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Dry cleaners in Moscow by districts

Dry cleaning for today is enoughprofitable business, because this service is very popular among a wide range of users. But often among a huge number of proposals to the average average person it seems difficult to choose for themselves the most optimal option that would satisfy all the requirements of the customer. What are the main requirements for dry cleaners?

rating dry cleaners in Moscow

What is important to consider when choosing a dry cleaner

The choice of dry cleaning should be approached veryresponsibly, since it is not difficult to learn feedback and work experience, but this can play a decisive role. People who have already used the services of a dry cleaner, like no other, know about the level of customer service. By the way, the market is currently evolving: from now on, the customer can not go to the reception desk and kill the clock to take his favorite thing to the dry cleaning. Now in Moscow appeared an online cleaning service YourDrop.com. The service team comes home on its ownor to the client's office, takes things back and in 48 hours brings back clean. If you are interested in the rating of dry cleaners in Moscow, then the professionals of their business offer their clients the following conditions for cooperation:

  • Individual approach is valued, first of all, it is necessary to listen to the wishes of each client and try to please him as much as possible. The golden rule of this business is "The customer is always right".
  • Accessibility is one of the most important criteriaa choice of a dry-cleaner of Moscow, which rating allows to use cleaning services for various things. If a person can afford this pleasure and remain satisfied with the quality of service, he will certainly return and bring with him friends and acquaintances. This is in some way an advertising company, popularly called "word of mouth".
  • A wide range of services is also an important advantage, as it is not very convenient for each type of thing to look for a separate dry cleaner. It is very convenient if all these services are provided in one place.
  • Discounts and incentives for regular customers are always incredibly pleasing and bring pleasure. In such places just want to involuntarily return and talk about them only good.
  • Professional high-quality equipmentwill help to achieve the necessary level of customer confidence, which will favorably affect future cooperation. It is not recommended to save on the quality of services provided. It is better to choose expensive, but with the highest quality equipment, then the customer will be satisfied, and the costs will certainly pay off at times.

This is the main list of criteria by whichthe customer chooses for himself the best option for dry cleaning. As for the dry cleaning of Moscow and the Moscow region, it should be noted that in the capital there is a huge number of different laundries. They differ among themselves in a number of key factors.

dry cleaning moscow rating

Dry cleaners in Moscow

Depending on the chosen criterion, you canmake several lists-ratings of the best dry cleaners. If the main parameter to choose the cost of services, then the top 15 most inexpensive dry cleaners will have the following form:

  1. "Rainbow".
  2. "Laura".
  3. «WashDrop».
  4. "Aunt Jemima's Laundry."
  5. "Italclin."
  6. Leda
  7. "Aquamarine".
  8. "Chanterelle"
  9. "Diana".
  10. "Entual-M".
  11. Lavenderia
  12. "22".
  13. "Elsa."
  14. "Dry Cleaning Contrast".
  15. "Dry Cleaning No. 1".
  16. Nikko.

The list starts with the cheapest, that is available dry cleaners, and ends with more expensive services.

dry cleaning of Moscow in Yuvao

Criteria for choosing dry cleaning

To assess dry cleaners by the criterion of accessibility wereselected several types of things, this is not casual clothing, cleaning which, as a rule, costs several times cheaper. Prices were compared for cleaning of outer clothing in the following list:

  • cleaning leather jackets;
  • sheepskin coat;
  • a coat whose length is not below the thigh;
  • a jacket of an elongated type;
  • Shirt;
  • jeans;
  • business suit: pants and jacket;
  • Evening Dress;
  • a blanket;
  • skirt of a simple cut;
  • carpets.

Comparison of prices for these parameters gives information on how generally dry cleaning is available.

dry cleaning of Moscow in

If you are interested in dry cleaning in Moscow,rating of the most accessible of them, then we note that in addition to price criteria, it is also necessary to take into account the location. Accessibility is important. Dry-cleaners of Moscow, their addresses should be chosen carefully, since it is not at all expedient to go to the other end of the city, if approximately the same company is located in a quarter. Consider the best dry cleaners in Moscow, whose rating is above average, given their location.

"Dry Cleaning Rainbow"

This is one of the most affordable dry cleaners,as for the location, then in the city there are two such dry cleaners in Moscow in ZAO, in the Moscow region there are 6 more such establishments. What is remarkable about this dry cleaning? This is not only low prices, but also polite and loyal staff who will be able to find an approach even to the most picky client. Interesting seems to be a price list of prices, in which everything is written intelligibly and very understandable to everyone. In addition, it is worth noting that the complexity of pollution is almost irrelevant, since the price list has a single price for each type of clothing. If you want to clean one or two shirts, you will not notice a significant difference in price, but if you still need to tidy up your outerwear, then this is the best option, even if there is no Rainbow nearby.

dry cleaning of Moscow in Mitino

A distinctive feature of the "rainbow" is the cost savings, in which you get high-quality brushed clothes, and at the same time an individual approach to each client is guaranteed.

Laundry Lora

In Moscow, there are about 16 laundrypieces, this is a small network of dry cleaners, which are designed for a wide range of consumers of this type of services. Adequate and affordable prices are not the only advantage of Laura. The client, who urgently needs to fulfill the order, has the opportunity to issue an urgent service. To do this, of course, it will be necessary to pay in addition, but this is a big plus for those who value their time and quality work done.

With regard to the timing of cleaning, thisthe service is calculated for a period of 24 hours to 48 hours. The staff here are qualified and feel polite and loyal to everyone. Here you can clean not only the outer clothing, but also carpets, and there is a service for the restoration of film coating, if you need to restore the water-repellent layer, then you will certainly be able to help.

