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Opera and Ballet Theater (Astrakhan): history, building, repertoire, troupe

Opera and Ballet Theater (St.Astrakhan) opened more than a century ago. In 2012, he moved to a new, modern, well-equipped building. The repertoire includes operas, ballets, concerts, musical tales, vaudeville and so on.

History of the theater

The Opera and Ballet Theater (Astrakhan) was opened in1899 year. A wooden building was built for him. His troupe was not, therefore, only touring artists performed here. On the stage of the Astrakhan theater very often went out and celebrities: F.I. Shalyapin, M.N. Ermolova, L.V. Sobinov, V.F. Komissarzhevskaya, I.S. Kozlovsky and others. In 1976 the building burned down. Soon in its place was built a new room.

With the opening of the Conservatory in Arkhangelsk, the cityhe began to prepare cadres for his theater. Since 2000, the position of director is occupied by Mikhail Astanin. October 2012 was significant for the theater. The troupe showed Mussorgsky's opera Boris Godunov in the open air near the walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin. The spectators of the action were 4 thousand people.

In addition to the performances, the Musical Theater of Opera and Ballet (Astrakhan) organizes exhibitions, forums, master classes, creative meetings. Contests of creative works are held for young spectators.

The stars of world music perform at the scene of the Arkhangelsk opera: Denis Matsuev, Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Terem-quartet, Sofia Gulyak, the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus and many others.

The theater turned into a realinteresting place of Arkhangelsk. It is loved not only by residents of the city, but also by guests, newlyweds make wedding photos against their background, souvenir products are produced with its image.


opera and ballet theater Astrakhan

In 2010, a new Opera Theater was built andballet (Astrakhan). The photo of the building is presented in this article. The old premises were not designed to implement new creative tasks. There is an urgent need for a more modern house for the theater. And President V.V. Putin made such a gift to artists and townspeople in honor of the 450th anniversary of Astrakhan. The competition for the best project of the new building was announced in 2006. Victory in it was won by the architect from the capital, AM. Denisov. According to his project, a theater was built.

The new building is amultifunctional complex. It was built using the latest modern technologies. The parterre of the auditorium is transforming, the double-glazed windows delays the ultraviolet, the architectural decor is made of glass fiber-reinforced concrete. The complex is equipped with modern exhibition equipment: special lighting system, air conditioning, climate control, alarms and fire extinguishing system. A beautiful park with fountains, a botanical garden and playgrounds is located around the theater.

The construction of the building was completed in 2012. The first performance shown on the new stage was the opera The Queen of Spades.

Opening of a new building

opera and ballet theater in Astrakhan

In honor of the opening of his new building, the Opera Houseand ballet (Astrakhan) on October 27, 2011 arranged a grandiose concert. Honorary guests took part in it - the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, led by conductor Valery Gergiev. At the concert the oratorio "Ivan the Terrible", Symphony No. 7 by Sergei Prokofiev was performed. The hall was full. Residents of the city eagerly awaited the opening of the theater. The new creative path started very successfully.


Opera and Ballet Theater Astrakhan Photo

The Opera and Ballet Theater (Astrakhan) offers residents and guests of the city the following repertoire:

  • "Madame Butterfly";
  • "Waltz of White Orchids";
  • "The Golden Chicken";
  • "Carnival Night at the Opera";
  • "The Snow Queen";
  • "The musical bestseller";
  • "Prince Igor";
  • "Swan Lake";
  • "All Beethoven";
  • "Nutcracker";
  • "Teremok";
  • "Piaf";
  • "Chicken Ryaba";
  • "Othello";
  • "Naiad and the fisherman";
  • "The Canterville Ghost";
  • "Cherevichki";
  • "Romeo and Juliet";
  • "Maria di Buenos Aires";
  • "Carmina Burana" and other productions.


Musical Theater of Opera and Ballet Astrakhan

The Opera and Ballet Theater (Astrakhan) assembled on its stage a huge troupe. Here and ballet, and soloists-vocalists, and the choir, and the orchestra.

Troupe of the theater:

  • Svetlana Sigbatulina;
  • Tsvetana Omelchuk;
  • Maria Stets;
  • Tatyana Balasanova;
  • Marina Popandopulo;
  • Aigul Almukhametova;
  • Ekaterina Chernyshova;
  • Andrey Skudin;
  • Daniel Sokolov;
  • Irina Belaya;
  • Vadim Shishkin;
  • Oksana Voronina;
  • Zinaida Dyuzhova;
  • Konstantin Sklyarov;
  • Irina Lopatina;
  • Maxim Melnikov;
  • Alexander Zverev;
  • Eugenia Startseva;
  • Mikhail Kukharev;
  • Alexander Malyshko;
  • Igor Likhanov and many others.
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