/ How to cook a delicious ear? A few tips

How to cook a delicious ear? A few tips

You can say that the ear is the simplest soup.To prepare it does not require a lot of ingredients, and technology is not difficult. But the true lovers of this dish will not agree with this statement. They know exactly how to cook a delicious ear. Let's open some secrets of cooking this dish, so that everyone can enjoy his real taste.

How to boil an ear deliciously

Secrets of this soup

How to boil an ear delicious?To do this, go fishing and catch fish. Of course, this is not necessary, but it is believed that the ear cooked at the stake is the most delicious. This process does not tolerate fuss and has its secrets. Firstly, it is the right fish. It is better to take ruffs or carp. But on fishing it is not necessary to choose, so we take the one that was caught. Carp and tench give the ear a bit bitter taste. These types of fish must be previously soaked in a saline solution. Water for soup is better to take a spring. At the end of cooking this dish, you can throw a coal into the pan from the fire, which will remove all unpleasant odors and give the ear an extra flavor. Very many pour in at the end of cooking a little vodka, which raises a degree and helps soften the bones of the fish. These are all secrets of this soup.

How to cook a delicious ear

Fisherman's ear

The triple fishing ear is prepared very simply.They cook it at the stake, and it consists of three fish broths. When the water in the kettle boils, we lower into it the smallest fish, which before we cook the delicious ear, gut. We wrap it in double gauze, so it was easier to remove it from the broth. Cook for about 30 minutes. Then we take out the fish and filter the broth. We put the bowler with the broth again on the fire and put in it a large fish. It can be cut into pieces. At the same time, add a large onion, cut into 4 parts, and a circle of carrots. The root of parsley or celery we put at will. A little salt broth. Boil the ear for 20 minutes. Then we spread the fish, and put the third part of the large fish in the kettle. Also add pepper peas and, if desired, a bay leaf. It is not necessary to abuse spices, since the ear itself will be fragrant. When the fish is cooked, the ear will be ready. Here's how to cook a delicious ear. Potatoes are not added to this dish.

How to boil an ear tasty at home

Home ear

This dish can rightfully be called royal.How to boil your ear delicious at home? Take salmon for this. The amount of fish depends on the volume and personal preferences. But the more salmon, the more you will get an ear. Also, you need one medium carrot, a rather bulb (ear loves onions), 3 medium-sized potatoes and spices. Before you cook a delicious ear, wash and clean the fish. Pour cold water into a saucepan, put fish into it and put it on the fire. When the water boils, remove the foam so that the broth is transparent. We put carrots and bulb in the pan. Cook the fish for another 10 minutes, and then remove it from the broth. Cut the potatoes into cubes and put them in a saucepan. Add spices and condiments. A few minutes before the readiness we put in the broth pieces of fish and sliced ​​greens. After that, turn off the fire. Let the ear brew and serve it to the table. If desired, you can add sliced ​​lemon slices.

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