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Goldfinch is a singing bird

Goldfinch is a small bird, but unusually bright and beautiful. The colorful feathering of the songbird, which is difficult to confuse with any other birds, can not help attracting attention.


Bird of a goldfinch, whose length reaches an average of 12centimeters, refers to the family of finches, a group of passerines. The bird has a small slender body, the mass of which is about 20-25 grams. In the colorful outfit of the bird, the following colors predominate: a brown back, a bright red muzzle with a wide ring around the beak, yellow lemon stripes on the wings, and white dots on the tail and black wings. Young representatives of this species do not have a red ring, and on the back and chest are small pies. In comparison with the plumage of males, in females it is dimmer. It can be seen only on closer examination. Goldfinch is a singing bird, the diverse singing of which consists of more than 20 kinds of sonorous trills.



Goldfinch is a rather common bird, and itsThe range of habitats is quite diverse: the whole of Europe, the Lesser and Middle Asia, North Africa, and some parts of Siberia. The main place of settling birds is deciduous groves, felling and fruit gardens. Often, the dapper settles in tree plantations of the cultural landscape, rarefied and floodplain forests. Goldfinch is a bird that people are not afraid of, therefore it can often be found in the village and parks, less often in cities.

goldfinch photo
Goldfinch, whose photo is striking in smallsize and beautiful plumage, is a bird grainy. Favorite food for colorful birds is the seeds of thistle and thistle, which he extracts with his beak, as well as sunflower seeds. Their birds are fed by various insects, mainly aphids, which brings significant benefits to agriculture in the fight against pests.


Beagle sticks begin to break into pairs andoccupy nesting sites in the very beginning of April. The nest of a bird is an elegant structure, created in the form of a cup, on which dense walls of stems are placed, fastened with cobwebs of roots. Outside, the nest is decorated with moss and lichen. After completion of the skilful construction of the nest, the female starts to lay eggs, the incubation of which lasts about 12-13 days. About two weeks, the hatched chicks are left in the nest. After the departure of the chicks, which is observed in the middle of June, the gullies continue to feed them for a week, and then begin to proceed to the second laying of eggs.


Contents in a cage

Often, goldfinches that are popularpoultry, along with the whiskers, are kept in cages because of their bright exotic attire. Catch colorful birds, using a bait consisting of their favorite food - the seeds of burdock. Having fallen into domestic conditions, at first the dandy is not very friendly and friendly, like a siskin, but gradually gets used to people and becomes tame. Goldfinch - the bird is clever, it can be easily trained in various actions and tricks. Living at home, males sing all the year round, except the moulting period, delivering joy to their master.

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