"Laundry aunt Jemima"

This is one of the popular types of dry cleaners,which is popular among people who value their time and individual approach. What is the main difference between this dry cleaner? It consists in the fact that each client has the opportunity to complete an order using Internet resources. If you need to clean a thing, it can be done directly at your home. The staff will pay a visit to your home at a predetermined time, and will fulfill your order qualitatively.

Also, going to the house is relevant for those who do not havetime, energy, or desire to go to dry cleaning yourself. Then a representative of Moscow dry cleaning, whose rating at a high level, can come and collect your things yourself, and after the same way will deliver your things back. For Moscow, this is a very topical service that will never lose popularity.

The prices here are affordable and allowservices not only to people with a high level of prosperity, but also those who have income at the level of the average. But if you need a carpet cleaning service, they can not help you here.

Dry cleaning "Italklin"

In Moscow there are more than 20 reception roomsoffices of this office. Find this dry cleaners will be simple, there is a wide range of services, including cleaning of carpets. For this category, there is a division: a product made of synthetics can be cleaned for 395 rubles per square meter, a product made of wool is cleaned at a higher rate.

With regard to the cost and availability of services,It should be noted that the prices here are acceptable, adequate and correspond to reality. One of the most expensive services here is dry cleaning of sheepskin coats, the cost of this service is about 3.2 thousand rubles.

A distinctive feature is the availability of benefits anddiscounts for regular visitors, customers always appreciate such moments, because in such situations one wants to return here and there is no desire to look for others. This dry cleaning is designed for a wide range of customers, whose wishes are necessarily taken into account to the maximum.

best dry cleaners moscow rating

Leader among leaders

Moscow is a city in which the rhythm of lifeso fast that a huge number of its residents simply do not have time to do household chores in full measure of necessity. But it does not even matter where you live. If you need to clean carpets or outerwear, it's incredibly difficult, and sometimes it's even impossible to do it on your own. In such situations, the question naturally arises: where to turn in the things and get a quality service at the same time, it will be only a pleasure to pay for it. The rating of dry cleaners in Moscow can be made according to various criteria. The main among them are accessibility and location. In addition, it is advisable to study the responses of people who have already used the services of a dry cleaner in Moscow in the SEAD and have some idea about them.

One of the most famous can be noted dry cleaning"Airo", which differs from all others by the widest range of services. In addition to the above-mentioned types of things that can be cleaned not only here, this institution provides cleaning of shoes and other types of things, including carpets.

If you want to save time, then orderYou can use the service on the company's website, spending only 2 minutes of your precious time on it. This is done without immediate queues and bureaucratic manners. Within an hour a representative will come to you and pick up things that are to be cleaned. The time for the order is 24 hours. As for payment, this is done only at the moment of transferring clean things to the client.

dry cleaning of Moscow address

Thus, you can save your time,nerves and money. Since you do not need to go anywhere, wait a turn, all this for you can be done professionally trained for this people. As for prices, here they are very affordable and profitable.

Dry cleaning in CAO

Dry cleaning of Moscow, addresses in the Central Administrative District can be learned without any problems. In order to make a rating, consider the top 5 dry cleaners in the area.

  1. Dry cleaning "Leader", located at m.Taganskaya, Verkhnaya Radishchevskaya street, 9c4, is one of the most accessible in this area. It offers a shoe cleaning service, the cost of it is from 2.5 thousand rubles.
  2. Dry cleaning services and other household services are offered at Les Stores, located at Kropotkinskaya, Pozharsky Pereulok, 9.
  3. Dry cleaning "Moroni" offers a wide range of consumer services for its regular customers and for beginners. Here you will be able to carry out the examination of things and make even complex cleaning at affordable prices.
  4. Dry cleaning of "Kinomoda" offers a range of servicesdomestic character, it is located at the address Arbatskaya (Filevskaya line), Maly Kislovsky pereulok, 1. If necessary, you can apply here if you need to sew a thing according to your individual order.
  5. If you need to perform delicate cleaningthings, then at the address Smolenskaya, Novy Arbat Street, 19c1 there is an author's studio, which is created for those who appreciate sophistication and beauty in everything.

Dry cleaning in Moscow, addresses by areas wherelocated above, are ready to fulfill all your requirements, this is a rarity, and if you managed to find the best option for yourself, then appreciate it. After all, things that are of value to you, you can not trust the first dry cleaned. The rating of dry cleaners in Moscow will help you with the choice of the best option.

Dry cleaning Mitino

If you are comfortable visiting dry cleaners in Moscow inMitino, then there are a lot of options, to use one of them will not be particularly difficult. But it is important to understand what exactly you want from a visit. Dry cleaning of Moscow in Mitino can be represented in the following list-rating:

  1. If you need to clean the productfrom fur, then "Fur atelier" - this is what you need. Here you will be able not only to clean it qualitatively, but also to repair it if necessary. This Dry Cleaning is located on Pyatnitskoye Highway 15. You can order tailoring of a fur product, cutting or repairing this garment.
  2. "RoKlin" is a cleaning company, dry cleaning, which offers services for cleaning upholstered furniture, carpets, as well as cleaning the premises. This company is located at Volokolamskoye sh., 2.
  3. A wide range of household services, including dry cleaning, offers a "House of Life", which can be found at 6 Angels per.
  4. Known network of laundries-dry-cleaners "Nika-Lux"is one of the most universal and affordable, a wide range of services allows you to contact any office located at Mitinskaya, 37 and Dubravnaya, 40 k3.
  5. "Rhythm-Universal" - dry cleaning, which offers a service of cleaning upholstered furniture. You can find at Mitinsky 3rd lane, 1, of. No. 359.

The choice of dry cleaning depends, first of all,which approach is foreseen for clients, since no one is interested in paying money for a substandard service or overpaying when it is possible to save money.

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