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Liquidation of LLC through sale: step-by-step instruction

Liquidation of LLC in accordance with general rulesinvolves the procedure for the termination of the activities of the organization without the transfer of rights and obligations to another person. In itself, the liquidation process is rather complex and multi-stage, but it can be greatly simplified by using alternative methods to terminate the business. This can be a reorganization or liquidation of LLC through sale.

liquidation of ooo through the sale

If you choose between these two ways, thenit is worth choosing a sale, since this is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate it. In addition, it is possible to liquidate a business through sale in two ways.

Features of alternative elimination

  • The organization does not stop its activities. When selling the LLC is not closed, its rights, obligations and work with counterparties are not terminated. Only the membership changes.
  • The staff does not change.The new owner of the organization decides on the appointment of the head, but no rules oblige him to dismiss the incumbent director. The same goes for officials and other employees: they do not lose their jobs after the sale of the LLC, if this is not necessary.
  • Liquidation of the LLC through the sale is carried out rather quickly. The entire process takes less than a month, and the conclusion of an agreement on buying and selling is faster than the replacement of owners.
  • The company is not subject to any checks, includingincluding tax, as with full disbandment. As the organization continues its activities, there is no need to conduct verification activities for payment of tax fees and compliance with legislation.
  • At the end of the sale process,register changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Any steps are subject to mandatory state registration, including the change of owners and the general director.

how to sell ooo

Alternative way to eliminate business, asmay seem at first glance, it is much easier than complete disbanding, but there are some nuances here: first of all, it is necessary to find an interested buyer and know how to sell the company competently.

Elimination conditions

Liquidation of LLC by sale is possible provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The owners of the organization must compilea competent agreement indicating all the necessary information. The contract should indicate the market value of the enterprise and list all assets. In order to properly compile this item, an inventory is required, after which both sides need to familiarize themselves with the results. If both parties agree on all points, then the agreement on sale and purchase can be signed.
  • If you have debts, the company needsto notify about their plans of creditors, since liquidation of LLC with debts through sale can be carried out only with their consent. If the owners ignore this condition, in the future the deal can be terminated, and the creditors can recover debts through the court. Even if the time has passed since the sale, the creditor has the right to make claims.
  • If the owner is legally married, then the consent of the spouse will be required to sell the business. If the founder is not married, he will need to produce an identity document.
  • All co-owners of LLC must write consent to waive the pre-emptive right to acquire a business.

Only after compliance with all the above conditions, you can proceed with the processing of documents for sale LLC.

liquidation of ooo with debts

Liquidation of LLC through sale: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the alternative methodelimination - in the profitability and speed of the process. This method is very popular today, however, it is extremely difficult to conduct a transaction without the help of competent legal support. It is almost impossible to sell a business independently. Accordingly, it will take a lot of money, but when compared with debt, spending is quite small.

The legality of the procedure is a controversial issue.If it is a deliberate liquidation of LLC with debts through fictitious transactions - of course, such a method is illegal. But if you carry out the sale in accordance with the norms of the law, then there is no prohibition for the change of owners, or for the sale of a legal entity, and the amount of debt obligations does not matter. The only thing that can not be avoided, if acting according to the law is the presentation of claims by credit organizations in the early stages of the procedure.

Risks and consequences

The main risks of liquidation through the implementation of business stem from the shortcomings of the method itself:

  • Having sold the company, and thus, getting rid ofdebt obligations, a businessman will not insure himself against liability for those obligations and violations that arose when he was the owner.
  • When the process of purchase and sale of an institutionas a property complex, it is necessary to notify the sale of creditors, otherwise the transaction can be recognized as null and void. And this means that we will either have to "circumvent" the law, or pay off debts in the process of conducting the transaction.
  • Since the liquidation of an LLC by sale is carried out withinvolving an intermediary, there is a high probability that not all procedures will be followed or some legal norms will be violated. Refer to the selection of specialists who will carry out the liquidation operation, extremely carefully.

contract of sale ooo

Ways of sale LLC: step-by-step instruction

The implementation of the LLC to other persons is not a liquidationin the direct meaning of this word, since the organization has not ceased its activities, only the leadership has changed. This method of so-called liquidation takes only a few hours and is carried out by a notary. After the end of the purchase transaction, all obligations for the company are shifted to the new owner.

