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A realtor is ... Features of the profession. Reviews

With the need to sell, buy, rent or rentsooner or later, real estate any person. For unprepared people, such a deal is usually one big problem. Where to look for buyers or sellers, how to correctly draw up all the documents? Do not know where to start? So, you just need to contact a real estate specialist. A realtor is the professional that you need if you are planning to make some kind of deal with real estate.

Who is a realtor?

The agent is

Real estate agents in our country are increasinglycalled an interesting foreign word "realtor". In fact, we are talking about a specialist who conducts all kinds of transactions with real estate. It is the realtor who acquaints the seller and the buyer (landlord and tenant) and monitors their actions throughout the entire phase of transfer of ownership or real estate for temporary use. The duties of this specialist include checking the legal purity of the transaction, drawing up official papers and assisting in state registration if necessary. Also, a realtor is a person who can find the right option if you want to buy or rent a house. This specialist will help to speed up the sale / lease of your property.

Letters of the law

Realtor services

To make transactions with real estate you needhave a special license, which is issued by the guild of realtors. You can get such permission from a specialist who works privately, or a real estate agency. It is not difficult to get into the organization of the second type. To do this, you do not even need a higher or some profile education. You will be surprised, but many realtors really graduated only from school and quite well earn within the chosen profession. However, you really have to work really. Salary of a realtor is a commission, calculated as a percentage of successfully completed transactions.

Who are black realtors?

Quite often you can hear an unusual andThe sinister definition that the media most often use in their stories about fraud. It's about criminals who want to earn, misleading respectable citizens. Most often, black realtors do not even have a license, and sometimes they do not exist legally either as a company or as a person entitled to provide services to the public. As victims, scammers choose persons who are the least legally competent. They come in contact with people who want to make transactions with real estate, and assure them of their own professionalism. Meeting with black realtors can have the most unpredictable finale: from the loss of a small amount (commission) to the misappropriation of real estate by fraudsters or funds for its acquisition. Be careful when concluding any contracts. Do not hesitate to collect information about the selected real estate agency or specific specialist, and most importantly - do not hesitate to ask to show the license and other documents of the legal entity.

Formation of a realtor

Black realtors

Ideal for a real estate specialistis considered a higher education in the field of "Property Management and Expertise". However, a good realtor is not necessarily a graduate. Quite often people who have an economic or legal education come to this profession. A lot of realtors and those who have no profile education and graduated once only school. And indeed, success in this profession requires special personal qualities and some practical skills, rather than a diploma lying on the shelf. The Guild of Realtors allows for the employment of persons without higher education and issues licenses of private realtors to such specialists. Many real estate agencies are ready to independently train new employees.

Features of the profession

Guild of Realtors

Realtor services are in demand these days.But do not think that the main task of this specialist is to sit in the office and receive clients. The real estate agent's salary directly depends on his activity. Accordingly, one of the most important activities of this specialist is self-promotion and the search for new customers. It is also useful to have your own real estate database, which means that every day you need to look for new offers in all categories. Feature of the profession - a flexible schedule, often realtors have to work in the evenings or on weekends, organizing reviews and meeting with clients. The success of a real estate agent depends on his communication skills. Among the clients there are very different people, and with everyone it is necessary to agree. The services of a realtor are connected with the conclusion of transactions with real estate. This profession is appropriate to call a risk, since it is a question of turnover of large sums of money, and is responsible for them, as well as for the accuracy of the documents it is the real estate agent.

Personal qualities and skills


It is important for a realtor to be legally competent andhave flexible thinking. In this profession, you have to constantly learn something, because the legislation of our country changes regularly. In this case, each client is waiting for detailed advice at all stages of the transaction. Communicative skills are also incredibly important. An excellent addition to them will be a disposed appearance and a good diction. This profession is for the balanced people, able to remain calm in any situations. Responsibility and integrity are also important. The ability to plan and rationally allocate time - the skills that any successful realtor has. Real estate is becoming more expensive and cheaper, the demand of the population is changing. In order to achieve success in this area, it is important not only to update the customer base and monitor changes in legislation, but also to understand market trends in a global sense.

How to become a real estate agent?

Beginner Realtor

The easiest way to start a career is to applyin the real estate agency as a job seeker for an open position. You can not even have a higher education. But to prepare for the interview and pass it properly is necessary. A good realtor is a person who knows how to dispose and convince. Think about whether you can communicate with clients if you can not even prove to the owner of a real estate agency that this job suits you? If your candidacy is approved, you will be offered to take a special training course or go on probation and learn everything in an informal atmosphere. A beginner realtor can learn independently. To do this, you should study the profession from the theoretical side and talk with experienced realtors, visit some thematic events - seminars, lectures. After that, you can already try to make your first deal.

Feedback from realtors about their work

Learn more about any profession you can,having communicated with those who already for a long time work in this sphere. What do realtors say about their work? Many people work in real estate agencies like. Of course, starting is not easy, and you have to learn a lot. The work is versatile and not boring, during business trips around the city you can manage to do some small personal business. Experienced realtors admit that due to this activity they have a lot of acquaintances. Among the clients come across and doctors, and bank employees, and representatives of creative professions. All this is not only pleasant and interesting acquaintances, but also sometimes useful links.

The minuses of the profession include non-standardizedworking schedule (meetings with customers on weekends and holidays) and unstable wages. Even experienced and well-known realtors do not receive wages, if for some reason they fail to successfully complete the planned transactions.

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