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GORZDRAV in Moscow: addresses. Pharmacies GORZDRAV in Moscow: feedback

In the capital of our country there are many network pharmacies, andone of the most ramified and the first in the ranking is a network that is constantly expanding. Addresses of the pharmacy GORZDRAV in Moscow are constantly growing numerically, and experts are always invited there: pharmacists, pharmacists, managers. In total, GORZDRAV opened 1,259 points of sale of medicines and related products by 2016. The retail pharmaceutical market has been opening more and more new addresses for more than 25 years in the pharmacy of GORZDRAV in Moscow. All this long time the company pleased customers with stability of work, reliable and high-quality products at extremely low prices.

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Addresses of the pharmacy GORZDRAV in Moscow quicklyare added, and therefore the necessity of replenishing the staff for permanent work arises also constantly. Moreover, the volume of sales increases day by day. For example, the position of the manager of pharmacy institutions with a salary of 80 thousand rubles does not leave the job sites. Pharmacists with higher professional education and experience in documentation and organization of work come here.

You have to manage five pharmacies at once,providing the population of the district with all medicines and medicines, as well as products for special medical purposes. It is up to the managers to have a full range of medicines. In addition, they are engaged in accounting for the movement of money through their pharmacies, and are also responsible for the safe level of work of the employees entrusted to them. New addresses of GORZDRAVv pharmacy in Moscow are all added up, and therefore a constant replenishment of pharmacists and pharmacists (pharmacists) with a correspondingly higher or secondary specialized education is required, which will advise customers and send them goods. Here, wages vary from 45 to 120 thousand rubles.

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Долго искать аптеки ГОРЗДРАВ в Москве не придётся:in all districts of the capital they have settled unusually densely, as evidenced by a special map. By 2020, the plans of the creators and owners of this network cover all territories of the Russian Federation. Formats are considered very different, in accordance with the requirements of each region. Perhaps by that time the Moscow pharmacies will also change in some way, and, of course, for the better.

Основные клиенты аптеки ГОРЗДРАВ в Москве – это people suffering from chronic diseases, and pensioners. It is on this contingent that this network of pharmacies is designed, so that everyone could comfortably and conveniently use them. Almost all such institutions are located near the metro, practically near each station. In addition, in almost every neighborhood there is a pharmacy GORZDRAVA.

No extra charge

Already a long time ago, all institutions of this network are notuse a retail mark-up on essential medicines. On a special site, you can open information on any institution and see that the drug store GORZDRAV observes the availability of drugs is much more confident than the pharmacies of other networks. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of visitors who took advantage of the preliminary order for medicines right on the site, and many write good words about special promotions, which are held on an ongoing basis in this pharmacy network.

But most of all pleases buyers lackmargins on very many popular drugs, the list of which is constantly updated in order that everyone can find the right medicine at an affordable price. That is why the GORZDRAV pharmacy assortment (Moscow) is so closely monitoring the range: the availability of medicines and medical preparations here always answers the increase in demand. Maintaining the health of fellow citizens is a good goal, and this pharmacy chain does everything to ensure that the necessary funds are available.

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Millions of our fellow citizens support health withusing the pharmacy GORZDRAVA in Moscow. Their addresses are present in the set in each district of the capital. In addition to the main range of drugs and medicines, you can buy medical cosmetics, various hygiene products, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters. And a lot of useful new products. For example, various pharmaceutical cosmetics from Elfarm: cosmetic essential oils, parapharmaceuticals, medicinal beekeeping.

And it’s very important that anyone canorder rare drugs, being absolutely sure that his need will be met. The network of pharmacies GORZDRAV in Moscow, whose addresses are very numerous, has its own referral service. In addition, any information is present on the official website and in the offices of the company. You can also find the phone nearest pharmacy.

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Customer Reviews

Pharmacy visitors write that health is everythingtimes were costly, now all the more so. And it is very pleasing that there is such a pharmacy chain where you can save up to 40% of the cost of medicines. This provides any pharmacy GORZDRAV. Addresses in Moscow need to be clarified, it is quite possible that new ones have appeared, very close to home, since they open almost every month. Certain advantages are that GORZDRAV offers only high-quality goods, as noted by visitors who have repeatedly been deceived by the choice in other pharmacies.

Also a plus is that prices differ by the bestin the following way: without a preliminary selection on GORZDRAVA website, buyers overpay for the same medicines up to 2.5 times There is also an interactive map where you can find the nearest pharmacy. Also note the high level of training of pharmacists, their politeness and responsiveness. A huge plus: goods can be paid by credit card. From time to time, you can get a nice bonus in the form of a cream probe, and for every 500 rubles spent, chips are issued for a discount. Naturally, not without a minus. Pharmacies are very attractive in many ways, and therefore there are almost always lines, sometimes long ones.

