 2006 film distribution.

The beginning actor Drew Roy: filmography

drew swarm
Filming in the movie "The Curse of the Death of Pirates"were crowned with success, and this attracted the attention of the directors to Roy. In 2007, he was approved for a secondary role in the film "Twinkling", and in 2009, Drew was seen in the film "Tag".

The series "Lincoln Heights" started on American TV channels in 2006. The final film series was first shown in 2009.

In 2007, the actor happened to reincarnate ina guy named Griffin from the TV series "HayKarli". The main character of the film is Carly's girl. Having created (with the help of friends) her own entertainment web-show, a thirteen-year-old girl learns what competition is, fan worship, and also learns to "survive" in the brutal world of show business.

In the same year, the premiere of the first series of the television series "University" took place (the premiere of the final series was held in 2011).

Actor Drew Roy: films of 2010-2016

actor drew swarm movies
In 2010, several screens with the participation of an actor appeared on the screens.

In the television series "Hannah Montana", Drew Roy appeared in five episodes.

A young and unremarkable schoolgirl Miley leads a double life. Only the girl's inner circle knows that behind the inconspicuous everyday appearance lies the famous pop singer Hannah Montana.

The comedy film "Summer in Costa Rica", where Roygot an episodic role - the story of a young surfer who came to Costa Rica in the company of friends. Entertainment is not part of the main character's plans. His goal is to save the coastal motel belonging to his aunt.

In 2010, the film "One desire" and "Champion" were also released in the film distribution.

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In 2011, Drew Roy (photo in the article) got a role in the mystical series "Ruined Heaven".

Invasion of alien invaders caught earthlingsby surprise. A handful of survivors of the planet are forced to defend their right to life every day. The protagonist (played by Noah Wiley) fights his way to the place that used to be his home, and when he reaches his goal, he is captured.

drew filmography
Tom can not understand why the alienThe invaders did not kill him, as they did with the other resistance leaders. Soon he learns that creatures from outer space have come to Earth, wanting to help earthlings, and he, Tom, has a key role in the last battle.

The number of American TV viewers who watched the premiere of the opening series of the film exceeded seven million.

In the film also starred Moon Bloodguard, Jesse Srem, Maxim Knight, Seish6ll Gabriel, Peter Shinkoda.

For the filming of the television movie and the creation of special effects for the television series "Ruined Heaven" is the company DreamWorks, whose general producer is Steven Spielberg.

In 2016 the premiere of the film was heldSugar Mountain. The heroes of this film, obsessed with the idea of ​​rapid enrichment, are looking for ways to earn money and, for the sake of realizing their goal, they are taken to the northernmost part of Alaska.

Very soon the friends realized that the locals do not like quick money seekers, and even more do not like lazy people and talkers. Besides, the extraction of golden sand is not an easy occupation ...

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