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The Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Obydensky Lane - what is it remarkable about?

The Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Obydensky Lane,located near the church of Christ the Savior, belongs to the style of the Petrine Baroque. It was built by the architect I. Zarudny in 1702. And the chief guardian of the church was a deacon named Derevnin, who was later buried. As for the bell tower and the refectory, they were erected by the architect A. Kaminsky in 1866-1868.

Petrovsky Baroque

Petrovsky baroque was characteristic of the churcharchitecture at the dawn of the XVIII century. It expressed the trends of a new era. This style is characterized by clarity, rigor, correctness, but at the same time there is a noticeable share of romanticism in it. The churches look reserved and practical, but quite beautiful. In this period, temples of the "ship" type are built: a long porch, a bell tower and the building itself are located on the same axis. It was typical for that time. This is also the Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Obydensky Lane.

The Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Obydensky Lane

Ancient legends

But the first, still rather primitive, church waserected here at the end of the XV century. Ordinary were called temples, which were built in one day, according to the vow. There is a legend that in ancient times a certain prince passed on this place, and suddenly a strong thunderstorm began. He promised that if he did not die, he would erect a wooden temple in honor of the Prophet Elijah in one day. There is another legend, which says that the church was built on a vow, begging for rain during a drought.

Magnificent icons

The Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Obydensky Laneis remarkable for the fact that here there is an icon of the Holy Face of the Savior, and also the Kazan image of the Mother of God, created in the XVII century by Simon Ushakov. But special attention should be paid to the leftist choir. There is the main attraction of the Ilinsk cathedral - the icon of the Mother of God called "Unexpected Joy", which, according to legend, is capable of performing miracles. On it you can see a kneeling and praying person in a sacred image.

The uneasy fate of the icon "Unexpected Joy"

At first this icon belonged to the Church of PraiseThe Most Holy Theotokos. After her demolition, she was sent to the temple of St. Vlasia. Then she was transferred to the Church of the Resurrection, located in Sokolniki. All the most famous and miraculous images were sent there from the demolished metropolitan temples. And only then she was taken to the Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Moscow.

Going inside, near the right pillar you can see the magnificent icon of Jesus, created by the Chichagov Seraphim (metropolitan).

In the days of the Soviet Union and in our days

The Temple of Elijah the Prophet in Cherkizovo

Церковь функционировала даже во времена СССР, although it was removed from the bells in the 1930s. In the first year of the war, the Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Obydensky Lane was almost destroyed by a bomb exploding nearby. However, after a while it was restored and restored.

Today, at the church, which regularly visits a lot of religious people, there is a Sunday school for small and adults, an Orthodox lecture hall, and a parish library.

The Temple of Elijah the Prophet in Cherkizovo

Consider also this magnificent temple.The Metropolitan Church of the Prophet Elijah of God, located in Cherkizovo, is famous for the rare image of St. Alexis in it, as well as the relics of the blessed Ivan Korishey.

Temple of the Prophet Elias

Once seen this elegant temple is impossibleforget it. You come here - and as if you were transported in time several centuries ago. This church is already very many years, how many people prayed here - do not count. The images are wonderful, ancient, it seems that these are fragile museum exhibits. Do you know that this church was built in 1690? And earlier on this place there was a wooden temple. It was built a long time ago - in 1370.

Unusual history of the temple

In a difficult period, during the Russian-Lithuanian war, the church was burned by the enemy, but soon it was rebuilt.

The temple is noteworthy for its interesting history.During the Soviet times many of the churches in the capital were destroyed. And the Temple of the Prophet Elijah of God remained unscathed even in the period when it was decided to build a line under it during the construction of the metro.

The Temple of the Prophet Elijah in Moscow
Believers of the capital did not allow demolishingchurch. The authorities had to cede, although other holy objects were actively destroyed during the construction of the metro. Near the church of the holy Prophet Elias, several temples were destroyed. The fact that the building stood, in spite of everything, can be called a real miracle. And we need to thank fate for the fact that such a magnificent architectural monument remained unscathed.

Today the temple is visited both by native Muscovites,and tourists - they are all enchanted by its splendor. This is an unusual place, once visited, I want to come here more than once. So many people visit him every Sunday, and some even more often. People come to pray and bow to the relics of Ivan Korisha - they hope that this blessed one will grant them healing and in general will somehow affect their life. The doors of the temple are open to everyone, and anyone who comes to Moscow even very briefly is recommended to visit this amazing church in order to immerse themselves in that extraordinary atmosphere that reigns in it.

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