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With what to wear a black coat? Photos and ideas

В женских журналах красуются прекрасные девушки в fashionable and very stylish outfits. Looking at them and analyzing yourself, you involuntarily think that your wardrobe is very far from the perfection presented. And like things are many, and each of them was very expensive. And whatever you put on, it does not look good.

Especially the situation is aggravated in winter,when it is necessary to create such a set for going to school, work or just for a friendly meeting, with which the view will be chic, and it will not be possible to freeze. After all, these foreign beauties can afford to walk in thin jackets, short skirts, and even on high heels. Our situation is different. In thirty-degree frost and a nose on the street once again you will not stick out. What can I say about wearing light clothes!

Recently, the city has increasingly becometo appear girls in elegant black coats. And they look very solid and effective, and do not freeze even in our severe weather, which is especially important.

So, in this article we will study in detail such a wonderful wardrobe thing as a coat. A universal, aristocratic black color.

black coat

What is always in fashion

Psychologists say that in the clothes of gloomy blackcolors go people complexed, lonely, trying to fence themselves off from all the world around. These pessimists, who are very sensitive to criticism, dislike and are a little afraid of others.

Modern youth black color associates withrepresentatives of one of the many subcultures, namely - with the Goths. These unusual people worship dark forces, are fond of occultism and visit cemeteries. They scare their appearance and manner of behavior. Therefore, most people provoke, to put it mildly, dislike black.

However, the great and inimitable Mademoiselle CocoChanel, which once turned the world upside down and broke imposed stereotypes, convinces us of the opposite. According to her opinion, black clothes are the basis of everything. After all, this color is elegant, practical, universal. And it is he who can make the whole image of a lady.

The present eminent couturiers are in full solidarity withan outstanding woman, an icon of style and the greatest designer. Therefore, they also recommend fashionable women to have in their wardrobe not only the famous black dress, but also a similar coat color.

photo of women's black coats

Feature of the silhouette

Black women's coats are a unique subject of the wardrobe. Which allows:

  • look chic and trendy;
  • move in public transport without loss of external gloss;
  • at any moment make the image vivid, mysterious or extravagant, adding one or two new details.

In addition, such a coat is equallysuitable as an elegant and feminine lady, and a sports girl, who appreciates the convenience, comfort and practicality. However, for this you should take into account some nuances: the straight cut model will be an ideal option for combination with jeans and sneakers; pritalennoy - with dresses, skirts and heels.

black coat photo

Compliance with weather conditions

In order to be considered really stylish,need to buy the "right" black coat. Now at the peak of fashion models made of drape, cashmere, less camel hair. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on this parameter.

You should also be guided by what season you need a coat. Basically this detail of the wardrobe is fashionable girls wear in the autumn-winter period. Proceeding from this, it is important to select a thing:

  • with an original collar and a length no lower than the knee, which will ideally fit into the wardrobe for autumn;
  • with a warm hood and length in the floor - for the winter.
long black coat

Street style and versatile coat

Street style appeared quite recently, although alreadymanaged to win the hearts of not only fashionistas, but also people who are not particularly knowledgeable in the rules of style. After all, its main features are simplicity, practicality, convenience and comfort. Therefore, it is distinguished by various models of sneakers or sneakers, eternal jeans (recently fashion requires them to be torn and frayed), baggy sweaters, stretched T-shirts and other things that look simple and a little home-like.

The combination of wardrobe items of this style withthe coat of the most universal color is not only possible and appropriate, but also very competently and stylishly. It is especially suitable for young people who, because of their age, are in constant motion, therefore, like no one else, they appreciate convenience and comfort.

The most important thing is to give preference to a long black coat with a straight cut. And then it will be possible to achieve a balance between practicality and fashion.

Bohemian style and elegant coat

This style suits the nature of creative and sophisticated. It is distinguished by the following feature: a person should stand out from the crowd as much as possible, as if challenging others.

