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Sati Spivakova: biography, personal life, family, children

Sati Spivakova is a famous actress of the Soviet UnionUnion and Russia, a successful TV presenter, as well as the wife of the famous and talented violinist and conductor Vladimir Spivakov. An example of life with a harmonious coexistence in the role of mother, wife and successful woman is demonstrated by Sati Spivakov. Biography, photos are given in the article.

Sati Spivakova biography


Sati Spivakova (Saakyants), whose biography will bedescribed in this article, was born in Yerevan, in a creative and musical family. Her grandmother lived in Rostov, although she was an Armenian. She had an amazingly beautiful voice and often sang on services in the church. Actually, there she fell in love with the girl's grandfather. During the war, they left for Armenia, where it was calmer. The father of the Yerevan beauty was born there.

Zare Saakyants, Saty's Pope, famous in Armeniaviolinist. Mother, Aida Avetisova is a pianist. Spivakova's childhood was filled with music and love. In her memoirs the TV presenter noted that her childhood was associated with the sound of a violin, with preparations for the celebration of the New Year, with the beautiful city of Yerevan and the chamber orchestra of Zare.

But celebrate your birthday Sati is notloves. All due to the fact that in 1986 on the eve of that day her father died, and the funeral fell on January 7, when Sati Spivakova was born (the biography of the year of birth is 1962).


Учитывая то, что Сати родом из музыкальной семьи, She could not escape the corresponding education. In parallel with studying in an ordinary high school, the girl was engaged in specialized music. I played the piano. According to the testimony of the TV presenter, these lessons did not give her special pleasure. She dreamed of becoming an actress. She was attracted to poetry, and often in the house there were poetic evenings.

It was at this time that Spivakovatwo dreams of working with brilliant directors: GA Tovstonogov and RG Viktyuk. The first was not realized, and the second was just recently performed on the stage of one of the Moscow theaters, where Viktyuk staged a solo performance "Tenderness" with the participation of Sati Spivakova.

After graduation, in 1979, young Sati told her parents that she was going to Moscow to enter the theater institute. She submitted documents to all universities, but only went to GITIS.


Because of its pronounced Armenian appearance, Sati was not able to enter the Shchukin school, but in GITIS it was taken immediately (there were quotas for the union republics).

sati spinakova biography children

Sati Spivakova, whose biography tells aboutdifferent stages of her life, got to GITIS on the course to Tumanov. The head reacted with understanding to the girl, who was offered the first role in the movie, and immediately the main one. Usually students were not allowed to take pictures, but she managed to go to classes and fly to Armenia for shooting. Such a crazy schedule the girl had for more than two months. But after the completion of the film, according to Sati's recollections, Tumanov respected her.

Unfortunately, soon M.M.Tumanov died, Sati went on academic leave for another film, and returned to the course to head O. Ya Remez, who did not trust her role even in the second part. Interest in learning from the girl completely gone.

At this time, she meets her future husbandVladimir Spivakov. In Moscow, ridiculous rumors about their connection are creeping, and the head of the course refuses to give the role of Sati in the graduation performance, arguing that Spivakov will be able to arrange it anywhere and without the GITIS diploma.

Yet the role of Sati was given.Almost silent, with a four-word remark. Sati Saakyants was terribly disappointed by this turn of events, but she managed to pass all final exams and get a diploma. And then she started a completely different life, the life of mother, wife, mistress of the house.

A few years after the birth of her first daughter, the actress studied at the Sorbonne for six months.


His career as an actress Satie began in 1980 withMiriam's role in the film "Lyrical March". Armenian director Agasi Ayvazyan invited a student of GITIS to play the dramatic role of a girl who sacrifices the life of her husband, arrested for violating the law, for the sake of a political prisoner of the Bolshevik. Everything happens in 1918. In the credits Sati is indicated under the maiden name Sahakyants.

After a while, Spivakov successfully passedSamples in the film directed by Marat Varzhapetyan. And again the main role. The film opera "Anush" was released in 1983 and brought Sati fame in his native Armenia and other republics of the Soviet Union.

Sati Spivakova, whose biography is rich inwork with Armenian filmmakers, his third role was also in the film produced by his native country. It was the family comedy of 1986 "Other People's Games."

biography of sati

After this film career of the actress has departed from Сатиto the background. Now, first of all, she was a mother and a wife. After her father's death, she lived for some time in Yerevan with her mother. There she was again invited to shoot, but Spivakova's husband was against this idea, she had to forget about her ambitions.