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Many people are interested in the addresses of GORZDRAV pharmacy inMoscow Customer reviews do not cover them completely, as this network can compete in number with any other pharmacy chain. But the reviews are very, very much. And in honor of its quarter-century anniversary, a marketing campaign was launched with the announcement of plans to expand the network up to 2020. At the presentation it was told about mass events dedicated to the promotion of GORZDRAV pharmacies, about attracting new customers. Announcements are constantly published on the Internet, including on their own website. There were plans for the monthly holding of various drawings of gifts and the main prize - apartments in Moscow.

The loyalty program has also been launched "25advantages of GORZDRAVA ", which was based on the collection of special stickers. Constantly held point-to-point actions to alert residents about opening new pharmacies. Contests are also held among network staff: pharmacists and pharmacists write poems, songs, and make crafts that tell about the benefits of GORZDRAV pharmacies. Only in 2014, the buyers of valuable prizes and gifts worth 28 million rubles were handed in. In 2016, the shares were even more ambitious.

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Для интересующихся тем, где располагается The nearest pharmacy GORZDRAV, addresses in Moscow (CAO) will be given at least not completely, but in more detail, including some customer reviews. At the Aeroport metro station on Chernyakhovsky Street there is a wonderful pharmacy, in which there are many ticket offices and not too long queues for medicines, which are distinguished by very attractive prices. At the Koptevo metro station on the street of the same name, there is a pharmacy where customers with young children like to visit, because they like the actions held there.

At the metro station “Water Stadium”, on Admiral StreetMakarova, in the house number 14 is a pharmacy with very attentive pharmacists. They also speak well of pharmacies on Kronstadt Boulevard in Building 5B, Building 1, on the territory of the Persey shopping center. On Volokolamskoye shosse (near Sokol metro station), as well as on Usievicha street (closer to Aeroport metro station), there are pharmacies, of which there are especially many good reviews. The GORZDRAV pharmacies work very well at the Likhobory metro station, Streshnevo metro station, Voikovskaya metro station, River station station, Polezhaevskaya station, Dinamo station and all other metro stations. And on each of them - very often not one pharmacy. Almost every home has a pharmacy GORZDRAV, addresses in Moscow (CAO) can be listed for a very long time.

Other areas of the capital

More than 2000 items of vitalGORZDRAV drugs are sold at no extra charge, unlike other networks, and this is a lot of money, especially for retirees. Network marketing pharmacies GORZDRAVA thinks strategically and operates on the principles of humanity. Do not skimp on advertising here, creating a steady habit of using only this network from buyers. The difference is, again, from others: advertising is not deceiving here, drugs are indeed much cheaper and always correspond to quality, without fakes.

Если срок годности препарата, который нужно take a long time, ends after the end of the course, here this drug will not be sold. That is what happened in a pharmacy on General Belov Street. Comparing retail prices in this network and in other pharmacies, buyers have not yet written a single review that medicines are sold somewhere cheaper. The pharmacy on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt is very praised in reviews, where anti-allergic drugs were in the assortment, which were previously searched for in all other nearby pharmacies.

Why is that?

In 1993, the Russian Federation introducedmandatory licensing of pharmacies. And it was GORZDRAV that received one of the first licenses in the group of companies A.v.e. Group and "36.6", previously combined at the operational level. At the end of 2014, they owned more than seven hundred pharmacies of such brands as GORZDRAV, A.v.e Luxury, Pharmacies 36.6, A.v.e, Pharmacy 03, Old Doctor.

The first pharmacy GORZDRAVA opened in 1990, andafter 9 years, only 11 outlets appeared. In 2012 there were already 65 of them, and in 2013 - 140. Each pharmacy can serve from 300 to 2,000 customers per working day. The range is already more than 17 thousand items of various medicines. In 2015, 150 new pharmacies of GORZDRAV appeared, that is, there were 500 of them.

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Beauty and health products are much moreare available than anywhere else, and the convenience of purchasing them is that the pharmacy will not have to look for a long time. Quality products, direct deliveries from manufacturers, including a lot of foreign ones.

The assortment is the widest available, and there aremedicines, and dietary supplements, and medical cosmetics, and any preventive means. Cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers, suppliers of pharmaceuticals is constantly expanding.

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New pharmacies

Near the metro station "Belorusskaya", Butyrsky Val Street;along Aviatsionnaya Street (Shchukinskaya metro station); next to the metro station "Konkovo" on Profsoyuznaya Street, new pharmacies have been opened, where all the best traditions of the GORZDRAV pharmacy network are preserved.

Trading rooms in addition to traditional medicinaldrugs demonstrate and innovation of the pharmaceutical market. Here, buyers will find a large orthopedic department, a variety of medical equipment, contact lenses and optics. Professional consultants work everywhere.

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