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Ivolga - a bird not only singing, but smart and beautiful!

"Forest flute" or "forest cat" - all thisoriole. This bird is one of the most beautiful in the world. In addition, she is the best singer of the Russian forests! Her trills resemble playing the flute. It is almost impossible to see this bird, because it always hides in dense foliage. By the way, in June the Oriole starts to make wild screams, like a cat, which fell on the tail. This is her battle cry, serving as a warning of danger.

bird of prey
Farewell, Russia!

Ivolga is a migratory bird.However, from the south, it returns to Russia later than the rest - in May, when the trees are already green, full of noise by their foliage. And the Oriole flies to warmer regions earlier than all other species of migratory birds!


Ivolga - a useful bird!It eats a lot of harmful insects, benefiting plants and humans. Its prey is caught in flight, and also collects on the ground and on trees. Sometimes she does not mind eating with spiders or small snails. Interestingly, the Orioles and cuckoos are the only birds that destroy a special kind of harmful caterpillars, which other birds do not tolerate the spirit! At the end of summer our feathered beauty becomes "herbivorous": it eats small fruits of trees, for example cherries, as well as pear and berries ...


To date, this bird is populated byEurope to the very south of England and Sweden. It is also widespread in the forests of South-West Siberia. In general, the Oriole is a bird (photo # 2) very common almost all over the world! Just think: northwest Africa and Asia Minor, as well as south-west Siberia and all of Europe! By the way, its tropical origin is explained simply: it's a migratory bird! Moreover, in our region it does not stay long. Already in August, they disappear from their nesting places, flying from cold Russia to a distant tropical Africa! That's what she is - an Oriole!

A bird, the singing of which can not but please ourrumor, a lover of settling in old parks, gardens and alleys, as well as in thickets with rather tall trees along the banks of streams. Often it can be found in deciduous forests and light forests. Ivolga tries to avoid coniferous and dense dark forests.

Oriental bird photo
The Nest

As mentioned above, in nature this wonderfulthe bird is very difficult to notice. Ivolga - the bird is timid and cautious. Therefore, it adheres to thick foliage and only on very tall trees! There she nests. Its nest resembles the most usual basket of stalks of grass, leaves, birch bark and other natural "building materials." There are no more neat builders among the birds of her growth than she is! Usually the female makes clutch of 3-5 eggs. In the incubation both parents participate. Month - and the chicks fly out of the nest! By the way, the nest of this beauty, skillfully suspended in a green grove, is very difficult to find a common man in the street!

Oriole bird singing

Some species of these birds are real cleansers!For example, the Oriole can not live without constant bathing! This is her peculiar "hobby". Ornithologists are touched by watching a bright yellow chick, which, like a lonely swallow, plummets and falls swiftly from the height to the surface of the water. This is real happiness for all lovers of wildlife!

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