Биография Сати Спиваковой уникальна в том плане, that after a colossal break in her career she still managed to realize her acting and oratorical talent. She starred in a feature-length film, directed by Renata Litvinova. The role in "The Last Fairy Tale of Rita" was the fourth actress in the movie career.

In addition, Satie was beautifulTV presenter. Her first program came out under the name "Saty". Guests were famous people from the art world, and the purpose of this talk show was the image of the hero from an unknown side.

Sati Spivakova, whose biography tells abouther brilliant work on the leading TV channels of the country, began to shoot her transfer right in her apartment. First it was broadcast on the channel "Culture", then ORT singled out Saty studio and put the program on its air. According to the most leading, on television she was taken because of the loud name of her husband. Despite this, among the heroes of her show were Lyudmila Gurchenko, Tatiana Tarasova, Gennady Khazanov, John Galliano, Elton John and many others.

Sati Spivakova is very proud of yet anotherprogram in the format of an interview. She appeared on the channel "Culture" under the name "Kamerton". Over 60 issues were photographed. Even those who had never interviewed before visited Sati (Grigory Sokolov, Yevgeny Kisin, Jose Carreras). After many months of work, Spivakova realized that there would be nothing new in this program. It had to be closed.

Her next work was in a completely newformat - musical. Also on the channel "Culture" there was a program "Neskuchnaya classics" with Sati Spivakova. There the host discussed topical topics with musicians, composers and performers of classical music. Moreover, the conversations were often not conducted in a professional language, so that a simple spectator who did not have a musical education understood and was filled with the raised themes.

sati spivakova biography family children

In addition, Sati Spivakova is the author of the book-memoirs "Not Everything", published in 2002. Judging by the name, the writer's gift of the TV host will still make itself felt.

A family

Biography of Sati Spivakova surprises with a long andindestructible marriage, lasting more than thirty years. The more surprising is the story of their acquaintance and development of relations. It should be noted that Vladimir Spivakov married with Satie was not the first, and even older than his current wife for almost twenty years. Perhaps that's why, seeing the girl for the first time, Vladimir realized that before him was his future wife, Sati Spivakova. Biography, personal life at Vladimir Spivakov at that time were already stormy, but for the sake of Saty, he refused his title Kazan.

History of dating

Sati and Vladimir met each otherin absentia. She first saw him in the Blue Light on television, where he acted as part of the Virtuosos of Moscow. After some time the band visited Armenia with tours, and since there were many friends of Sati's father among the "virtuosos", the company gathered at home with Sahakyants.

Vladimir at that moment saw his girlfrienddreams. True, not live, but in the photo. It was a small exhibition of pictures from the film "Anush", where Sati played a national heroine. Spivakov admits that looking at this girl with beautiful eyes and long braids, felt that this is his future wife.

Sati Spivakova and Vladimir Spivakov metfor the first time after the concert of "Virtuosos" in Moscow. Everything happened behind the scenes, and this acquaintance was not romantic. Sati thanked for the wonderful concert, Vladimir gave her an autograph, and the administrators, the director, the make-up were bustling around. They could not really talk. However, Spivakov suggested meeting after his return from the tour.

Their second meeting occurred about a month laterat a friend's house. And there was no romance either. After tea, Vladimir volunteered to take Sati home, and they lost their way. So midnight and traveled by car, almost without a word not mentioning. Coming out of the car, the girl asked me to call her as soon as Vladimir gets to the house. He did so. That night they talked on the phone for almost five hours. They talked about everything and about nothing, read verses to each other, Spivakov told a lot about himself.

sati spivakova biography personal life

The next day he again went on touralmost for a month and pledged to call April 18 when he returns home. Sati felt irresistible craving for this man, but did not want to be mistaken. So she waited on the 18th day like a judgment day. If Spivakov did not call, a love story would not happen. But late in the evening the phone rang. They agreed to meet next day at the monument to Pushkin. Satie realized that Vladimir is the man with whom she will spend her whole life.


For a long time, Vladimir Spivakov'stook the girl to her company, looked at her with a haughty, and indulgently nodded at the meeting. However, the Armenian girl won in this confrontation and proved herself worthy of being the wife of this talented person. With dignity, which can be envied, she wore the name of Sati Spivakov. Biography, the children in which occupy the main place, opened a new chapter.

