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Nail painting in Chinese style

Chinese painting on nails is not easyhieroglyphs. Using acrylic or gels, you can create amazing floral ornaments or other patterns. Knowing the step-by-step implementation, you can create a beautiful ornament on your own nails.

What techniques exist?

In this form of nail painting, several techniques are used, with which you can create amazing patterns.

  1. Smooth - a simple brush strokes without a break.
  2. Azhur - create an uneven edge, moving the brush from top to bottom and back.
  3. Semiuzhur is the creation of loops in three movements: upwards, to the side and down.
  4. Create a wave-like line with a twisted brush without detachment.
  5. Fountain reception - intermittent permutations in the direction from the bottom up and back.
  6. Aqua - apply when you need to achieve transparency.

If you combine these techniques, then you can create an unusual and beautiful manicure. In this photo of nail art, you can see what beauty professionals can create.

pink flower on nails

What is needed?

To paint the nails will need severalvarieties of brushes to create different patterns. This manicure should be done with acrylic paints, because they have a suitable consistency. It is these colors that can create such a beautiful drawing. You will need a palette in order to mix different shades.

Acrylic paints 3D on a water basis:a thick consistency will allow you to make smooth transitions and get the effect of the volume of the picture. As a background, transparent or pastel shades are suitable - flowers will look more spectacular. Equally interesting is the contrast of the dark background and gentle petals.

Professionals use brushes only with natural bristles in their work. But for training you can take tools and with artificial nap. Several types of brushes are used:

  1. Flat - they are basic. They have long and rough bristles.
  2. Brushes - brushes with a more rigid pile, are needed to create shadows in the drawing.
  3. Liners - very thin brushes with long bristles. They draw simple lines and waves.
  4. Fan - needed to "fill" the background.
  5. Beveled.

In the Chinese painting on the nails, brushes playbig role. After all, with the help of them you can achieve extraordinary beauty. Painting is done by applying two types of paints, so acrylic should be purchased in several shades.

a rosebud on nails

Step-by-step execution

Chinese painting nails is not so complicated,it is enough to master the basic techniques of applying smears. To draw a pattern, usually take a white dye and another suitable shade. Smears should be smooth, so first you need to practice on a paper sheet so that the movements are confident.

  1. First you need to prepare a nail plate. This includes grinding, application of the substrate and background coverage.
  2. Next, on paper with two selected colors, draw a pattern.
  3. After training, you can begin applyingornament on the nail. Clean the brush, then dab it in two colors from different sides. Begin to do the strokes in the desired sequence, using various techniques.
  4. If necessary, give time to brush strokes to dry, then apply new ones. The brush should be washed and dried.
  5. After the painting has dried, apply the finish coat.

Apply the elements of the picture in the nextsequences: from larger elements (for example, flower petals) to smaller ones (leaves, twigs). To make the composition more voluminous, the petals can make a contour.

manicure in the style of Chinese painting

Most popular flower drawings

On the photo of the Chinese painting on the nails, you can see that the most popular topic is flowers.

  1. Bud Rose - great for beginners. It is popular due to the ease of application.
  2. Cornflower - too, is drawn pretty quickly.
  3. Leaves - are a complement to the flower.
  4. Peonies - the technique of drawing is like a bud rose, only in it inadmissible inaccuracies.
  5. A blossoming flower.

Of course, the design of nails depends only on your imagination, patience and skills in drawing.

Chinese painting and rhinestones

Professional details

In the photo the nails are very beautifully painted andit's no wonder that many people want to learn this technique. But she has certain subtleties that will help you make a beautiful manicure.

  1. If the drawing is applied in several layers, it will result in a more realistic volume.
  2. The quality of the work depends on the shape of the brush, on the strength with which it is pressed on it and at what angle.
  3. Transitions between colors should not be too noticeable.
  4. Brush should be periodically moistened, because on dry bristles the paint becomes thicker.
  5. Be sure to practice drawing the picture on paper, and then proceed to the design of the nails.

This technique gives room for the manifestation of fantasy.As you could see on the photo of the Chinese painting on the nails, which are given in the article, even simple compositions can be very beautiful and feminine. The main thing is that the smears were smooth and sure, otherwise the manicure will not be so spectacular. Thanks to the ability to combine various techniques, you can create amazing patterns.

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