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How to get rid of bad thoughts: advice of a psychologist

Bad thoughts in the head appear in a variety of waysreasons. They can sit in the subconscious for a long time and stop living normally. Therefore, they must be driven away. We learn how to get rid of bad thoughts in several ways.

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The influence of bad thoughts on life

Thinking negative is very difficultcontrol. They interfere with rest, do not give rest even in comfortable conditions. This can cause a deterioration in not only mental health, but also physical. The person becomes irritable, distracted, suspicious, quick-tempered, he has all the new diseases.

Also, constant thinking about the bad take awaytoo much time. Although it could be spent on really important things. A person gets stuck in his experiences and does not move forward. Thoughts are material. Negative thoughts only attract misfortunes and realize fears.

"Do not take evil in the head and heavy in the hands," -so they say in the people, and for good reason. The head needs to be freed from pessimistic meditations, and not overburdened with physical labor to preserve one's health. And bad thoughts always have serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the negative.

The reasons for the appearance of bad thoughts

Any alarm has a source.It must be determined in order to understand how to proceed. Very often the negative history from the past prevents to live. A person experiences guilt (although it can be contrived) and constantly worries about it.

In other people, the negative becomes a character trait. They are also called complainers. They like to engage in self-discovery and are pessimistic since childhood.

Negative personal qualities also poisona life. It may be self-doubt, in which any event or decision-making becomes a test. In the same vein, suspiciousness can be considered. Such a person can settle anxiety in his head with anything from a news report to a conversation of random passers-by.

Of course, the source can be and real problems that a person can not solve. Waiting for the outcome just makes you nervous, drawing in your head are not the most optimistic layouts.

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But religion in its own way explains why inhead constantly bad thoughts. It is believed that the cause of obsessive ideas and experiences is impure force, demons. With them you need to fight in an unconventional way - prayer.

Consider a few techniques that are advised to use psychologists in the occurrence of bad thoughts.


The first step to solving the problem is to understand thatcauses concern. The reasons can be very deep, so it is better to visit a psychologist. But you can try to cope on their own. To do this, you need to write all your fears on a sheet of paper: real and fictitious, and then opposite to each - its solution, that is, what you need to do so that the anxiety does not come true.

For example, how to get rid of bad thoughts about an open window or an unplugged slab? Every time before leaving the house you need to double check this action.


Often negative thoughts appear because ofunsolved problems. If you can find a way out of the situation, then you need to act. Bad thoughts about the problem will disappear as soon as it is solved. But, unfortunately, many people are often accustomed to complain and do nothing to change the situation. If you are reading this article, it's not about you. You are definitely ready to act, and you will succeed. It is only necessary to determine the source of anxiety.


Not all problems are solved, sometimes from a personnothing depends. For example, a relative or friend has entered the hospital and is struggling for his life. In this situation, it is normal to worry. The output will be the adoption of negative thoughts. You need to realize that you are really experiencing, and there is nothing unusual in this.

Bad thoughts climb into the head?Accept them and live with them. But do not give them the will, otherwise they will master the behavior. For negative assumptions, it is better to observe from the outside, without further reaction to them. The essence of this technique is action, not savoring thoughts. Therefore, do everything you can, and leave the rest to the will of chance.

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Removal and substitution

This method will take a littleawareness and understanding of their emotions. As soon as you feel that a negative appears in your head, immediately remove it, as if throwing garbage into a bucket. You need to try not to get stuck in thoughts, not to develop this topic, and try to forget about it. The best assistant in this matter will be substitution. The point is that you need to start thinking about something pleasant, positive or at least neutral.

With this technique, there is no need to invent,how to get rid of bad thoughts. They are not fueled, but replaced by other events. Each time it will be easier and better. And after a while, consciousness will start using this method on the machine.


No wonder they say that the morning is wiser than the evening.Sometimes it's best to postpone your thoughts for later. For example, if you can not sleep because of bad thoughts, promise yourself that you will necessarily think about it tomorrow. If the problem is not particularly serious, then the brain easily agrees with this proposal. With a high probability in the morning the negative will no longer excite and even resolve itself.

This is a very simple but effective technique.It can be used in many situations. There is no point in thinking about what will become insignificant in the future. Realizing this, it is much easier to throw the negative out of your head. For serious problems this method does not work. It is better for them to find solutions.


Imperceptibly there were bad thoughts in my head thatdo then? It is necessary to suppress as soon as possible the desire to be upset, so as not to develop an unpleasant topic. To do this, you need to postpone all your affairs, count to thirty and make five deep breaths and breathes. The brain needs time to comprehend the subject of reflection, so as not to make irrational conclusions and unreasonable actions.

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If the anxiety still does not pass, then repeat all the actions. If possible, leave the room and walk a bit. This will bring your thoughts in order and even distract from the negative.

