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Conspiracy against diarrhea: text, features

The text of the conspiracy is not just words.Knowledgeable, or initiated, people perceive them as an independently existing object. There is a belief that the pronounced curse is able to remain in force for 7 years, until the time of the accursed. Can I plot a diarrhea? Magic influence can be of all kinds: from a love spell to healing from a banal diarrhea.

The power of conspiracy

Conspiracy against diarrhea

For its long history, mankind has createda lot of different conspiracies. If necessary, you can choose a spell for any occasion. But for it to work, it is not enough to read the words mechanically. They must be understood and felt.

Use magic rituals carefullyand carefully. Negligent attitude can lead to not the most pleasant consequences. All spoken words should be directed to purification from the negative and healing, to fulfill the intended.

Например, заговор от поноса.There are also spells aimed at the opposite, negative. However, there is a significant probability that the work will return to the ill-wishers. That's why such conspiracies should not be used.

Conspiracy to water against diarrhea

Conspiracy to water against diarrhea

"Yegory the Holy hastened to serve in the temple, suddenly he remembered that he had forgotten his troparion at home, he got frightened and got up like a pillar, let the slave (name) of God stop the diarrhea from this hour." Now and forever. "Amen."

The conspiracy is considered a fairly simple rite,which can be completely directed at oneself. A few ritual movements and magic lines easily relieve the painful symptoms of intestinal frustration. A feature of such actions is that they are momentary, that is, they are quickly carried out and quickly begin to work.

Sometimes it happens that no medicine ishas a positive effect. In this case, you can try a plot of diarrhea. To do this, there is a special text that we inherited from our ancestors. It is necessary to read it thoughtfully over a vessel with boiled water, in which a little bit of ordinary common salt is dissolved. Water is drunk gradually, along a large spoon throughout the day.

Interesting about the plot

Conspiracy against diarrhea, like other fast rituals from such ailments, has characteristics that distinguish it from ordinary rituals

  • The basis of the rite is the words of the text, the rest of the actions can be considered as an addition to them.
  • Such rituals can be safely performed on children.
  • Often the text of such a plot is very short and consists of just a few phrases.
  • After the ritual, its effect is manifested very quickly, but lasts not for long, no more than two days.
  • The time of the rite is not associated with the time of the day or the phase of the moon.
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