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Shampoo "Horsepower": reviews and composition

How often in the pursuit of beauty we truststars with glossy covers, their purely promotional promotions. For example, not so long ago Sarah Jessica Parker unveiled the "great" secret of Hollywood stars: they say, the beauties take care of their "mane" solely with the help of zooshampooes. In less than a few days, the Internet community did not manage to savor the news about the connection between actresses and horses, and shampoo "Horsepower" reviews on the forums already collected in more than enough.

Shampoo Horse Power reviews of doctors
And really, looking at the horsespurebred breeds, whose manes shine in the sun, like precious threads, I want to believe that in their cosmetics, conscientious animal advocates add far more nutrients and keratin. Should I take advantage of such a legend or read about the shampoo "Horsepower" for experts?

Features of shampoo

Men believe that from several usesshampoo "Horse Force" can lose the bald spot, the girls believe in natural "lamination" and hair straightening - in fact, stereotypes come into play. Despite the fact that Shampoo "Horsepower" reviews and collects positive, you need to look at the real indicators of laboratory and test studies. In 50% of people, the improvement occurs instantaneously, but the rest of the body can have an ordinary intolerance to shampoo - well, the composition does not fit and everything here is instant dandruff and itching. All the same, it's not for nothing that developers have been working on creating shampoos for people for so many years: the structure of the human hair is taken into account, and the type is hard or soft, and the density of the cover, and, most importantly, the type of scalp. In the preparation of drugs for animals, their physiology, the thickness of the skin and the structure of the bulb are taken into account.

Shampoo Horsepower reviews

Now imagine how many times the number andThe dimensions of sweat glands and hypodermic fat of a horse exceed human. Is our head accumulating so much old dirt to wash it with "Horse Force" every day?

If you consider what they say about shampoo"Horsepower" reviews of doctors inevitably come up against a discussion of the difference in skin pH, which the horse has more acidic. The composition of washing shampoo for horsehair and mane is rich in alkali, that is, this shampoo is suitable for those who have problems with oily scalp and sebaceous hair. By the way, for colored hair it can not be applied categorically - paint at best will wash quickly, at worst - it will create unpredictable effect.

Advantages and disadvantages

So, let's try to sum up all the facts on the basis of what the "Horsepower" shampoo collected for all the time of its market expansion. Among the advantages:

Shampoo Horse Strength Specialist Reviews

  • Enriched with lanolin, vitamin B5 and collagen.

  • Does not contain nasty flavors and fragrances - clearly to calm the horse.

  • Easily combed and heavy hair can not be electrified and do not split at all.

And here are the cons that contain about the shampoo "Horsepower" user reviews:

  • An inexplicably high price - up to 450-500 rubles. for a jar, you will not get on a herd.

  • High risk of hair loss due to frequent use - for 2-3 months.

  • Increased dryness of hair as a result of leaching.

Tastes, of course, do not argue. As they say, you will not stumble - you will not pass, maybe it's worth it to just surprise your husband with non-standard packaging of the bathroom.

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