/ Facts about the Big Bats

Facts about the Big Bats

Have you ever heard of the biggest volatilemouse in the world? It sounds quite intimidating, but for those who are not afraid of these very unsympathetic mammals, this article was created. We will give only real facts about the largest bats ever found, and we will tell you more about their way of life.

Krylan, mouse or fox?

the biggest bat

Usually in our regions there are smallrepresentatives of these mammals - no more than seven to eight centimeters in length and a wingspan of about twenty centimeters. But there are also known cases of meeting with truly giant bats. The length of the body of such animals is slightly less than half a meter, and the range of their wings is almost two meters. The winged or flying fox is the most popular name for the biggest bats. Foxes began to call them because of a foxlike face, as seen in the photo of the biggest bat. Obvious resemblance, is not it?

The color of the fur on his head is reddish, and on his back is dark-ashy, with slightly noticeable strips of white. The eyes of the flying fox are large, round in shape and have a rich black color.


the biggest bat in the world

We all know that ordinary bats usefor orientation echolocation. But the wings, although they are representatives of the same bats, but orientated in space through vision and smell. The biggest bats, despite their formidable appearance, are not predators at all. The diet of their nutrition consists of fruits, vegetables and herbaceous plants - which is sometimes a headache for many farmers. After all, these animals sometimes become a serious threat to the entire fruit crop. It is very rare to find insect-eating fishes.

There is also a similarity of the fishers with the usualbats - night life. During the day they hide in the shade of trees or in caves, hanging upside down and holding clinging claws at branches. The largest bats, just like ordinary ones, gather in large flocks and rarely exist alone. Even they sleep, tightly pressed against each other, and sometimes on each other.

More recently, the wings were under threatdisappearance. This is not surprising. After all, it is not an easy task to bear and raise offspring for these animals. For a year, a flying fox can produce only one cub, which is harvested for about six months. The first two months of life, a small wingman spends time with his mother, who gradually teaches him to fly and prepares for an adult life.

And people, once having rasprobovav their meat, began to actively hunt them. But not so long ago it was possible to restore the population of these animals. Now their only threat is snakes and birds of prey.

The largest bat (Peru)

the biggest bat

In 2012, the Peruvian military succeeded not only intrack down, but also to catch a giant animal, which the locals considered to be Chupacabra. There is an opinion that it was not the biggest bat, but the flying fox from the wing family of the family that was widespread in these places. For several years there have been terrible attacks on pets and even on people. For example, in 2010, because of the outbreak of rabies from bites of bats, more than twenty people were injured. And for the whole year there were about four thousand complaints about the bites of these bloodsuckers. It remains only a mystery that led to Peru, this terrible animal, whose habitat is the subtropical zone. Namely - Asia, Africa and Oceania.

The False Vampire

biggest bat photo
If it's clear with the fishers and the foxes,then how to understand that a few more mammals are considered a giant bat? A false vampire, she's an Australian megaderm - it's all about a winged animal, whose growth is about thirteen centimeters, and the wingspan is not less than half a meter. It is this mammal that today is considered the largest bat in the New World. Its weight is rather small - only one hundred and ninety grams.

But the Americans have their ownmouse-record holder. Its length is exactly thirteen and a half centimeters, eight of which are only the body, without taking into account the tail. The wingspan of the eumops (as they call this amazing animal) is almost sixty centimeters, and the weight is not more than seventy grams. Eumopsa is also called a mustache bulldog mouse from the volatile family. Quite funny name is justified by the appearance of this bats.

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