/ Is it useful for hair?

Is cinnamon useful for hair?

Healthy shiny hair at all timeswere considered the most worthy adornment of the girl. But what if they are rather weak by nature, do not grow well, cut and break? Natural hair cosmetics will come to the rescue.

natural hair cosmetics
You can buy one of the industrial production, and you can use improvised tools and cook at home, which will help to save money.

Surely many people have heard of the cinnamon mask forgrowth acceleration. Does cinnamon really stimulate growth? For what type of hair is this mask suitable? Is it safe? There are a lot of questions to which you should find detailed answers.

So, first the recipe of how the mask is madefor hair with cinnamon. You will need cinnamon powder, olive oil (you can replace it with linseed, wheat germ and any base oil, even vegetable oil), hot water, sugar. All these components are used in equal amounts (2 tablespoons each). To them to mix 1 yolk.

hair mask with cinnamon
It is very important before applying the mask to the rootsproperly lubricate the hair along the entire length of the oil, especially the tips! This is done in order not to burn hair. The forehead, neck and ears can also be smeared with oil. If the mask hits, it can be quickly erased. Otherwise, a slight burn is possible. After completing the application, the head should be wrapped with polyethylene and a towel or handkerchief. Leave for at least 15 minutes, but still it is better to stand for 1 hour.

The scalp will tingle, but if tolerated, thenit is better not to run to wash off the mask, but wait for the necessary time. The warming effect "awakens" the hair bulbs, thereby accelerating the growth of hair. It is checked up on itself! The effect is noticeable after the first application. Cinnamon for hair is used more often 1 time per week (for dry and even less often - 1 time in 10-14 days). In addition, owners of fatty hair will certainly like the effect of reducing the greasiness of the scalp. At the first application, a fairly large amount of hair can fall out. Do not be intimidated by this, because only the sick and weakened fall out. They would fall out like that within a week. But in their place immediately begin to grow healthy.

What other purposes can a cinnamon use for hair?

cinnamon for hair
Great popularity among fansNatural cosmetics uses clarity curls with the help of this miracle-spice. With the regular application of this method, you can achieve clarification, even at 2 tones. To prepare the mask, you need 4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, about 100 grams of liquid honey (candied can be melt in a water bath) and 2 tablespoons of normal hair balm or shop mask. All components are mixed and applied evenly to wet hair along the length. Then you need to put on a shower cap and wrap it well with a towel. After 4 hours, the mask should be washed off with water, perhaps a very thick hair will need to use a shampoo. Dry and enjoy the result. An additional bonus from such clarification will be the amazing aroma that leaves the cinnamon. For hair stained with chemical paints, such a mask, alas, will not work.

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