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The procedure for conducting product certification

In the Russian Federation, back in 1994,the procedure for certification of products is legally fixed. This procedure is a study of the released goods for compliance with approved state standards.

The product certification system can beis based on a voluntary beginning, that is, on the initiative of the economic entity itself, or is mandatory. The latter should be carried out at regular intervals. The supervisory function is performed by the specialized body Gosstandart (nationally) or federal (at the level of the subjects of the federation). In addition, these bodies fully develop the procedure for certification of products, in which it is possible to distinguish separate stages:

  • First of all, the economic entity shouldapply to the authorized civil service where to apply. The specialist reviews it in the order of the queue, and then issues an opinion indicating the main instances that must be passed to the subject.
  • Laboratories independently carry outidentification and selection of samples. In some cases, the testing organization gives such a right to a third party or even a certification body. Next, each sample is carefully analyzed and placed in the repository, where it is located for the time set by the rules of the system. After completing the protocol, that is, the document reflecting the test results, one copy is sent to the business entity, and the second - to the appropriate service authorized to issue licenses.
  • The procedure for conducting product certificationrequires an obligatory assessment of production. The enterprise undergoes a thorough comparative analysis of its financial condition or a system responsible for quality management is certified. This information is also included in the final report.
  • And the last stage involves the collection of allobtained information, their comparison and drawing up a conclusion. This document is official and sent to the certification body. Thus, it is the basis to help make the final decision. In addition, the conclusion is considered a kind of security, proving the correctness of certification bodies.

Certificate of production is issued only if availablepositive solution. It must contain a clear justification, and also a registration number is required to recognize the authenticity of the document. In the case of a negative decision, an official conclusion is also issued, which necessarily includes reasons fully explaining the reasonableness of the refusal.

An enterprise that has successfully passed certification,can safely reflect this on his product. Usually, companies label each product with a special sign that attests to its compliance with the highest quality standards. Do not forget about the follow-up control. The procedure for certification of products in some systems requires the presence of a specialized inspection, which must at least once a year check the legal entities for the availability of licenses with a valid term. Subsequent monitoring allows state authorities to verify that the products manufactured are still manufactured in accordance with the approved technology and in accordance with the state quality standard.

Such checks can be conditionally divided intounplanned and periodic, the duration of which is established by legislative norms. Members of the inspection collect information and enter it into the act, and then send it to the certification body.

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