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Tanacesole preparation: instructions for use

Cholagogue means, or choleretics,called drugs that increase the concentration of bile acids in bile. To this group of medicines include medicines that contain components of bovine bile or plant sterols that enter the cholagogue grass.

tanacesole instructions for use

One of the brightest representatives of choleretics is the drug "Tanacesole". Instructions for use, price, analogues of the medication are presented below.

Description of the medicament, its form of release, packaging and composition

What form is typical for Tanatechol?Instructions for use, reviews say that this drug is on sale in the form of tablets. They are covered with a light yellow shell, have a biconvex form, and on the cross-section - two layers.

The active ingredient of this medicineis a tanacesole. It also includes calcium stearate, lactose, potato starch and aerosil. The shell of the tablets contains sugar, silicon dioxide, magnesium hydroxycarbonate, gelatin, polyvinylpyrrolidone, titanium dioxide, tropeoline-O, and beeswax.

You can buy this medicine in contour cells, packed in a pack of thick paper.

Features of the medicinal product

What is remarkable about the medicine "Tanatechol"?Instructions for use asserts that it is a choleretic preparation that is of vegetable origin. According to reports of specialists, this remedy is derived from tansy flowers, which belongs to the family of astroids.

The principle of action of this drug isits ability to enhance education, as well as the secretion of bile. This drug changes its biochemical composition, spasmolytic effect on the gallbladder, intestines and bile ducts.

tanacesohn instructions for use price analogues

Indications for the intake of plant pills

What is the purpose of the cholagogueTanatechol? Instruction for use asserts that this agent effectively acts in the disturbed motility of the biliary tract (i.e., dyskinesia) in the hypomotor or hypermotor type.

Specialists report that such a medication should be used for chronically occuring cholecystitis non-calculous (that is, in an inflammatory process in the gallbladder without stones).

One can not help saying that the drug in question recommends taking after a surgical removal of the gallbladder (that is, after a postcholecysteemic syndrome).

Contraindications to taking cholagogue

When should you not take Tanatechol tablets?Instructions for use (the price of the drug is listed below) informs that such a remedy is not prescribed for intolerance to active components, erosive gastroduodenitis and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract.

It should also be noted that the drug in question is contraindicated in cholelithiasis. This is due to the fact that the choleretic effect can contribute to blockage of the bile ducts.

tanachesohn instructions price

Tablets "Tanatechol": instructions for use

This medicine must be taken onlyinside. The doctor must appoint him. He also has to choose the necessary treatment scheme. Typically, the drug in question is administered three times a day for two tablets. If necessary, the multiplicity of receptions of this drug can be increased up to four times a day.

Duration of treatment is up to one month.

Adverse Events

"Tanatechol" medication, the instructions for use of which has been described above, can cause diarrheal syndrome, which is caused by the release of a large amount of bile.

Also it should be noted that heartburn and allergic reactions are rare when taking this medication.

In general, consumer reviews report good tolerability of phytopreparations. There are no data on the symptoms of an overdose with this remedy.

Interaction with other medicines

Clinically significant effects of "Tanatsehol" onother medications have not been reported. The drug in question can be combined with enzymatic and antacid agents, as well as other gastroenterological drugs.

tanatsehol instructions for use review

Special Recommendations

The effect of this drug on the body of a nursing mother and a pregnant woman has not been studied. In connection with this, this drug is used only for acute need.

Alcoholic drinks have no effect onefficacy of the drug. However, during treatment it is recommended that you avoid using alcohol-containing products. This is due to the fact that they can adversely affect the condition of the entire bile excretory system.

The medicament in question is allowed to be consumed by children, but only after consultation with the treating doctor.

Price, terms of purchase and analogies

You can buy the drug "Tanatechol" in any pharmacy. Its average cost is 60 rubles. Do not submit a prescription form.

How can I replace the agent in question? To its analogues include "Holosas", "Cholagol", "Flamin", "Solaren", "Gerbion" and others.

Consumer Reviews

Now you know what the Tanatechol tablets are for. Instructions for use, price, reviews are presented in this article.

tanacesole application instructions price

Consumers argue that thethe tool is completely able to cope with its task. It has a pronounced spasmolytic as well as choleretic effect. The intake of such tablets improves the general condition of a person, eliminating pain under the right hypochondrium.

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