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Children's camp in Bulgaria: clean ecology and outdoor activities

With the onset of the summer period, adults not onlythey themselves want to relax from the urban gray routine, but also to improve their children. There are quite a few camps on the territory of Russia. However, lately tickets for foreign children's camps have been in great demand. Choosing a place to rest your child depends on personal preferences, as well as on the financial capabilities of parents. Among the recommended sites should be considered a children's camp in Bulgaria, located on the White Lagoon Peninsula, which is 7 kilometers from such famous resorts as Kavarna and Balchik. This is a great place for recovery: the purest sea air, which has curative properties, mild climate, mineral water and therapeutic mud of Lake Tuzlata.

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Children's camp "White Lagoon" (Bulgaria)is located on the territory of the nature reserve on the seashore and covers an area of ​​15 hectares. The complex itself is fenced around the perimeter and is guarded around the clock. The territory is rich in greenery, including rare types of flowers. The closest Varna airport is 45 kilometers from the camp. On the territory of the complex is the medical center "Energy". Due to unique natural conditions, the sea is quiet and peaceful. The camp is intended for children from 9 to 17 years, who prefer active rest.

A children's camp in Bulgaria places holidaymakers in3 buildings, towering in the park zone. Two were built in 2008. They are located 300 meters from the shore. Children live in rooms for 3 people. There are 39 rooms in the buildings. Each room has its own shower and toilet, everywhere is air-conditioned, there is satellite TV. For each child there is a separate small wardrobe and a bedside table. There is one desk and three chairs. There is a balcony. The third - four-story - the building was built relatively recently, in 2012. Here the children are accommodated for 3-4 people in the room. For holidaymakers 231 rooms are provided, according to the situation they are similar to rooms in two-story buildings.

children's camp white lagoon bulgaria

A children's camp in Bulgaria called "White"lagoon "has a restaurant and a lobby bar on its territory, two swimming pools with mineral water, one with a slide, one for football, basketball and volleyball, a multifunctional sports ground with a tartan covering. There are two dance halls, and a large asphalt Alley can ride a bicycle or roller. Children are provided with five meals a day.

Another of many cities where there are wonderfulchildren's camps, which are so famous for Bulgaria, - Kranevo. Children's camp "Albatross" is an excellent choice for rest and health improvement of your child. Lovely sea, warm sun, a lot of entertainment - all at an affordable price. "Albatross" is located in the central part of the village, just 200 meters from the sea. Children are housed in 2 five-story buildings, numbering 214 rooms. On the territory there is a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool with a small water park. For sports fans there is a sports ground where you can play volleyball or football. There are various animation programs, sports tournaments, hikes, various parties. For leisure of children follows Russian-speaking staff.

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"Brigantine" is another popular childcamp in Bulgaria. It is located in the resort area of ​​Albena. Children from different countries gather here. In one shift, 420 people can rest at the same time. The camp has a well-groomed territory, enclosed by a hedge. There is a swimming pool with a slide, a sports ground, a cinema, a disco. In Bulgaria there are many more children's camps, which you can talk about endlessly.

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