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What is a cake and what is its difference from a pie?

What is a cake, everyone knows.It is a sweet dessert made of baked dough with cream and various additives. This regular of anniversaries and anniversaries is loved by all: both men and women. And children do not think a holiday without such sweet delicacy.

what is a cake

Modern confectioners prepare such cakes thathead around with admiration and surprise. After all, how can you create masterpieces worthy of the royal family from a piece of dough, toppings and decorations? Secrets and subtleties of cooking cakes are often transferred from master to student, from family to family, keeping the secret of the "secret ingredient". But what is this delicacy?

Definition of cake

Confectionery, most often sweet,consisting of several layers, glued together with cream or jam, called cake. They can be from flour or eggs, jelly or mixed. Above, this dish can be decorated in a variety of ways: cream flowers, fresh fruit or glaze, marmalade, mastic or marzipan. Perhaps that's why the Italians called this dessert "cake". This word in Italian means "something intricate, twisted".

two-tiered cake

In the past few decades, popularsteel vegetable and meat cakes, which do not consist of a test, but are named because of the appearance and method of feeding. In them, the layers of the stack are stacked on top of each other and smeared with a viscous fastening mass. Cakes vary in the composition of the dough (the method of preparation and the way cakes are made of) and in the form and manner of preparation: without baking and with heat treatment.

Classification by composition

The composition of cakes are divided into:

  • Biscuit. The basis is strongly beaten eggs and a little flour. The cake is light and very soft even without cream.
  • The puffs. They are prepared from a large number of very thin cakes or puff pastry. It differs from others in its high caloric content due to the presence of oil in the dough.
  • Sand. Dough based on fat obtained dry and friable. Often layers are smeared with fruit fillings and oil creams.
  • Honey. The dough is prepared on the basis of honey. The cake is lush, well saturated with any kind of cream.
  • Waffle. They are prepared from waffle cakes, baked in a waffle iron or bought in a supermarket. Low-calorie dough is to the liking of fighters for slenderness.
  • Jelly. Most of these cakes are something in between souffle and blancmange that do not require baking.

Classification by appearance and method of preparation

What is a cake? Delicacies like this are:

  • One-story cakes consist of one "floor", the top of which is usually decorated with inscriptions, cream flowers or decorations of various kinds.
    from which cakes are made
  • Two-tiered cakes consist of two levels. They are sometimes made from different types of dough or cream.
  • Combined - these are cakes that areare complex according to the designer's idea of ​​a pastry-maker: three or more tiers, a varied form of each level, with different kinds of fillings and impregnations, with figures of mastic depicting the whole story. It can also be a combination of a two-tiered cake, in which one level is biscuit, and the second is a fruit-jelly.
  • Bake in an oven, microwave, multivark, waffle iron or in a frying pan.
  • Без выпечки.Such cakes are very popular among lovers of healthy food and people with limited free time, it's no secret that cooking ice cream cake takes less time than the known "Bird's Milk" or "Esterhazy".

Cakes also have a subdivision for classic andmodern. The first - it's all known "Sacher", "Prague", "Kiev Cake" and "Napoleon", in which the recipe has been unchanged for several centuries. In modern cakes, the attitude towards the recipe is more loyal.

Is the pie a cake too?

What is the cake already figured out.But the pie also contains a layer of baked dough and sweet stuffing, but why is it considered a separate category of dishes? What is the difference? Pie or cake: how to distinguish?

cake and pie what's the difference

Everything is very simple:Pie is the great-grandfather of a cake, which only has a few layers of dough and one filling. In the cake, they are at least 3 or 4. Such a dainty fillings do not. Cakes contain only impregnation, cream and ornaments. This is the main difference. Also, the pie and cake differ from each other in appearance. Agree, the baking looks different. The cake is more simple even when decorated with dough pieces. But cakes are often striking even who has seen a lot of gourmet-sweet tooth.

First mentions in history

When the first cakes appeared, the story is silent.But already in the time of Pharaoh Pepionha (2200 BC), sweets were prepared from sesame, honey and milk, similar in appearance to our honey delicacies. A piece of this cake from the tomb of this Pharaoh is still kept in Vienna, and more precisely in the museum of provisions. Over time, the appearance and content of delicacies have changed.

The first multi-tiered cakes for the wedding wereRepresented in the UK in the 18th century by local masters-confectioners. Candles for such a dessert were the first to establish the Persians. In their country there was a romantic way to open the heart and soul to the person with a burning candle in the cake.

When did the delicacy actually appear?The name "cake" for more than 2000 years, the Italians even then called tortillas from the dough with various ornaments, and the manufacturer of cakes, that is, confectioners in a modern way, called and are still called "cake".

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