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Visa to Tunisia for Russians: registration and cost. Do I need a visa to Tunisia?

This year, the rules for visiting Tunisia forcitizens of the Russian Federation will remain the same. This means that tourists who travel on a direct flight through an international airport and who plan to stay in the country for not more than 30 days do not need a visa. Thus on hands there should be a voucher. It is issued by a tour operator that has been registered in Tunisia. Many firms offer to purchase a voucher without buying the tour itself. Further in the article we will analyze in more detail whether a visa is necessary in Tunisia. Consider also some nuances of entry into the country for different categories of citizens.

visa for Tunisia for Russians

Some formalities

In some cases, a visa to Tunisia may beis issued for a period of more than 30 days. What are these cases? For example, for holders of diplomatic, special or official passport passports, visa-free entry can be issued. You can stay in the country for three months. In all other cases, Russian citizens need a visa to travel to Tunisia. However, based on reports on all sorts of forums, we can assume that such formalities are not always respected. There are cases when tourists go to Tunisia not by direct flight from Russia, but through 3 countries. In this case, a voucher is not required when crossing a border. In addition, often the receiving side simply does not pay attention to how the traveler entered the country.

visa to Tunisia

Tourist entrance

Of course, in most cases the visa to Tunisiafor Russians it is not required. But there are situations when it is better to arrange it. For example, it is worth doing in the event that, in addition to Tunisia, the tourist wants to get into some neighboring state, for example Algeria. It is worth noting that the rest of the voucher in this case is not expected, but you can go outside the country. A visa to Tunisia is required for Russians even when the rest is planned for a period of more than a month. At a slight delay (1-2 weeks), guests will have to pay a fine right at the airport. Its size is about 10 dinars (less than 10 US dollars) for each week of delayed departure. This is much lower than the visa fee for obtaining a visa. However, in case of a longer delay, a tourist may be prohibited from entering the country in the future. A visa to Tunisia for Russians is also required when the tourist does not have the opportunity to fly directly by direct flight from the Russian Federation. Although it is in this case, fans of this exotic country often make relief.

in Tunisia need a visa

Special cases

In addition to all of the above, a visa to Tunisia forRussians are needed for business and work trips, as well as for work, study and private visits. However, as practice shows, most of these cases in the documents are prescribed as "tourism". At the same time, citizens enter the country without a voucher. Nevertheless, entry with a tourist visa involves quite a lot of advantages. For the traveler opens the widest range of opportunities for choosing a place of rest, departure time, the way of arrival in the state. In addition, tourists who have received a visa to Tunisia have the right to apply to the appropriate authorities to extend the period of stay and issue a residence permit. A tourist visa is also required for transit entry. For example, it is required for a trip to Algeria, Libya or a flight to Morocco with a landing in Tunisia. Having a transit visa, you can stay in the country for up to 7 days. In this case, the cost of a visa to Tunisia varies between 1,250 rubles. This price is set at the beginning of 2014 (how much does a normal Tunisian visa cost, we will explain below). In addition, the transit document is quite easy to draw up. Using this opportunity, Russian tourists during their holidays can make an exciting trip to ancient Tunisia. Travelers can also visit Morocco or Egypt. Standard tourist visa to Tunisia can be short-term (stay up to 3 months) and long-term (up to 6 months). In case you need to stay in the country much longer, you should apply for a residence permit or a new permit.

how much does a visa for Tunisia

Required documents

In order to apply for a visa to Tunisia, regardless of the purpose of the trip, the following list of documents is submitted to the Tunisian Embassy in Moscow:

- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, valid for the whole duration of the trip and for another 3 months after the date of its termination;

- photocopies of the pages of the passport, which indicate personal information about the applicant and data of the place of his registration or registration;

- photos 3 * 4, meeting all requirements (they can be found right in the photo studio);

- a completed application form in French or English (its form can be found on the official website or directly at the embassy);

- a photocopy of air tickets or a document confirming their booking (tickets must be in both directions, in case of transit - for entry and exit).

the cost of a visa to Tunisia

Additional documents

The list of all other securities depends on the purposetrips, and you can find out in the Tunisian Embassy. So, to obtain a transit permit for travel through the country, you need a document to the final destination. If the state is visa-free, other documents will be required. They must confirm the direction of the journey. To issue a tourist visa, you need a travel agency voucher or a confirmation of your booking at the Tunis Hotel. In this case, fax printouts from the hotels or hotels are possible. For a trip with a view to a private visit, you need an invitation from a Tunisian citizen or a person who officially has the right to be in this country. It must be officially certified by local authorities at the place of residence of the receiving citizen. In addition, an original, a copy (fax) or a printout of a scan of the invitation must be attached to the package of papers. This should be additionally sent to the consular department's e-mail address. For a business trip, you must provide an official invitation from an organization that carries out legal activities on the territory of the host country. Accordingly, to enter for education, an invitation will be required from the school. In addition, for a business or private visit to Tunisia you need a certificate of employment and a document on wages for the last 3 months.

Do I need a visa in Tunisia?

Entry to work

Official employment in Tunisia is a phenomenonquite rare, but quite possible. This is largely due to the policy of the state, which encourages the attraction of workers from abroad to those places that are unable to fill their own specialists. For the employer and for the employee himself, an official invitation does not require additional costs. However, it is accompanied by a number of additional formalities. Without a specialized work visa, bank employees, employees of the "economic activity park" can work in Tunisia. Do not need a document and those who extract various minerals, doctors of medical centers and employees of foreign enterprises. In all other cases, the recipients of the work visa must provide a copy of the employment contract and the diploma of the specialist, a document on the registration of the employing enterprise and the compliance of the position of the foreign employee. In addition, migration authorities have the right to request other information.

is there a visa to Tunisia

Is it possible to obtain permission at the airport?

Obtaining a visa in this way is not a phenomenon.widespread, but nevertheless the corresponding service is. To obtain such a document for entry may be those persons who live in a significant distance from the embassy. The personal request of a foreign citizen is not enough - an invitation from the host party is necessary. This party, in turn, should apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Interior with this request. Such a visa is possible for participants in international forums, which are supported by Tunisian state authorities.

How and where to submit documents?

At present, Russia has oneConsular service from Tunisia, in which the applicant for a visa must submit documents independently. You can come to the embassy with the necessary papers on any weekday from 10:00 to 15:00, and for the ready permission - from 12:00 to 15:00. You can also find out if there is a visa to Tunisia, or it is not yet ready. The permit is issued from 4 to 7 working days. The cost of a normal visa is 5000 rubles.


It should be noted that tour operators for the most partdo not deal with issuing visas to this country. In this regard, the tourist will have, most likely, to do it themselves. The Tunisian Embassy in Moscow treats guests quite loyal, which means that travelers do not have problems with obtaining a visa.

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