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"ToDaSe" on "Mayakovskaya" - will present you with delight and inspiration

When you come to Moscow, you want not onlyknow where are the most interesting sights of the capital, but also places where you can eat delicious and inexpensive. We recommend that you pay attention to the network of Japanese cafes and restaurants "ToDaSe". On the "Mayakovskaya" - is one of these institutions. We will tell you about the features of this place. And also give a list of the most famous institutions of the network in Moscow.

on the Mayakovskaya

Delicious food and inexpensive prices

For residents of the capital, as well as numeroustourists who come to Moscow on business or for leisure, it is important to know the addresses of catering establishments where they will be offered fresh and quality food at affordable prices. The network of Japanese cafes "ToDaSe" fully meets these important requirements. At the end of the article you can see the list of the most famous institutions. The specificity of these establishments is the fact that here the customers are offered only the right and balanced food, which the visitors will surely like. Also here you can order hookah, listen to pleasant music, take advantage of free access to the Internet.

Todas to Mayakovsky reviews


We already know that "ToDaSe" on "Mayakovskaya"- an institution that enters into a whole network of Japanese cafes located throughout in Moscow. Therefore, it is easy to guess that here you will be offered a large assortment of rolls, sushi, and other national dishes. And what else is on the menu? Let's see:

  • pizza "Margarita", "Pepperoni", "Four seasons", "With ham and mushrooms" and others;
  • salad with chicken liver and pumpkin;
  • Olivier with smoked chicken breast and tiger shrimps;
  • homemade cold beef with mustard;
  • julienne of white mushrooms and champignons;
  • pate from chicken liver;
  • borsch "Moscow";
  • wheat noodles with chicken;
  • spaghetti "Carbonara";
  • Siberian dumplings;
  • beef stroganoff from veal;
  • sausage pork with stewed cabbage;
  • shish kebab from pork with pineapple;
  • turkish shaurma with chicken and much more.

As you yourself could see, the variety of dishes inthe menu is impressive. But we did not even list half of the positions. The menu also has a large selection of desserts. Be sure to try the special "ToDaSe" cake. It is made from a chocolate biscuit soaked in a light cream sour cream with nuts and prunes. Trying one serving, you are unlikely to refuse the second. Also here you will be offered extraordinarily delicious cakes: "Napoleon", "Medovik", and others, as well as cheesecakes. All dishes are prepared by professional chefs, real masters of their craft. Here you will be offered draft beer. Fans of the foam drink will be very pleased with the special promotion, which very often takes place here - if you ordered one glass of beer, the second one will be given for free.

Todas Namiakovskaya address

"ТоДаСе" on "Mayakovskaya": reviews

A lot of visitors come to the cafe.Are they satisfied with the quality of the dishes? Completely. Also among the positive characteristics they note: the variety of dishes offered, a large number of shares and discounts, affordable prices. The employees of the institution are friendly and responsive, always try to answer any question from visitors and help in selecting the menu. Cafe "ToDaSe" on "Mayakovskaya" (photo is presented in the article) is a place where you will always be met with benevolence, and delicious, and most importantly, they will be fed. Be sure to come there with the whole family.

"ToDaSe" on "Mayakovskaya": address

Geographically the restaurant is located next tometro station. Now we will give you a more accurate address of the institution "ToDaSe" on "Mayakovskaya". Remember - Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, 1/3. The institution works around the clock, without breaks and weekends.

тодасе на маяковской photo

Japanese restaurants in Moscow: a list of the most famous institutions

What other cafes of this network, except for "ToDaSe" onMayakovskoy, you can recommend to visit? Next, we suggest you get acquainted with the list of addresses. For the convenience of finding these places, we will also point out the metro stations near which these institutions are located. So, we begin:

  • Metro "Smolenskaya" - Smolenskaya street, 6;
  • "Lubyanka" - Myasnitskaya, 13/1;
  • "Dobryninskaya" - Pyatnitskaya street, 54;
  • "Roman" - Nizhny Novgorod, 8;
  • the metro station "Kurskaya" - Kazakova street, 8/2;
  • "Smolenskaya" - lane Kamennaya Slobodzha, 13;
  • "Kakhovskaya" - Malaya Yushunskaya Street, 1/1;
  • "Marino" - Lublin, 157/3;
  • "Chkalovskaya" - Pokrovka, 21;
  • Metro "Otradnoe" - street Decembrists, 17.

If you are in Moscow, then safely choose the nearest address from the list. Come to "ToDaSe", and you can enjoy delicious food and affordable prices.

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