/ Tunnels in the ears: fashion or idea?

Tunnels in the ears: fashion or idea?

Today on the streets you can often see young peoplepeople - often unusually dressed and having strange hairstyles - with incomprehensible ornaments, thanks to which through a hole in the lobe you can see the street. Tunnels in the ears became popular a few years ago. The older generation condemns this with disapproval, the more conservative middle-aged people shiver, and young people believe that this is not only beautiful, but also conceptually.

tunnels in the ears

Any piercing:tunnels, punctures in cartilage, barbells on the bridge of the nose and in the nipples - the simple man in the street always causes bewilderment. It is understandable: why is it for a normal person to mend everything himself? However, as mentioned earlier, punctures are part of a certain worldview, views. Everyone saw tunnels in the ears of African residents: women and men, young and old. These decorations really have a certain meaning. According to representatives of many peoples, for which tunnels in the ears are the norm, artificially made holes near the holes of natural origin (eyes, ears, nose), are able to deceive evil spirits. It is claimed that they will slip through the body, and not settle in it.

There are two types of jewelry for those whostretched out his lobes: directly tunnels, as well as plagi. The first differ from the second by the presence of a hole. Young people prefer tunnels, but the plagiards are also in favor: you can choose models with unusual patterns.

piercing of tunnels

It must be said that making a tunnel in the earsnot easy. Depending on the desired result, the procedure can be stretched as for 2-3 sessions, and on ... in general, until there is a rupture of the lobe. Considering that handicraft masters now - even more, this happens quite often. But, no matter in what conditions - sanitary or unsanitary - the person was stretched out of the ear, looking after the newly acquired holes in the body requires special attention and time. After the procedure should be for 1 to 3 months (namely, as long as the healing lasts) to treat the ears with chlorhexidine solution. A small amount of purulent discharge within a few days after visiting the piercing master is, in principle, in the order of things. But if the allocation is strong, you should worry and turn to a specialist, and it is better if it is a qualified doctor.

tunnel in the ears

Usually tunnels in the ears have a diameter of 3-5 mm - thisdoes not deliver special painful sensations when stretching, looks stylish and, at the same time, makes it possible to say good-bye to unusual jewelry: the lobe drags on itself for several months without the decoration in the ear. However, those who chose tunnels as large as 1 cm, will not be able to restore their original beauty to this. You can do this only in the surgeon's office. The procedure is short, but costly: for the restoration of one lobe take an average of 9,000 rubles.

It should be noted that tunnels in the ears are notthe most terrible thing. Some stretch the skin on the wings of the nose (in this case, however, do not even stretch, and cut out), on the tongue, on the cheeks. As a rule, people who want to become famous do it, which, by the way, is not bad at all.

Summarizing, I want to say that everything good and beautiful should be in moderation, and most importantly - not to the detriment of health!

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