/ How to remove DirectX for Windows 7, and can this be done?

How to remove Direct X for Windows 7, and can this be done?

The question of how to remove DirectX for Windows7, worries many users. True, they do not fully realize that it is not necessary to engage in such things in any case. Nevertheless, for the most inquisitive users it is possible to offer several options for carrying out such actions (although this is sometimes unsafe).

Understand how to remove Direct X for Windows 7

Let's start with the basics.The "Direct X" platform (program) is one of the most necessary components of the system, which allows full use of all multimedia features or play modern games. And in some cases, the presence of this platform in the operating system is mandatory for the operation of certain Windows components.

how to remove direct x for windows 7

In the seventh modification of the OS, the 11th version of the platformis "sewn", so the question of how to remove "Direct X" for Windows 7 regular means, you can give a very clear answer - in any way! That is, even in the program section, this component will not be shown.

Another thing is that the system for some reasonthere was a modification of Direct X 9 (although this is unlikely, since simultaneously versions 9 and 11 can not coexist). The very same ninth version applies exclusively to Windows XP, and it can be deleted only if both systems are installed on the computer in parallel, or one of them uses a virtual machine. In the case of Windows 7, the 11th version of the platform already initially replaces Direct X 9. That's why it remains to talk only about the removal of the "sewn" modification. But this is not so easy.

"Microsoft Direct X": uninstallation by the simplest method

Nevertheless, if the issue of uninstalling the platform is absolutely necessary, in the simplest case, you can use a small utility called DirectX Eradicator.

direct x 9

"It weighs" only a few hundred kilobytes, notrequires installation on a computer and allows you to remove the platform, not only with Windows 7, but with "Vista", and "ekspishki." However, its use is fraught with unpredictable consequences for the stability of the system (in a message that is issued when trying to uninstall, this is said in plain text). So, this application will have to be used exclusively at your own risk.

Using the 11th Edition Removal Tool

There is also a more cardinal method in solvingthe problem of how to remove "Direct X" for Windows 7. In this case, you will need to use a more powerful tool - a specialized program DirectX Uninstaller, which you can download directly from the site of Microsoft Corporation.

This tool is noteworthy in that, firstly, it works in all versions of Windows, and secondly, it deletes both the main platform files and all the accompanying components.

  • When installing the utility, a Setup button appears, which you must click to install all the necessary components.
  • Then, when you start the program, you need to enter a shortcut to inf file, and then the main directory will open.

direct program

  • Next, the platform dialog (dxdiag in the Run menu) is launched to view the current version.
  • The next step is to restart the computer inmode Safe Mode (safe) with the F8 key at startup, then in the folder of the installed utility it will be necessary to find the DxUnVer13.inf object and select the installation line from the PCM menu (thus, by the way, all the drivers represented as INF files are installed) . It is the implementation of the installation and allows you to remove the platform in its entirety.
  • After that, it will only be necessary to reboot the system in normal mode.

Reinstalling the platform can be done by downloading the distribution kit or the web installer from the Microsoft website.

microsoft direct x

You can also use utilities likeDirectX Happy Uninstall, which can similarly remove the platform and all its components with the creation of a backup copy and the ability to later restore all the elements from it.


That's all, as for removing the platformDirectX. In principle, you can add to this also the removal of some update packages, but you need to know exactly which of them contains the platform update (you will have to search the Microsoft website).

However, if we look at the essence of the question, thenit is not recommended to do such things under any pretext. In other words, in this not only there is absolutely no sense, but in this way it is possible to bring the whole system into an extremely unstable state.

Every user should understand thatThe platform is an indispensable component of the system. Sometimes after its removal, it's not that the games will not work, and some system services will stop running. Therefore, it is better not to take risks. For that matter, just upgrade DirectX. And remember: in Windows 7 and higher, you can not lower the version of the platform (over version 11, the 9th will not be installed exactly). If you delete DirectX 11, you can install DirectX 9. And the meaning? After all, in the end, it will automatically be updated again to a higher modification.

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