Amway sect

To date, there is a hugenumber of firms that work on the principle of financial pyramids or network marketing. Thanks to the financial instability of the population, social insecurity and total unemployment, people are not hesitating to throw themselves into the pool of promised "financial well-being", but are forced into a commercial sect. One of such sects is the well-known company Amway, which deals with the distribution of low-quality goods and the recruitment of new members of the "great Amway family."

Longstanding studies of these organizations by psychologists allowed them to refer them to destructive sects without a distinct religious component with a cult of wealth.

Such organizations as the Amway sect are not directedto distribute their goods, they are not interested in improving the quality of the advertised products and expanding their positions, and all the forces they direct to increase the number of people entering a "new life".

Even the Christian church recognized this kindorganization of commercial sects. Amway's leaders tend to show off their financial interest, they openly say that they are going to make money on newly attracted users. They use many psychological techniques to get hold of the mind, eager for the profit of newcomers: they sell literature, CDs with notes of lectures of "successful people", which they are obliged to listen to and read every day, to strengthen motivation to promote goods and attract new contacts. At the same time, on the sale of various "business accessories", the organizers also get a good profit. There are also seminars and lectures, where, as a rule, an unknown American, who is given out for a "diamond", talks passionately about dreams and success. Listening to him, you immediately imagine yourself in your own villa somewhere in Monaco with a million account in a Swiss bank. The development of motivation and goals is the main thing that they try to instill in the beginners, so that they begin to actively work on the leaders and make a profit.

The most terrible thing is that, having become a distributor of Amway,a person falls into economic dependence. He is told that he must invest money, since "bright future" will come only when he becomes independent. At the same time, NPAs (independent entrepreneurs Amway) are obliged to attract new members to build their pyramid. Typically, they use a 4p marketing mix, which consists in explaining the new customer pricing in this system, the principle of a quality product, the place of its production and the issues related to advertising. The Amway sect grows by one branch, where one of the "leaders" preaches, and the "parishioners" should never cross, and all who miraculously escaped this dependence and left the sect are called "losers" and cite newcomers as examples.

The sect engages new members of the Amway in various ways, there are so-called "hot contacts", "warm" and "cold contacts."

Hot called recruiting close people:relatives, a husband (wife), children, parents, etc. To warm - are all the familiar with whom a person ever communicated. And to the cold - all other people. Cold contacts in network marketing begin to be used only when all the close people, relatives, friends and acquaintances have experienced the influence of the sect, but have stood up, then the person goes on to other ways of searching for potential victims.

If your native person or friend came underthe influence of the Amway sect, try to persuade him in all possible ways, take him to a therapist, come up with new goals and motivations, otherwise, the further, the harder it will be for a psychotrauma of a broken dream.

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