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Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway: loving hearts should always be together

Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway met infar from 2010. This meeting was necessary for both. The girl has just parted with her scam guy, whom she met for 4 years. And Adam tried himself as a jeweler, support and strong shoulder of a loving woman to him were also necessary. In 2012, the tabloids of famous magazines were filled with photographs of young people on their wedding day. As the celebration passed, let's talk in the article.

adam shulman and ann hathaway wedding

Strong man

Many movie fans are interested:"Who is Adam Schulman?" The biography of the actor is rather modest. The man was born in New York in 1981. Since childhood, he was interested in the film industry, and in 2007 he was lucky to play one of the main roles in the film "Assholes from Hazzard. Start". After this, several times he was the producer of serials. Tried to make short films. But not everything went smoothly in this field. The huge competition in the film industry did not leave the young man a chance to succeed.

The guy did not drop his hands and started to do jewelry. By the way, he liked this business. Soon the first shops with the master's products were opened.

Adam Schulman has never been cramped in finance. He has his own business. As a hobby he is interested in producing.

A sad love story

Anne Hathaway is a famous actress, favorite of manydirectors. In her file cabinet there are many films that have become real hits. For example, "The Devil Wears Prada", "Brokeback Mountain", "Jane Austen". The greatest success to her brought a role in the musical based on Hugo's novel Les Miserables. The girl received many awards, including "Oscar".

Despite the excellent external data, personalAnne's life did not add up. At the age of 21, the girl met Rafaello Follli. The guy was engaged in business, as it later turned out, he was not entirely legal.

He enchanted the girl from the first minute.A wonderful vacation in the Bahamas, apartments in the city center, renting of which was 37 thousand dollars a month, own doctor, masseur. Rafaello successfully shot dust into the eyes of a young beauty.

In addition, the guy suggested Anne with himto do charity. To start vaccinating children in Africa and Latin America. But the whole thing burst like a soap bubble: the guy ran out of money. Now the girl had to pay her own apartment and turn a blind eye to the problems in the relationship.

The novel ended rather sadly.Father Anne hired a detective. He also discovered the complex schemes of fraud, which dealt with Rafaello. He was given several years in prison. These events affected not the best way on the impeccable reputation of the young actress. She even appeared in court as a witness.

adam shulman

Incredible romance

Adam Schulman first met with Anne Hathaway ona party of mutual friends. He immediately noticed a girl of unusual beauty, but with a sad look. It was not possible to communicate, but on arrival the guy found in the social networks a lot of information about the actress. Especially acute it affected the situation with her ex-boyfriend.

Anne, in turn, also noticed Adam, but neitherabout what kind of relationship could not be, because he was at a party with his girlfriend. A new meeting took place a couple of weeks later. Young people realized that they were overtaken by a real feeling. Adam Schulman quickly finished his past relationship and was ready to plunge into the new whirlpool of love and passion.

adam shulman wedding

Noisy celebration

After 2 years, the guy suggested that Ann move tohim in Brooklyn. She accepted the invitation with joy. At the same time, a ring of incredible beauty shone on the girl's finger. Many asked the question: "Did Adam Shulman give this?" The wedding seemed to be just around the corner, if not for one thing. The girl for the next role had to cut off the chic hair and lose weight by 11 kilograms. In this way, Anne did not want to make a celebration.

Everything happened in a year.The wedding was truly royal. Everyone was looking forward to which dress Anne would prefer. After all, in her film works the girl repeatedly played brides. The outfit for the girl sewed Valentino. It was incredibly beautiful. It is executed in classical style. The basis was tulle ivory, a special attention was drawn to the silk train of a gently pink shade.

The girl did not grow her hair.Anne's hair was short. To beat her, she decided with a tape of lace, which housed large flowers. Fata with a veil was also present when the girl's father led her to the altar.

adam shulman biography

Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway, whose weddingheld in 2012, is still happy. They enjoy every minute spent together. In March of this year, the firstborn was born to the couple. The son was called Jonathan. I want to wish the young family well-being and further procreation.

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