/ Parapet covers. What you need to know about them

Parapet covers. What you need to know about them

Parapet covers play a very important role inarchitecture. They not only protect the supporting structures from the negative influence of abundant precipitation and other natural phenomena, but also complete the aesthetic appearance of the structure. With their help, it's easy to make an interesting accent of the exterior. And correctly selected materials will help to fully protect construction structures.

Which material should I choose?

It should be noted that the parapet covers are made of 3 basic materials:

  • Concrete.
  • Decorative rock.
  • Metal.

Each of them has its own positive andnegative sides. It will be even more accurate to say that for each individual case the choice of one of the species will be more or less preferable. So, concrete parapet covers are powerful enough and resistant to mechanical impact. They fit perfectly into urban architecture.

At the same time, decorative stone contributes to a large selection of variations. If you want to create an unusual design that will attract the views of others, then this is what you need.

parapet lids

Despite all the positive aspects of the first twotypes, parapet covers made of galvanized steel are most popular. Due to their high strength and relatively low weight, they can be used almost in any case and for all types of construction work. A diversified appearance of metal products will help a special paint, designed for metal structures. Thus, you can choose any color you like, which is perfectly written in the overall composition of the exterior.

Types of parapet covers

Concerning its destination is acceptedto separate rectangular and square parapet covers. Such a small number of types of these structures will greatly facilitate the choice and will not cause problems in this case.

parapet lids made of galvanized steel

There are clear criteria on whichone or another species is selected. So, to protect against the external influence of supporting pillars, boldly choose a square type of structure. In the case where such protection is required, and spans or other additional details, only rectangular parapets are used.

A few words about parapet lids for pillars

Most often this type of construction is called simply - hoods on poles. If you use this definition in a construction shop or in a conversation with a specialist, you will be well understood.

hoods on poles

This type of parapets is very important.Thanks to this detail, a sense of completeness of the harmonious arrangement of details is created. Most often, such structures are used in the design of fences with decorative poles. They will help not only visually decorate the compositions, but also protect the entire structure from the effects of precipitation.

In turn, the caps on the pillars are of several types:

  • Conical.
  • Pyramidal.
  • Spherical.

In addition, they can imitate different materials or additionally decorated with interesting details. All this is already chosen by each owner, based on personal preferences.

Summing up

Parapet covers, despite all its simplicityconstruction is a very important element in construction. Do not underestimate their importance, because they provide protection of supporting structures from the influence of the external environment. In addition, the well-chosen material and the form of the parapet, visually make the construction complete and interesting. Therefore, take with all responsibility to the selection of not only the material, but also a specialist in their installation. From its professional level depends both the appearance of the product and its durability. Only properly assembled parapet covers can perform all the functions assigned to them.

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