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Attention: socio-economic consequences of unemployment

Alas, unemployment has become one of the realities of ourtime. But in fact once, even under the Soviet Union, it was believed that we would never touch it, because in a socialist society there can not be such a thing. It's there, in the decaying West in order to survive, women are engaged in prostitution, and old people, children, disabled people are begging. Sufficient people there are forced to stand for hours on labor exchanges hoping to find at least some earnings, and those who are desperate, go for a piece of bread for a crime. Absolutely lost hope get drunk, die from drugs, become victims of suicide.

With the departure of the Soviet era, with the collapse of the economiesof the former republics, with the impoverishment of the main masses of the population, unemployment has settled firmly throughout the post-Soviet space and it is not going to surrender its positions. This is facilitated by endless world crises, another wave covering the countries of near and far abroad, and confusion in the political and economic issues of domestic policies, and many other nuances.

Any government from time to timeto eliminate the economic and social consequences of unemployment. They are very serious. Specialists put them on one scales with the problems of poverty, social instability and others, threatening to undermine the foundations of state power.

Economic consequences of unemployment for Russiansand citizens of other states the harder the lower their material security. Psychologists believe that people need appropriate help and support to adapt in such conditions. It should be expressed in unemployment benefits, as well as in special state programs and measures that would help people survive difficult times.

Socio-economic consequences of unemploymentdo not consist solely in assessing social damage or losses in the country's economy, although this is also important. Significantly reduces the amount of time spent on production processes. At a rapid pace, the intensity and productivity of labor falls. Plus to this - the direct costs from the budget to overcome these negative phenomena.

At the same time, analyzing the social and economic consequences of unemployment, experts say not only negative but also positive aspects of unemployment.

I. Unemployment and its social consequences

1. Negative:

  • Exacerbated criminogenic situations;
  • social tensions are increasing in society;
  • the number of mentally and physically ill people is growing;
  • the social stratification of society is growing, the gap between the poor and the rich is widening;
  • labor activity is fewer times compared to years of social and economic stability.

2. Positive:

  • people are starting to hold their jobs more than usual, the social value of jobs is growing significantly;
  • with a decrease in employment, more free time is released, which people often spend on acquiring a new specialty, raising their intellectual level;
  • there is a legal opportunity to find a new job;
  • social significance and value of labor as such increases significantly.

Ii. Unemployment and its economic consequences

1. Negative:

  • the process of learning, gaining knowledge within the school curriculum and above loses its former significance (why study, if there is no place to work anyway!);
  • production cuts can take very voluminous forms;
  • increased costs to help victims of unemployment;
  • specialists lose their qualifications, knowledge is unclaimed;
  • the standard of living of the population is steadily rolling down;
  • tax revenues are significantly reduced to the state treasury;
  • national income is underproduced.

2. Positive:

  • citizens not involved in the production process become a kind of reserve of labor in a changing economy;
  • competition between workers becomes an incentive for the development of their own talents, advanced training, growth of the level of skill
  • retraining;
  • stimulation of labor productivity, its intensity.

Таким образом, социально-экономические the effects of unemployment are of a dialectical nature. Undoubtedly, unemployment itself is the result of negative phenomena of the state’s internal policy. It should be temporary. And the higher the standard of living in the country, the more stable the economy, the fewer people become victims of labor market fluctuations. In economically developed countries, the unemployed are much less than in those that experience internal cataclysms.

Naturally to overcomesocio-economic consequences of unemployment, heads of state often take such unpopular measures as the introduction of a limit on the entry of foreigners into the country, restricting their employment in favor of the local population and many others.

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