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Personal subsidiary farm (LPH): interpretation of key concepts

What does the personal subsidiary farm (LPH) mean,it is possible to learn from several legal documents, the most relevant of which are the Land Code and Federal Law No. 112 (adopted in 2003, July 7). According to the latter, this term implies non-entrepreneurial activity in the cultivation and personal use of agricultural products.

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What are the features of the LPH?Deciphering the normative acts indicates that this way of managing a citizen should be conducted solely or jointly with the family without hiring outsiders. Everything that he created on the land plot allocated for this purpose is his property and can be realized, for example, in the market. In this case, its activities will not be considered entrepreneurial.

How does the right to manage private plots appear?The decree of the article number three of the above-mentioned federal act No. 112 states that the personal economy can be administered by all capable citizens, only the right to a land plot is registered, but no additional legal registration is required for the private household plots. Land plots for such needs are divided into homesteads and field. Their main difference is that buildings and structures can not be erected on field sites. A private house, ancillary premises, greenhouses, baths, etc. can be put on the garden.

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When does the management of private households cease?The interpretation of Article 10 of the same law indicates that this type of management is terminated due to the termination of ownership of the land where the farm is located. In the activities of such family "enterprises" the body that provided the site has no right to intervene until there are any violations of the law.

How to organize a personal subsidiaryeconomy? Land for him can be obtained from municipal or state property. Moreover, it is easier to do this to citizens registered in rural areas, since citizens are provided with such allotments only if there are free lands.

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What does it mean for a country's economy?The interpretation of the statistical data shows that this kind of economic activity in Russia is conducted by more than fifteen million people, who have about 6,400,000 hectares of land. They grow cattle, horses, pigs, produce significant potato yields, produce honey, fruits and berries of garden plants and trees.

In general, the state is interested in developingthis important direction, therefore, legislative acts provide for assistance in the form of infrastructure, creating points for the sale of products, organizing free veterinary examinations, fighting animal epidemics, providing technology on a return basis, material assistance, and introducing advanced technologies.

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