Within a year of dating, lovers lived ina small apartment of Vladimir on Vernadsky Avenue. Sati waited a long time for Spivak's offer of a hand and a heart, but he did not hurry. In the past, he already burned on it, and his family did not immediately take Sati to his house.

However, the engagement took place.This decision was made by Vladimir Spivakov because the girl could leave for distribution to the Yerevan theater. The wedding was extremely modest, without a crowd of guests. After registering with the registry office, the young people went to a photo session in the park, and after they returned home, where a few relatives were waiting for them at the festive table. Father Satie could not come to the wedding of his daughter, he had a tour in Germany. Actually, Vladimir Spivakov went to concerts a couple of days later, leaving his wife alone.

sati spinava biography year of birth


Soon after the wedding, the recent bride realized thatis pregnant. Fortunately, there were no borders, for soon she would become the mother, Sati Spivakova. Biography, children in which are of great importance, has acquired new colors. In 1985, the couple had a daughter, Catherine.

A few years later the family moved to France because of the work of Spivakov. Since then they live on two houses: one in Moscow, the other in Paris.

In 1989 the second daughter of the Spivakov family was born - Tatyana.

After almost six years they had a third child - daughter Anna.

In addition, the family brought up Vladimir's niece, the daughter of his deceased sister - Alexander.

Sati Spivakova, whose children did not do soa lot of time with her mother, admits that in the first place for her there was always a husband and his opinion. During their trips with children, there remained Spivakova's mother, who brought a lot in their upbringing. According to the TV presenter, this way of life taught her girls independence, they easily overcome life's difficulties.

Sati Spivakova, whose daughter has longadults, has always been a liberal mother. She never forbid anything to children, believing that in this way they themselves can find the right answer, the right decision. Even when Katya's eldest daughter changed her long beautiful hair to black dreadlocks, her mother reacted philosophically to this. And in fact, soon the girl realized that this style is not for her, and everything has returned to its place.

Sati treats calmly the daughters' knights, believing that it is impossible to interfere in the relations of children in any case. The main thing for her is for the girls to be happy.

Satie Spivakova and SatyaVladimir Spivakov. Their children also went along the creative path. The eldest Catherine became a screenwriter, the average Tatiana is an actress, the youngest daughter also sees herself in the art world.

Now all Spivakov's daughters live in France.Parents visit them during breaks in their work. Now that the children have grown, the Armenian beauty can again engage in her career, which is what makes Sati Spivakova. Biography, family, children in which were in the first place, again can replenish with significant work in film and television.

Awards and titles

In 2012, Spivakova was awarded the prestigious "TEFI" award in the nomination "Musical Programs." Classics "for her work in the Neskuchnaya Klassika TV program on the Culture channel.

In 2013, Satie was awarded the Order of Friendship. This is a high estimation of her professional activity, fruitful work on television and cinema.

sativ's daughter

Interesting Facts

  1. The designer of the Philippines A. Alonso sewed for the bride of Vladimir Spivakov a black and gray wedding dress. However, she went to the altar in a white trouser suit, which she bought the groom.
  2. Sati has an autograph in the collection from John Galliano, who participated in one of her programs. The designer bought a T-shirt specifically for Spivakova and left a friendly wish on her.
  3. Vladimir Spivakov is proud of his wife. Despite the presence of three children, Sati Spivakova retained an excellent figure. Height, weight she hides.
  4. Sati Spivakova - a natural brunette, but for many years, dyed hair in light colors. According to the TV presenter, her current hair color has nothing to do with the state of the soul.
  5. Sati is on friendly terms with Vladimir Spivakov's son from his first marriage.
  6. He speaks fluent French.As a child, parents brought Sati from France a lot of souvenirs, including records with songs of S. Aznavour. The girl fell in love with this culture and promised herself that she would visit Paris and master the language in perfection. And it happened. He also knows English and Italian at an intermediate level.
  7. Hobbies Sati Spivakova - reading. Among his favorite genres - poetry, essays, memoirs of famous people. Sati reads in parallel in two languages ​​- Russian and French.
  8. She does not like spending much time in beauty salons. Among the favorite procedures, the first place is given to the wrapping.
  9. Does not recognize plastic surgery.
  10. Sati Spivakova does not call herself a vegetarian, but has not eaten meat for many years.
  11. Sati does not consider himself a sports person. She does not know how to ride a bicycle, she never got up on skates and skis, but she can swim well.
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