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FSK "Leader": reviews about the company, best projects

The company involved in the construction, as well asthe implementation of large commercial and residential facilities, FSK "Leader", reviews of which can be found on a variety of network resources, is a versatile developer working in addition to Moscow in various regions of Russia: in Krasnodar, Kaluga, Leningrad region, in the Moscow region. The holding has structures of different profiles, and therefore has the opportunity to independently perform the entire entire cycle of work from design and construction until the turnkey delivery of the facility.

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All projects in the work of FGC "Leader",reviews are numerous and varied. First, they note that almost always innovative technologies are used in construction, planning solutions are optimal, the infrastructure component is deeply thought out. Also, FSK "Leader" reviews are presented in large enough numbers on behalf of employees of this company, which contain explanations, advice, answers to questions from clients to the site.

As the company develops an activeactivities in absolutely any plan for housing construction, as well as in any of its segments, there are many issues coming up. Now FSK "Leader" receives reviews both on the individual projects developed by the company, and on complex development of city microdistricts. In the portfolio today, a dozen large objects are only in Moscow housing construction, among which are many well-known and soon-to-be-expected housing complexes "West Kuntsevo", "20th Parkovy", "Novoe Izmaylovo", "Zodiac", "M-House" and others.

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Fifteen new buildings in Moscow, of which sevenhave already been commissioned, and the financial-construction corporation "Leader" has been placed at the highest levels of ratings in many indicators. The overall rating among Moscow developers is 4.8 points out of 5 possible. This is a very high score. The company acts in transactions as an investor in the sale of apartments in new buildings, as well as as a management company in the construction.

The financial and construction corporation "Leader" hasindisputable authority in the real estate market, and therefore its clients are willingly supported by banks on mortgages. These are VTB Bank (Moscow), Absolut Bank, VTB24, Gazprombank, Vozrozhdenie, Globex, Metallinvestbank, Delta Credit, Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank, SMP Bank "," Rosselkhozbank "," Svyaz-Bank ", Sberbank," Surgutneftegazbank "," Uralsib "," Transcapitalbank ", FC Otkrytie.

General information

One of the most successful and dynamically developingcompanies is considered to be FGC "Leader". Moscow is well aware of its activities in the field of residential real estate, in the construction of housing business and economy class, where the company performs all the work of any orientation. The Corporation is also engaged in the complex construction of new microdistricts, and the erection of residential projects on individual projects. Construction is conducted both on attracted funds, and on owned companies, when the "Leader" is an investor.

In this paper, only thoseobjects that are in Moscow or near Moscow, because too much information exists on the activities of FGC "Leader". Izmailovo, for example, or Tushino will already require enough detailed stories, as the construction of truly wonderful residential complexes is under way. Despite the huge number of Moscow's new buildings, of which there are almost no modern or frankly unpresentable ones, the facilities that FGC "Leader" company deals with are advantageously different from all.

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Leader takes an active position onreal estate market in Moscow, as well as in the financial market - in order to strategically develop their own business. FGC "Leader" invests new buildings, and invests only in very reliable and high-quality construction. The company strives for non-standard solutions and the search for innovations in its work, and therefore achieves optimal results with a minimum of costs. Leading and most authoritative experts who know the real estate in Moscow are attracted to cooperation.

With partners and clients, relations are built onthe basis of decency and honesty, the company is always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. Customers note the maximum attention and individual approach in each individual case and a quick solution to emerging problems. Partners value information transparency and openness.

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For many years of successful activity the companythoroughly studied all the details concerning such an unstable area as real estate in Moscow. The Finance and Construction Corporation rightly deserved the reputation that accompanies it in all its endeavors. This is a serious and reliable investor. Organizational flexibility, ingenuity in the search for solutions and a thorough approach to work are organically combined here. All funds invested in real estate objects always bring stable and considerable income.

Work with FSK "Leader" becomes a reliable basisfor mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation. The company's specialists are responsible and highly professional for all their obligations, and therefore the trust of partners and clients is always and at the proper level. Employees are chosen very carefully here, and therefore there are very few vacancies in the public domain - only a total of twenty-six people are required for a huge corporation at the moment.


In 2016, the company FGC "Leader" was in the top tenrating of housing developers in the country (national association). Rating RBC-500 put the corporation "Leader" in the third place among the most successful developers of Russia. A year earlier this was the twentieth place (the rating of the fifty fastest growing companies in the Russian Federation, and everything was considered here - not only the real estate sector).

