Sauces for meat

Useful and nutritious meat dishes are veryvarious. But they can get bored too. Mistresses solve this problem simply by using sauce. Each cook has a small list of various additions to dishes, not the last place in which sauces take meat.

The complexity of cooking is different for them.Thanks to sauces, the meat dish becomes more juicy and aromatic. This, in its essence, seasoning. But not for nothing that it has long been attached such importance cooks - any dish because of this supplement gains piquancy. Everyone knows meat with soy sauce, tomato or creamy.

Sauces are called semi-liquid hot, andcold dishes, complementing the main. For their preparation, passaged flour is needed, which is filled with water. Instead, it is sometimes used meat or vegetable broth. Another use of flour, fried in oil and filled with milk. The consistency of sauces is different, but, as a rule, it resembles not too thick sour cream. Very interesting sauces to meat in terms of names. They are formed on the basis of flavoring or spicy types of additives. Different kinds of seasoning are suitable for different kinds of meat. To make the dishes have a unique taste - you can use a variety of recipes. Here are a few of them:

Cream sauce

Be sure to learn how to make a light creamysauce for meat. It is often simply supplemented with a single ingredient, and get a different kind of seasoning. But in itself it is very tasty. This recipe from the category "sauces to meat" is served to cooked meat dishes, as well as to various minced meat dishes.

2 tbsp.Spoon the butter and melt it until the water evaporates. Add 2 tbsp. spoons of flour (it should be roasted until a light yellow shade). Now, while stirring all the time, you should pour the liquid. The sauce is boiled for a few minutes. It must be salted. Then add 100 grams of cream, a teaspoon of butter and hold on the stove for a few more minutes until it thickens. Some culinary experts advise adding a nutmeg to it.

Sauce with celery

Another good recipe is sauce with celery.This kind of greenery is not loved by everyone. But in the composition of the sauce it acquires a different flavor, preserving its taste. This seasoning is made from a mixture of light basic sauce, 1 tbsp. spoons of grated celery root and parsley. Root in grated form is added to the sauce. Greens should be mixed when the seasoning is ready.

Wine sauce

The next sauce should be served with dishes with sausage, minced meat and beef.

In the saucepan mix 3/4 cup of wine (whitedry) and 60 g. weak 3% vinegar with tarragon and other seasonings - chervil, black pepper in peas. Then put on the stove. Keep on fire until the liquid is half cooked. In a bowl, consistently beat with egg yolks (3 pieces), gradually pour a thin trickle into the hot wine broth, always stirring constantly. Then the egg yolks do not fold.

Continuing stirring, add a thin trickle200 gr. melted butter and stir until the contents are similar to thick sour cream. Then the resulting blank is put on a water bath. Continue stirring for about a minute. When the sauce is ready, you need to remove it from a water bath, gently strain, add a pinch of red pepper, fresh parsley and stir well.

Cooks are advised to add to meat saucesconcentrated broth. In this case, the taste of the seasoning becomes more abundant. The famous Vallois sauce, which is served to the chicken and to the eggs, is one of the species in which chicken broth must be present.

Sauces for meat mean different cooking options, so you can afford to show imagination and experiment.

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