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Epilation of intimate places at home

More than three millennia ago in the countriesEast woman was considered neat and well-groomed only if all unwanted hairs from her body were removed. And what then to speak of the present tense ... Now to have a perfectly smooth skin is simply necessary, because this is the key to success for the opposite sex. To remove unnecessary "vegetation" from the body can be different ways, however, most of them have one major nuance - the soreness of the procedure. And if the legs and hands are subjected to "torture" is not so scary, then with the zone of bikini everything is completely different.

Epilation of bikini deep
The bikini zone is the most sensitive, the skin herevery thin, so this hair removal is considered extremely painful and unpleasant. Most women prefer to remove hair in the bikini area independently at home, which is due to the intimate nature of the procedure. There are a sufficient number of methods by which epilation of intimate places can be carried out at home, each of them has its own pluses and minuses. Below are the basic methods of epilation of the bikini zone, available at home.

Mechanical epilation of intimate places

Mechanical hair removal is the removal of hairsshaving machine. Statistics show that the vast majority of women prefer to simply shave their hair in the bikini area. To begin with, a disinfectant is applied to the skin, then with the help of an ordinary shaving machine, the hair is removed in the direction of their growth. After that, a special after-epilation cream is applied. This procedure is absolutely painless, fast, practically does not require financial expenses. The downside of this hair removal is that the hairs grow back within a few days and the procedure has to be repeated.


This is one of the most accessible and widely availablecommon remedies for hair removal. The depilator will quickly and permanently rid you of unwanted hair, leaving behind a smooth, beautiful, undamaged skin. Hair after its application will grow with each time all thinner and thinner, and they will all be easier and easier to remove. The drawbacks of the depilator are the painfulness of the procedure and the possibility of ingrown hairs.

Laser epilation of intimate places

Epilation of intimate places
Laser epilation - the most painlessmethod of hair removal. During the procedure, the woman experiences only a slight tingling sensation. The result of this type of hair removal will be smooth skin without unnecessary hairs for a very long period. Epilation of intimate places with a laser is now possible even in the walls of the house, thanks to the appearance of special laser epilators for home use. The advantage of this type of hair removal is that if the procedure is carried out regularly, the hair disappears forever. In the number of disadvantages is quite expensive device.

Wax removal of hair

Waxing in the salon and at home is carried outthe same. Wax can be cold, warm or hot. For epilation in the bikini zone, it is preferable to use hot wax, since it warms the skin well, reveals the pores, which allows you to quickly and practically painlessly remove unwanted hair. Wax is easily removed with a cotton swab impregnated with softening oil.

Waxing in the salon
Shugaring or sugar hair removal

This type of hair removal is considered an innovation, althoughits roots go back a long time and count thousands of years. Shugaring is suitable for any skin and for any type of hair stiffness, so epilation "bikini deep" is often done in this way. To date, this is the most popular form of hair removal in the groin area, which prevents irritation and ingrowth. The effect of it lasts long enough.

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