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Treatment of the nervous system

Human Nerves in the Process of Life Activityquickly spend their reserves and require restoration. Sometimes, people do not notice dangerous signs, indicating the urgent problems, that you need to start treating the nervous system.

  • The constant indifference to personal achievements and self-realization gradually turns into a banal laziness.
  • A person refuses any attempts to show initiative, in every possible way avoids being in the spotlight.
  • The oppressive state suits him. Irritate to others.
  • Doubt in everything that happens, in all your actions.
  • An acute manifestation of envy acts as a marker of malfunctions in the nervous system.
  • Unpleasant situation gnaws into memory, again and again bothers the heart.
  • A person just has to wait for change, but to wait, it happens, the whole life goes away. The illusion of all-consuming black color disrupts digestion, blood flow, sleep.

Meditative Nervous System Treatment

The human body has unlimited possibilities of self-healing.

For this you need to have some knowledge andhave some experience of their application. In different countries, repeatedly tested and proved the beneficial effects of meditative exercises on the nervous system.

Nerve impulses can be influenced positivelysuggestion, activating the physiological processes of the body. A relaxed mind loses the ability to fixate on anything, depriving the entire body of anxious and restless states. People who do not practice meditation are strongly encouraged to have a rest.

Ltreatment of the nervous system by abdominal breathing

When for inspiration and exhalation onlythorax, then the volume of circulating air is relatively small. With shallow breathing, less oxygen enters the bloodstream. If you exhale the air, pulling the stomach, and inhale, protruding the abdominal wall, then the circulation of oxygen in the body will increase. Each person in his childhood breathes his belly, but then loses this ability due to changes in the nervous system. Feeling fear, anxiety, anxiety, being in a state of stress, the neurotic breathes the tips of the lungs. In moments of laughter, healthy people touch the abdomen, restraining abdominal breathing.

Treatment of the nervous system with diet

Nutrition for strengthening the nervous system is directedto eliminate from the diet those products that contain substances with pronounced excitatory activity. Diet does not belong to the category of strict nutrition, so periodically it can be practiced without consulting a doctor. For therapeutic nutrition to restore the nervous system, it is much more important to know what exactly you can not eat. So, burning, sharp and salty foods are categorically excluded from the diet. The maximum restriction of salt intake is the main condition for the therapeutic effect of the diet, taking into account the fractional four-meal diet. A set of products must correspond to a total daily energy value of 2,000 kcal. The basis is carbohydrates, which should be in the diet twice that of proteins, fats.

In light of the above, before you treatnervous system, you should abandon the spicy seasonings, spices, sauces, gravies, black tea and coffee. A group of alcoholic beverages will negate all efforts, to achieve a therapeutic effect, they must be eliminated in any form. Energy drinks are simply dangerous for a person with nervous problems. You can not eat soup or borscht cooked on fat rich soup. It is impossible to heal nerves successfully, using smoked products, dried foods, sharp sorts of sausages, fatty pieces of meat and fish. Of the dairy group, acidic foods are excluded.

Full rest, rational breathing, therapeutic nutrition together with normal sleep and physical activity is the key to restoring the nervous system.

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