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The child has diarrhea and fever: what to do in this situation?

Diarrhea (diarrhea) is a disorderdigestion, which occurs in children and adults due to a considerable number of reasons. In a one-year-old child, the temperature, diarrhea and excessive sweating is not just an excuse for parents, it is a serious sign that there is something wrong with the baby's body. The disorder can be a consequence of the mother's malnutrition, if the baby is still breastfed, or even a virus. Do not hurry to enter the search engines for the query "the child has diarrhea and temperature - what should I do?" - first call the doctor, and later you will be able to study this article.

one-year-old baby had diarrhea

What you need to know about your child's chair

Children up to a year, being on breastfeeding,defecate five to six times a day. The normal color of the stool is yellow, the consistency is uniform, mushy, without admixtures in the form of mucus, veins of blood. Breastfeeding on artificial feeding defecates three to four times a day, the color can have a brownish hue. Children from one year to two have a chair once or twice a day, the color is brown, the consistency is formed. In children older than two years, the stool, as a rule, happens once a day. When the child has diarrhea and fever, what to do - it is not immediately clear, since you must first establish the cause of the disorder. Features of the gastrointestinal tract of small children, unfortunately, have a frequent disorder, which can entail complications - dehydration, a violation of the balance of electrolytes. Frequent diarrhea, high fever in the child - in themselves dangerous symptoms. If the stool exceeds ten grams per kilogram of the child's weight per day, then this leads to a violation of the water balance.

the child has diarrhea and fever
Causes of diarrhea in children

If a child has diarrhea and fever, what to do,it is clear - you need to find out the reason. An upset in a child can be the result of a viral or bacterial infection and its treatment with antibiotics. Viruses that can cause frustration are diverse - Shigella Flexner, Zone, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli. Infect the child can from stale or poorly washed products, unwashed hands, get a virus with water or from another person. In addition, diarrhea can be the initial symptom of dysentery - a dangerous viral disease, which must be immediately stopped. There is also functional diarrhea, in which the condition and physical development of the child are not violated (this is an increase in weight and height). The cause of diarrhea can become rotavirus, which is very dangerous for children under two years, because when it acts quickly, dehydration of the body occurs.

The child's diarrhea and temperature - what to do?

diarrhea in children
As a rule, diarrhea in children begins acutely:vomiting, fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, possible cramps, fainting and dehydration. Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, even if it is only a disorder, you should immediately increase the amount of fluid consumed or give the child special drugs that restore the water balance - "Regidron", "Oralit", etc. You can drink herbal teas - chamomile, St. John's wort, but only very carefully - best after consulting a doctor. You need to contact a doctor right away - do not delay this!

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