Bringing to the point of absurdity

Можно попробовать совершенно противоположную technique. On the contrary, one must completely immerse oneself in bad thoughts and consider that such a bad thing can result as a result. It is most effective to represent the most absurd, absurd situations. Connect imagination, use exaggeration, make thoughts bright.

For example, you need to pass an important interview.It is clear that many in such moments attend bad thoughts. Imagine in paints what failure can be expected. The head of the personnel department, as soon as he sees your resume, starts shouting loudly and throwing tomatoes. You decide to run away from such a shame and run out of the office. But here a cleaning lady throws a wet rag at you, because you have trampled the entire floor. Surprise you fall, get up and run again. And here you are abducted by aliens and taken to another planet.

Absurd, is not it? But just such an exaggeration deprives negative thoughts of power. One has only to try to make sure the effectiveness of technology.

Wording on paper

Also, psychologists recommend stating all yourbad thoughts on paper. It is necessary to record them in detail, in all colors and details. The more often we formulate experiences, the less often we return to them. That means they will bother less and less. The evil thoughts laid out on paper should be considered a past stage, therefore the sheet can be torn or burned.

Sometimes it is more effective not to destroy records.In some situations it is better to fill out two columns on a sheet — negative and positive thoughts, so that you can compare them later. The first is recorded negative experiences. And in the second - pleasant. It can also be some kind of positive attitude. For example, “I am smart,” “I do a good job,” “I am a beautiful wife,” and so on.

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You can write on paper only their goodquality and place it in a prominent place (on the desktop or in the bathroom). As soon as bad thoughts appear - immediately take a look at this list to remind yourself of the good.

Positive social circle

Обратите внимание на то, какие люди вас окружают.Consider whether there are those among your friends and acquaintances who evoke negative thoughts. If you even count several such people, then you should not blame yourself and upset even more. Whatever the true cause of the behavior, relationships with these people are detrimental to mental health. Experts recommend temporarily avoid these individuals. If during this period your mood and well-being has improved, then it will be better to end the relationship with them.

You should not keep people who constantlyinsult, make fun, do not respect your hobbies and time. Better that you have one friend, but a positive one, and you don’t have to think about how to remove evil thoughts. Cheerful people always evoke good memories, lift mood and charge with positive energy.

Также существуют универсальные способы, которые Excellent help to cope with bad thoughts. Their psychologists also recommend active use. They bring feelings to balance with mild anxiety, and in more complex cases, they only increase the effect of the above techniques. Their main mechanism is distraction. Perhaps these methods will be familiar to many of personal practice.

Positive music

Scientific research has proven to drown outbad thoughts can be using a pleasant melody. Therefore, determine for yourself the best music channel or wave on the radio, as well as create a playlist of positive songs in your gadget. As soon as you feel disturbing thoughts penetrating your consciousness, turn on the music loudly and lift your spirits.

do not take a bad head and a heavy hand

Interesting and useful activities

To escape from fears and anxieties will help beloveda hobby or some business. This can be any activity that brings pleasure (dancing, singing, cycling, handicrafts, reading books, growing flowers and much more).

Some get rid of stupid dirty thoughtswork - cleaning the house. They begin to wash the dishes, the floors, wipe the dust, clean the cabinets and so on. The unloved thing will brighten up, of course, positive music. So bad thoughts will get a double blow and evaporate in one moment.

Physical exercise

Sport is a great way to get rid ofbad thoughts. Exercise relieves adrenaline, relieves the nervous system, and therefore relieves stress well. In addition, with regular exercises a nice bonus body will become a pleasant bonus. Such psychological relief, combined with an awareness of its attractiveness, increases self-confidence and reduces the number of reasons for concern. Just do not overload yourself too much. Do not forget about moderation and proper rest, so as not to leave room for negative experiences.

Proper nutrition

It is food and drink that give us the resources and strength toexistence. Unbalanced nutrition, hunger or lack of fluid depletes the body and leads to fatigue. It also creates the conditions for the experience, even for a minor occasion. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy foods and eat healthy drinks (fruit drinks, fresh juices, fruit drinks, green tea and clean water). In moments of sadness, you should treat yourself to food antidepressants: chocolate, raisins, bananas, hazelnuts, and those that you love yourself. Psychologists say that tasty food also drives away bad thoughts.

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Appeal to God

Religious people helps to get rid of badthoughts prayer. Only sincere treatment will become a powerful weapon in the fight against evil forces. Prayer will establish an energetic connection with the deity and drive out internal demons. Only here the moment of humility with what is happening is important, if you are not satisfied with certain circumstances. If the problem was despair or despondency, then the higher forces should be addressed with gratitude. If you are offended or angry with another person, you should forgive him yourself and mention his pardon in prayer.

It is not necessary to know famous texts in order to get help from higher powers. It is enough to sincerely address and express everything in your own words, then you will definitely be heard.

Now you know how to get rid of evil thoughts if they visit you. You can use psychological techniques, universal tricks or prayer, if you are a religious person.

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