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How to feed melons and watermelons so that they grow well

Cultivation of melons and gourds from time immemorialpracticed in the southern arid regions of the country. Although recently watermelons and melons have been growing successfully in the central part of Russia, they remain exotic for this area. And the ability to create favorable conditions for them is considered an indicator of the high skill of gardeners and truck farmers.

than feed melons and watermelons

Favorable conditions are the guarantee of a good harvest

Depending on the varieties of watermelons and melons, as well asfrom climatic conditions, these cultures need from 70 to 130 days in order for them to ripen. For good germination of seeds, the temperature of the air must rise to at least 15-17 degrees. During the active growth of plants, the temperature should be kept at 25-30 degrees. In order to comply with these important for the cultivation of watermelons and melons, it is necessary to apply a seedling method of planting and provide plants with protection from frost, and also know how to care for plants and how to feed melons and watermelons.

Seedling method of cultivation

This method involves growing seedlingsWatermelons and melons in peat-earthen pots. Seeds are pre-soaked, and then sow 2 pieces in pots, the diameter of which should be at least 10 cm. Planting is carried out in mid-April. For good germination of seedlings, it is provided with a temperature of at least 27 degrees. To plants grow faster, you need to know what to feed the seedlings of watermelons. It turns out that before landing in the ground, it requires a double fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

In mid-May the seedlings are in the stage of three to fivethese leaves are planted in the ground. A week before, it is tempered by a gradual decrease in temperature and frequent airing. By the way, on the third or fifth sheet it should be pinched.

than feed watermelons and melons
Plant the seedlings with the pot in deepThe holes filled with the dumped manure, on which the layer of earth is laid. Around the holes are piled mounds of earth, on top put a piece of glass to protect the plant from frost.

Water melons and melons - from seeds

Melon plants are best grown onAfter perennial crops, potatoes and beans. The soil must be thoroughly digged. You also need to know how to feed melons and watermelons before planting them on a bed. In this case manure and mineral fertilizers are irreplaceable. Humus will need from 3 to 5 kg per 1 sq. Km. m. When planting melons it will be enough, but watermelons can be added with mineral fertilizers, better phosphorus and potash.

Seed watermelons in late April, and melons - in early May.

Care of plants

Once the seedlings have appeared, the loosening of rows, weeding and hilling should be carried out. These procedures are conducted 4-5 times during the summer.

In dry weather, seedlings should be watered, only once a week. Water melons and melons in the furrows, dug in the aisles.

than feed seedlings of watermelons
How to feed melons and watermelons

For feeding is very suitable chicken manureor slurry. The first fertilizing should be done during the growth period of 3-4 leaves, and during the flowering period - the second. To make top dressing it is necessary after watering, and it is better after a rain.

If the soil was not well fertilized before plantingplants, it's time for a good vegetable gardener to think about how to feed melons and watermelons additionally. It is necessary to carry out foliar top dressing with microelements. In 10 liters of water, 3-4 g of zinc sulphate, boric acid and copper sulfate are thoroughly mixed (until completely dissolved). The simplest means among what to feed watermelons and melons is fresh ashes. In 10 liters of water it should be diluted one glass.

Melons and watermelons are considered ripe when a distinct pattern appears on their crusts, and when they strike a deaf sound is heard. So do not rush to remove these fruits from the garden.

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