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What to give children from diarrhea? Medical preparations and folk remedies

For kids, diarrhea is much more dangerous than for an adult. Therefore, one should not expect that the delicate body of the child will organize its work itself - it is necessary to take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

what to give children from diarrhea
Most often diarrhea occurs due to the fact thatThe digestive system cannot yet cope with any new products introduced into the diet. What to give children from diarrhea in this case? You can refer to the means of traditional medicine that have been tested for centuries and are completely safe for the health of babies.

Blueberries. Blueberries have long been considered one of the mosteffective remedies for diarrhea. You can use them in dried, canned form, or make blueberry tea. If you give a child berries, it should be done in small portions, approximately 6-7 times per day. They should be thoroughly chewed and, before swallowing, hold the mouth a little. And younger children can be given squeezed (if necessary diluted with water) juice.

Tea from raspberry leaves. This is another old remedy that oftencalled, saying that give children from diarrhea. A tablespoon of dried raw material is poured with a cup of boiling water, and then infused for five minutes. Next, tea should be filtered and give the baby to drink in small sips throughout the day.

oak bark with diarrhea for children
Black currant. These berries are known to containa huge amount of vitamin C, which significantly enhances the intestinal immunity. In addition, the black currant contains enough tannin with black pigment, which, penetrating the intestines, soothes its irritated walls. Throughout the day, you need to give the baby juice 6-7 times and refrain from eating other foods - diarrhea will quickly recede.

Carrot. Many, talking about what to give children from diarrhea,called extremely effective carrot diet. Rich in vitamin A, fiber and pectin, carrots can eliminate the excess fluid in the intestines and normalize its work as a whole. Every 2 hours, your baby needs to give a little ground boiled vegetables. You can mix carrots with potatoes cooked in the same way - the taste of such a mixture is not so strong, and many children eat it more willingly than just carrot puree.

Surely many have heard that oak barkdiarrhea helps children a lot. However, it can be given to babies only in small quantities and only as a last resort, and it is better to consult with a pediatrician first. You should also consult with him about medicines that can help deal with the problem. You can ask about a suitable drug at a pharmacy, but it would be better if the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment, who observes your child, knows the characteristics of his body, takes into account the presence of allergies to certain substances, and so on.

what to eat with diarrhea baby
If you turn to a pediatrician there is no(for example, you are on vacation), you can buy drugs "Baktisubtil" (from 3 years), "Bifidumbakterin" powder (from 0 months.), "Tour" (from 1 year) or "Diosmektit" ( of the year).

In order for the condition not to deteriorate, it is important to know thateat with diarrhea child. The list of "authorized" products includes crackers, white bread of yesterday's pastries, boiled porridges on water, low-fat broth, cottage cheese, steam cutlets from meat and fish of low-fat varieties. Do not put pressure on the child and force him to eat in the usual quantities.

However, once again we focus your attention onthat knows best what to give children from diarrhea, their pediatrician. Each organism is individual, and it needs a special approach to help the child quickly return to the usual rhythm of life and not experience discomfort.

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