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Tips for tourists: do I need a visa in Tunisia

Russian tourists began to gradually learnvarious exotic resorts, each time climbing farther and farther - to other continents. One such location is the Tunisian Republic, which is located in North Africa, on its Mediterranean coast. But before you are going to the distant lands, you need to answer the question: "Do I need a visa to Tunisia?" After all, your further actions will depend on the correct answer.

Some information about the country

Do I need a visa to Tunisia?

Before we deal with visa issues, we will sharesome information about the country. The area of ​​this state is 163 610 km ². In the east and north it is washed, as was already said, by the Mediterranean Sea, in the southeast it borders on Libya, in the southwest and west - with Algeria. The official language is Arabic, but most people use French in everyday life. The difference in time between Moscow and Tunisia (the so-called capital of the country) is three hours. The climate along the coast and in the north is subtropical, inland and in the south - a desert tropical. On the coast, the summer heat is softened by the sea breeze, and so it seems that the street is a bit cooler than it really is. The average temperature in August is +33 ° С, in January - +14 ° С, frosts are possible in the desert regions at night. Before answering the question whether a visa is needed to Tunisia, we note that a direct regular air service has been established between St. Petersburg, Moscow and this state.

A concrete answer to a direct question about visas

in Tunisia you need a visa

Citizens of Russia, who are sent toTunisian Republic as tourists, a visa is not needed if the period of their stay is up to one month. Entry to the country is carried out on the basis of tourist vouchers, which are issued by foreign firms accredited to the national travel agency of Tunisia. In doing so, you must follow certain rules. Firstly, it is necessary to arrive to the resort only by direct flight, and secondly, it is necessary to return the same route. Thirdly, a tourist who arrived on the basis of a voucher can not visit other countries during this period. And remember that even without explaining the reasons, the border guard can deploy you to Russia. In exceptional cases, a month's stay can be extended to three months - upon the request of the inviting party.

In which cases does Tunisia need a visa

In all other cases, citizens of the Russian FederationFederations for a visit to Tunisia must be issued a visa. The good news is that, unlike some other countries, there are only two types of Tunisian visas: short-term and long-term. The first are issued for a period of up to three months, the second - up to six. If the visitor stays in the country for a period longer than six months, it is already necessary to request a residence permit or to issue a new visa. In the event that a tourist who arrived on a visa, lost his passport or was stolen, a certificate of return is issued at the Russian consulate. Preliminary application to the police about the loss / theft. At each crossing of the border, the foreigner fills in a special card for entry and exit to the state. Transit visas are also issued for a period of seven days after the submission of the relevant documents.

how to get a visa to Tunisia

What documents are needed for a visa in Tunisia

Now we will consider the list of documents required for processing your visa. It is as follows:

  1. As usual, a foreign passport, where without it. The minimum period of validity is three months from the day of the end of the trip.
  2. Photocopies of his first page and a page with information about children.
  3. Two questionnaires.
  4. Photocopies of the pages of the internal Russian passport.
  5. Reference from the current place of work. You need a letterhead, you must specify the position and salary.
  6. To pensioners - a copy of the certificate.
  7. Schoolchildren and students need a power of attorney from their parents if they go separately.
  8. Foreign citizens - a residence permit, registration and work permit.

You will also need to pay a consular fee of $ 70. Now we have considered in detail how to get a visa to Tunisia.

Registration of documents for entry directly on the border

what visa to Tunisia

In life, there are often a variety ofof the situation. There are options when the country does not have the diplomatic representation you need or is very far from your place of residence. Russians can apply for entry to Tunisia in the representation of that country in Moscow or St. Petersburg. In the event that you live very far from the capital of your homeland, you can issue an entry permit directly at the border. But in view of the fact that in this case the answer to the question "whether a visa to Tunisia is necessary" is unambiguous - yes, it is necessary, the inviting party must take care of its guests in advance. She must apply with a corresponding petition to the Tunisian Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Make this desirable at least 7-10 days before entering.

Other nuances

documents for a visa to Tunisia

If children come to the country together with their parentsup to 20 years, and they are recorded in their passport, then for the tourist purpose of the visit no other documents are needed. The same and when you leave. If children under the age of 20 have a local citizenship, a residence permit or a long-term visa, then upon departure they must present a power of attorney issued by the child's father. This should be done even if the child leaves the country on a Russian passport. In addition to knowing whether a visa is needed in Tunisia, every traveler should familiarize himself well with other requirements so that there is no problem to pass customs and sanitary control, if necessary, veterinary. Also remember: before you start issuing permits, clearly determine which visa you need to Tunisia. Often this helps to avoid unnecessary problems and hassle.

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