The law provides for different methods of liquidation through sale:

  • Liquidation of an organization by selling a stake in LLC to a third party.
  • Sale by the way of change of the owner and the general director.

Elimination of the organization by selling a stake

Liquidation of LLC through the implementation of muchfaster than the process of complete disbanding of the company, but in this case it is necessary to follow certain procedures and adhere to a sequence of actions.

Necessary steps:

  • Organize a meeting where the decision of the founder of the LLC to sell the organization and prepare an appropriate protocol will be made.
  • Coordinate all actions of the parties.
  • Notify the sale of credit institutions.
  • Prepare and agree on an agreement on buying and selling.
  • Fill in and notarize the application form.
  • Notarize the sales contract LLC.
  • To issue an act of acceptance and transfer of the company's property, including debt obligations and statutory fund.
  • Register an appropriate agreement with the relevant authorities and file an application with the tax authorities (this must be done before the expiry of the three-day period after the signing of the sale agreement).

The application should be accompanied by a contract and a protocolmeeting on the sale of LLC. After submitting documents to the Inspectorate within a week, the employees of the service will make changes to the change of managers in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

ooo new owner

Change of leadership

Do not know how to sell the company? This method can be considered an alternative, it is carried out by two methods:

  • Conclusion of an agreement on sale or purchaseregistration of the contract of donating shares to the new owner or owners. This sale can be considered urgent, the process takes place in one stage and does not require large expenditures.
  • Create an application for withdrawal from the LLC by distributing shares between the parties. This method occurs in two stages:
  1. New members are being introduced into the company's management.
  2. Former participants voluntarily leave the LLC, the new owner or owners receive their share.

General appointed by new membersthe director assumes all responsibility for further actions of the company. If the order of sale of LLC was observed, all procedures were carried out without violation and in compliance with all the conditions, claims against the previous owners should not be.

Parallel to the business liquidation procedureit is necessary to re-register it, which implies amending the founders and the head of the relevant state registers of relevant information.


Liquidation through the implementation of an LLC is considered urgent, since it takes a minimum period. If you correctly approach the process, it will take no more than two weeks.

decision of the founder of LLC

  • The study of the documents of the owners, the preparation of the agreement on the sale and other documentation takes 1-2 days.
  • Paperwork at the notary - 1 day.
  • Registration of changes by tax inspectors - at least 12 days.

Liquidation of the LLC through the sale takes 2-3 weeks, while the process of complete dissolution takes about six months.

Required documents

The list of documents for notarization includes:

  • Contract of sale.
  • Statement of the owners.
  • Certificate of Registration Ltd.
  • Constituent documentation.
  • List of owners.
  • Articles of association.
  • Help from statistical bodies with indication of OKVED codes.
  • Passports of all participants in the transaction.
  • Consent of the spouses for the sale of LLC or marriage contract, with this item.
  • Extract from the WEDDING (valid for no more than 3 days).
  • Receipt for payment of state duty.

Sale Ltd. step by step instructions

Legal risks

Business liquidation through sale is legala procedure that involves certain risks. Because, the organization remains registered with the current TIN, only the information about the founders and the name of the executive body change. After the end of the sale and purchase transaction LLC, all responsibility is transferred to the new management. In order to make changes in any aspect of the organization, change the name or legal address, the new owner will need to spend a lot of money and time.


Selling a business as a method of liquidation issimple and very quick procedure, however, in the presence of large debts and internal problems, the owners of the company should think about voluntary bankruptcy. Do not forget that even after the sale of a legal entity, over time, unsecured obligations to creditors may emerge. Before you make a final decision on the sale of LLC, think again whether this method is suitable for you.

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