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Prologue is ... Let's try to understand literary terminology

Prologue is (in the literature) the introductory section,which "opens" the product of any style. He can figure in fiction, and in various books of technical orientation, and in large articles that have a political or social focus. Prologue is not an obligatory part of every work. Nevertheless, it essentially helps the reader to get acquainted with the meaning of what he is going to start.

prologue is

Prologue is, in other words, retellingof the whole work, the dedication of the reader in his certain details and events. Often in the introductory part there is a short story about the heroes of the book, about their features and character traits. The author can reveal their spiritual qualities to some extent or tell about what happened to this or that person earlier, that is, before he "got into the book". This technique helps in more vivid colors to understand the writer's intention, as well as to experience the atmosphere that is contained in the pages of a particular literary masterpiece.

the prologue is in the literature

Journalists, reporters and philosophers in their writingsprologue is also often used. Chernyshevsky, the master of utopian judgments about the world and our being, could not begin to write a single work without first having presented it to the reader in the form of a brief description. Many also argued that, without reading the preamble, they could not comprehend the meaning of what this thinker wrote about.

Prologue is an intrigue that the author can createas much as possible to collect from the pages of his book. There may not be a full description of the storyline or an incomplete characterization of this or that character. This technique allows you to lure a person, thereby "tying" him to the book. Such a trick is an integral part of modern articles, mainly on political topics. If the material is great, then the prologue is a few pages that can be posted on the Internet or printed in a brochure. In the case where the article is small, its author can perfectly dispense with the catchy description, which will take a paragraph or two.

prologue Chernyshevsky

This literary term has manyvariations and varieties. Mainly it is worth noting that in most art books (mostly released in Soviet times) the first section is precisely the "Foreword." This chapter is too general and does not provide a clear definition of what the subsequent narrative will be, which is very different from what the prologue usually describes. This is a kind of introduction, which often gives an idea of ​​the writer's style of presentation.

The introductory part is not only present inliterary works. Quite often the prologue is the first part of a choral performance, an opera or ballet, a dance, a monologue, and so on. However, in this case, the term does not lose its qualities and is still an introductory stage for every spectator. He can fully reveal the meaning of the play or create an intrigue - it all depends on the intent of the author or the director.

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