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How to Make a Manicure 2011

Any woman should be attentive tothe state of their hands and nails. A beautiful and neat manicure, properly chosen color of varnish - all this is an indispensable attribute of a fashionable and stylish image. In order to keep up with the times, it is necessary to follow the latest trends, and in accordance with them to choose an individual fashionable manicure.

Fashion for clothes of certain stylistic andcolor directions is changing very quickly, which can not be said about manicure. And yet periodic changes are observed, but in this case there is an original evolution, suggesting a more smooth transition from one trend to another. It is for this reason that manicure 2011 can be considered the development of the directions of the past years, beginning in 2008. But, as in previous years, the most important thing for any designer is to create a unique image, so that a woman is primarily an individual.

Undoubtedly, fashion manicure is very importantAn indicator of how much a woman watches her appearance. But before you make a manicure 2011, you need to put your hands in order and take care of the health of your nails, since a beautiful and properly selected varnish will not hide the brittleness and fragility of the nails.

Shape and length

In 2011, the most urgent will be a bright and unique manicure 2011, which excludes any jerkiness. Preference should be given to more refinement with notes of aristocracy.

If you follow fashion, then forget about the smallpatterns and flower ornaments, and also avoid ethnic motives and abstractions. The logical question is: "How to make a manicure, taking into account such a number of prohibitions and exceptions?". All is simple enough - use the geometry of all possible kinds.

Perhaps many women will consider verybeautiful excessively long nails, which in some "fashionistas" are even bent inside, emitting a claw of a bird of prey. But the manicure of 2011 has long ago departed from such design. All over the world, naturalness comes out on top, so the preference is given to the small length of the nail and its more rounded shape. Remember that now the nail should protrude slightly over the finger pad, and avoid the "hills" a few centimeters long.

Color spectrum

Despite the aforesaid aristocracy andsophistication, the color of the varnish can be the most unexpected. For spring, when everything just wakes up from sleep, it is better to use more gentle shades: pink, peach and beige. But by the summer the moderate color scale should be replaced by a bright explosion of paints, which sometimes can be called even aggressive. Until all the tones of the gray-black scale lose their relevance, so boldly apply a universal black lacquer on your marigolds.

Some designers suggest applying onecolor scale so that the light color was on the little finger, and the most saturated - on the thumb. So you get a kind of rainbow of one color.

How to make a manicure if you can not pick it upColour? A neat jacket in mild colors is a great solution: it always fits the fashion and is like for any woman. But even an ordinary jacket can become more summer and bright, if you follow the advice of designers and use a combination of two bright colors, referring to the same color. At the same time, the French manicure 2011 - gives the opportunity to combine contrasting colors.

More and more popular is the moon manicure.In this case, the nail design is a crescent shaped, which is usually located near the nail hole. The resulting "moon" is made with white or beige lacquer. The rest of the nail is painted in a bright saturated color.

Fashion manicure should not only correspond to the created image, it must also coincide in color with the accessories used - this is a mandatory requirement dictated by the latest trends.

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