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Church "Unexpected joy" in Maryina Roshcha: history, address, hours of work, reviews

Church "Unexpected Joy" in Maryina Roshcheis built on a plot of land donated by Count Sheremetyev to the inhabitants of the village of Marino for the construction of a church school. The history of the creation of the temple is extremely controversial, and the organizers had to endure many exciting minutes during the adoption of the project and the construction of the future building.

History of the temple

In the church in Ostankino in 1901 he workedthe priest Sergius Leonardov. He was worried about the spiritual development of people from nearby towns and villages. Residents of the village of Maryina Roshcha often complained to him that it is difficult for them to visit the temple, which is 1.5 versts from the settlement. In the off-season and in damp weather in general it was impossible, as the roads blurred. The horses were not with local residents, they lived almost in the city of Moscow. Therefore, Father Sergius rarely saw them in their service, and very worried about the spirituality of their and village children.

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At first the conversation with Count Sheremetyev was aboutbuilding a church-parish school, but having thought it over, it was decided to erect a wooden church. The necessary amount for construction was collected by people living in the territory of the parish. In the fall of 1901, Metropolitan Volodymyr received a petition from local residents signed by the influential people of Marya Roshcha, who slightly embellished the facts. In fact, there were a little more in the village than 600 people, and in the petition they gave information about the living of 50,000 inhabitants.

A little trick worked, and permission theygot. But there were few rich people, so they could build only a wooden temple. After receiving a response to the petition, work began on the construction of the building, the project was started by the architect S.P. Kapralov.

Construction of the temple

Work on the construction of the church "Unexpectedjoy "in Maryina Roshcha is based on drawing up drawings. The architect drew a draft of the building that was usual at that time. It had a one-headed volume, a room for service, training classes and a room for undressing. Dozens of similar buildings were built in many villages of this region. The project of the church was approved from the tree, but unexpected changes occurred in the plans.

In 1903, the incoming commission lookedsituation on the ground and came to the disappointing conclusion that the construction of a wooden church can be dangerous. In a village where almost all the surrounding area of ​​the future temple of the building were wooden, there was a danger of a fire. After all, if a nearby house lights up, the fire will instantly spread to the temple. But this could not be tolerated.

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It was decided to build the church "Unexpected Joy" inMarina Grove of stone. The order for designing a new building was given to another architect N. V. Karneev. He twice gave his projects to the provincial government, but there they were constantly detained, and the construction was started without signing the necessary documents. This was considered illegal and threatened the demolition of the already almost completed building.

The process was accelerated when the drawingshanded architects PF Krotov and DD Zverev. An extraordinary commission for the inspection of construction with the architect MN Litvinov was called up. He carefully inspected the structure and was pleased, having written in the report that the erected building meets all standards and is safe. And, finally, on June 20, 1904, the solemn opening of the church "Unexpected Joy" was set in Maryina Roshcha. On this day the service was conducted by Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna Vladimir Bogoyavlensky. The Chudov Chorus sounded in the temple.

Interior decoration

Church "Unexpected joy" in the Marina Grove, onreviews of parishioners, wonderfully trimmed inside. Icons are located in ancient cuots with a silver decoration. Several ancient icons were donated by the servants of the church of the Lazarevsky cemetery.

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Two huge images in the iconostasesReverend Seraphim and the holy martyr Trifon with holy relics. The main shrine of the church is the miraculous icon of the XIX century with the image of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy".


In the temple there is an icon "Unexpected Joy".Its history was given by Dimitry of Rostov in the work "Runo Irrigated". A lone sinner and a robber had a habit of standing before the black business for a long time before the icon of the Mother of God and asking her for help in committing robbery. And so, according to legend, one day, standing in front of the image, he suddenly saw the Virgin and little Jesus alive. The baby had blood from wounds and ulcers all over his body. Afraid of such a terrible picture, the robber asked what it was.

His answer was horrified.He was told that these sinful people constantly crucify the infant's body on the cross, like the ancient Jews. The criminal was frightened and asked him to forgive his sins, he sincerely repents, and will no longer engage in sinful activities. But the little Jesus did not immediately forgive him, only after asking his mother. Suddenly I felt joy, in the form of asking for my sin. Written image later, and called "Unexpected joy."

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A scene of a praying forgiveness of a robber is drawn,standing in front of the icon of the Mother of God with the baby in her arms. Under the icon is recorded the story of the salvation of the soul of the sinner. This will be a testament to the fact that true repentance will always find forgiveness. All people are sinful and only complete repentance in front of the Lord will be the first step to saving the soul.

There are many images of this icon, but only two of themthey are considered to be miraculous. This icon, located in the church "Unexpected Joy" in Maryina Roshcha, at: ul. Sheremetyevskaya, 33. Another is located in the church of Elijah the Prophet, at the address: Obydensky Pereulok, 6.

The days of the celebration of the icon

Every year, on May 14, June 3 and December 22 passspiritual festivals, glorifying the Hodegetria. In the church "Unexpected Joy" in Maryina Roshcha, in the hours of the morning service, two Divine Liturgies are performed.

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The first at 7.00, the second at 10.00. Every Sunday, an evening akathist is performed to the icon of the Mother of God in the church "Unexpected Joy" in Maryina Roshcha.

Opening Hours

For all who wish to pray the holy churchworks daily. The service is held in the morning and in the evening (at 8.00 and at 17.00). For church holidays and weekends, the service is performed twice in the morning (7.00 and 10.00).

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