Bohemian chic also goes well with sneakers.and sneakers. However, the rest of the details of the dress should be very creative and unusual. A long scarf, a funny hat, an extravagant bag - all these pieces of clothing should be combined with the so-called black oversized coat. That is, it is a model of a larger size than required, as if a thing “from someone else’s shoulder”, the photo of which will be proposed later. After all, sometimes, in order to understand and assimilate any information or a new definition, it is better to see once than to hear an explanation a hundred times.

black coat

Romantic style and feminine coat

To recognize on the street a girl who prefersThis style of dressing should be carefully considered. If one of the following details is present in her outfit, she is a feminine and romantic nature. And both in terms of character and wardrobe.

Required items:

  • flirty dress or skirt;
  • famous shoes or boots with low heels;
  • hat

For such a fashionista, the following black coat will be an ideal option: a fitted, underlined belt and with a flared hem, knee-length and ankle-length.

Winter sports look

We have already noted that the coat of the most mysteriouscolors can be worn in autumn and winter. But the above images are more suitable for a rather warm and not rainy time. But if you want to wear the coveted model in the winter, how to be then?

Again, buy the "right" coat.The most suitable option would be knitted or drape. The main thing that he had a warm lining. Which one depends solely on your own preferences. Manufacturers offer fur for sophisticated and prosperous girls and synthetic for individuals who do not want to spend excessive amounts on clothing.

This black winter coat goes well withadored by many fashionistas ugami or hiking boots called “timberland”. Also, it is very easy to diversify with accessories, such as a trendy hat or a bright scarf. Only in this case it is more reasonable to choose the model as simple and inconspicuous as possible. Then you can give complete freedom of fantasy!

black coat

Elegant winter look

For romantic girls who aspireThey look like an “adult”, effectively and believe that this can be achieved only if you don’t wear a headdress - hats - a wonderful wand is a warm black coat with a hood. After all, it allows you to not catch a cold due to hypothermia, and you can’t spoil a haircut by wind, rain or snow.

Moreover, the options for hoods can be completely different. For example:

  • a helmet - it fits snugly to the head and fastens with buttons or a lock, it is more popular with men;
  • collar - is a continuation of the gate, lovegirls, not only because it protects against environmental exposure and cold, but also because it effectively highlights the fashionista in the crowd, making her image trendy and stylish.

How to complement the dark silhouette

Some of the fair sex is notthey are very keen on dark-colored clothes, so they are afraid to buy a black coat for themselves, a photo of which has already been shown in this article more than once. Perhaps the whole point is that girls are in solidarity with psychologists, considering this shade to be gloomy or frightening people. Or maybe the reason lies in its second title. After all, black is sometimes called the color of the "Sicilian widow," referring to the peculiarities of time and lifestyle, when the famous Italian mafia dominated.

black winter coat

It is difficult to say what the reason for thisunfair underestimation of black. Nevertheless, for individuals who do not wear a coat of this shade for this reason, we recommend to overcome prejudices and simply diversify it with the following accessories:

  • if you want to be reincarnated in a mysterious beauty or play a spy, you should add a coat with large black glasses;
  • To emphasize your femininity and bring a touch of sexuality to your silhouette, wear boots (both of similar and contrasting colors);
  • You can complete the elegant look with a hat, and asymmetrical and strict - with a knitted hat, for example, with a pompon, tassels or cat ears;
  • ordinary scarves of different colors and lengths will help to change your image daily;
  • the best scarf is snood or yoke, but the usual tippet will do;
  • sneakers, slip-ons, sneakers will help to make a fashionable volumetric coat of black color;
  • if the color of the shoes and coat match, you must dilute the image with a bright hat, bag or gloves;
  • if the shoes are of a contrasting color, they must harmonize with the scarf.

The most winning colors of accessories

Black, despite its elegance, easymay merge with shades of the surrounding mass. Especially such a risk exists in winter. That is why stylish girls and women need to properly shade it.

The following photo of women's black coat we see what colors of accessories look advantageous.

black coat

But besides them, the following successful shades are suitable for black:

  • maroon;
  • green;
  • scarlet;
  • white.
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