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The right choice: which electronic cigarettes are better?

Progress does not stand still, that's why,speaking of the inventions of the twenty-first century, we can safely mention an electronic cigarette. All over the world, many people have been using the product for ten years, but electronic cigarettes have appeared quite recently in the CIS countries.

In its appearance, the electronic cigarette is very similar to conventional tobacco cigarettes, only it consists not of tobacco and filter, but of a battery, a cartridge and an atomizer.

Benefit or harm?

Most people have long been interested in the question,what cigarettes to smoke, what brand to give preference. And answering this question, the people themselves were guided by the opinion of others, which is fashionable, and which cigarettes are the best, they were actively prompted by advertising. But this business is individual!

However, the problem of harm or vice versaThe benefits of electronic cigarettes torment hundreds, and even thousands of people around the world. However, many are wondering which electronic cigarettes are better? And in general are harmful or are they for health in general? Of course, more detailed information can be obtained from specialists or manufacturers.

It's hard to say that these cigarettes are harmless,of course, they do harm if it comes to those cigarettes that contain nicotine. And if the electronic variant contains a cartridge without nicotine, then it does not do any harm to the smoker himself or to the people around him. Even if we talk about nicotine electronic cigarettes, their harmful effects are negligible compared to the level of exposure to conventional smoking, because the level of nicotine and the presence of various chemicals and compounds in electronic cigarettes are almost minimal. Which means that they are not the cause of many diseases.

Already for a very long timerepresentatives of the business and health sectors conduct a heated debate about the advisability and effectiveness of using electronic cigarettes, thereby answering which electronic cigarettes are better, whether Pons, IZI or Gamucci. It all depends on the manufacturer, which is why it is best to give preference to proven firms that have proven themselves in the trading market, as producers who can be trusted. And the golden rule is not to save! After all, why spend money on something that in no way will help improve your health.

Of course, most oncology doctors say,that electronic cigarettes do not harm the human body, and then it does not matter which electronic cigarettes are better. Having conducted a number of studies, various independent examinations, scientists have proved that all kinds of cancer can not arise because of the effects of those substances that are contained in electronic cigarettes. In one voice, cardiologists also say the same thing, because they see no threat of the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases due to electronic cigarettes.

When choosing electronic cigarettes, it also followspay attention to the fact that instead of replaceable cartridges, you can use a special liquid that is poured into the cartridge itself. People who have been using electronic cigarettes for a long time, say that it is best to use this liquid, because it is enough for much more puffs.

Take care of your health!

Doctors in the US advise all their patientsgo to the use of electronic cigarettes, because their acquisition suggests that a person really cares about his health, which is why he decides not to expose him to an unreasonable risk. Also, doctors are sure that electronic cigarettes should be referred to a group of tobacco products, and not to devices for health care. Indeed, the popularization of this product will help people realize that electronic cigarettes are not only safe for themselves, but for others. After all, you rid them of the tobacco smoke that they are so tired of breathing. In addition, smoking of electronic cigarettes is allowed in many public places. Which electronic cigarettes are better, a person decides for himself, the main thing is a timely recognition of their benefits to the human body!

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