In 2016, the volume of ongoing construction, whichleads the company, allowed to occupy the thirteenth position in Russia among the two hundred largest developers. This rating was compiled by RASK. Forbes magazine, which publishes data on revenues and investments of companies, introduced FGC Leader to the list of the two hundred largest private corporations in Russia, where 60% of the proceeds go to general contracting, and 38% to investments, but it says that the turnover in investment activity is growing very rapidly (the peak came in 2012 - 71%).

fsk leader of the tushino

Head of corporation

Even in the reviews often there is a question,which may seem insufficiently correct. They ask what kind of person is the president of the company and how he managed to start and develop such a successful activity. In fact, this issue is important, it has the right to receive an answer as ordinary customers, and even more so partners.

The president of the company is Vladimir Voronin.This is the son of a well-known official from the construction and owner of the company Glavmosstroy. If in 2005 Oleg Deripaska did not acquire this firm, perhaps no "Leader" would have formed. "Glavmosstroy" was absorbed by the structure of "Nafta Moscow", and is absorbed unfriendly, but this is a completely different story.

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The right story

"Leader" was looking for some time after education,that is, his face, the sphere of application of his talents and bridgehead for the take-off of professional activity. In 2006, Lider-Yug was formed as a part of FGC, which was engaged in construction in Gelendzhik and Sochi, and the trading house "Partner". It was a good start. The projects of the holding were successfully implemented. In 2007, another company was created - "Leader-Development", already carrying out construction projects from beginning to end - from site selection to turnkey condition.

Начинается строительство в Мытищинском районе Moscow. Many have seen this cottage village Vita Verde, fifteen kilometers from Moscow along the Dmitrovskoye Highway - like a small Italy. A business class residence and the first is really a great success. In 2008 Zodiac LCD was introduced to the market, and this work of the company has already become a landmark product. Therefore, we need to say more about it.

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In a residential complex of business class, not onlypanoramic views of the river, canal and forest park, not only provided by the highest level of service, households and shopping and entertainment. Here, even for Moscow, exceptional in terms of comfort apartments. FSK "Leader" was able to surprise even seen all sorts of architectural wonders of the capital. "Zodiac" - the order itself, the very integrity, directed to the sky.

The complex is located right in the forest park areabetween the Moscow River and the Moscow Canal. There are no noisy tracks here, but it's easy to get to the city center. The area of ​​apartments is very different, with recreational zones, winter gardens. The territory is richly landscaped, landscaped. Infrastructure is exhaustive: its own kindergarten, parking lots, FLC, pharmacy, shops, dry cleaning and much more. FGC provided clients with a full set of licensing, project and title documents.

"New Izmailovo"

FGC "Leader" implemented the project "Balashikha City".In this neighborhood, the construction of the company "Novaya Plosha", which was already started, was suspended in 2007, and many interest holders were deceived. Now more than seven hundred families are provided with housing. (More than four hundred co-investors, deceived by the company "Manny", received solace in the form of apartments in the neighborhood "20-y Parkov", which also managed to implement the "Leader.")

In Balashikha, in the microdistrict "New Izmailovo", FSKstill working. There are several queues with monolithic houses from twelve to twenty-five floors. The total area is three hundred thousand square meters. Apartments almost all free planning - from thirty-five to one hundred and ten square meters. But some of them - for finishing in avant-garde, modern, classical styles, even art deco is. And one-bedroom apartments are not offended, because in many there are bay windows and panoramic views.

"The New Tushino"

FSK "Leader" started this work in 2013.In 2017, the construction is scheduled to be completed. There are six monolithic buildings from seventeen to twenty-two floors. The buildings are beautiful: a peculiar color solution and texture on the facades (facing with ceramic granite), stained glass glazed loggias and balconies and completely panoramic glazing of the last two floors. Engineering meets the most modern world standards.

Secondary school, several kindergartens, a medical center,shops, underground parking and guest parking. Safe playgrounds, bicycle paths and pedestrian, sports facilities and special grounds for walking pets are all foreseen. There is a LCD in a good location - one and a half kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, with an exit on the Putilkov highway.

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Indicators and awards

Indicators of financial activity are growingStably. The turnover grows from one and a half to two times a year. Already in 2014, he amounted to sixty-two billion rubles. At work - and rewards. In 2012, FGC "Leader" received the annual Urban Awards in the nomination "Developer of the Year", and the Vita Verde settlement, mentioned above, won the "Best Business Class" nomination and provided the creators with the PRO Realty Award.

In 2013, the quarter "Western Kuntsevo" won innomination "Choice of the buyer", Vladimir Voronin received the prize and the title "Person of the Year". The national award RREF AWARDS in several nominations was received, which was provided by the housing complex M-House, the team of FGC "Leader" and personally Vladimir Voronin. In 2014, three prestigious awards were received, in 2015 - five. 2016 turned out to be especially successful in this respect - premiums were received by the Leader Corporation for seven, and all is better than the other. 2017 will certainly not lose to its predecessors.

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