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Diet Maggi - rules and diet

With a huge number of advertised diets allmore popular in recent times is the Maggi diet. People who have experienced it, point out the effectiveness and the fact that kilograms dropped by hard work no longer return. Its name was given to the diet not from the cubes of the eponymous spice, but from the name of its creator.


During the entire period of the diet should be performedits main principle is the unconditional adherence to the developed diet. Anything to change in it, change products in places or replace them with others is simply forbidden. Then there will be no benefit from the diet. It is sometimes called the egg Maggi diet, since it involves eating eggs in a rather large amount, but it is based, first of all, not on the calorie content of food, but on the chemical reactions taking place in the body. That's why it requires strict diet. In extreme cases, you can not replace the product with another, but simply remove it. Despite the general rigor, it is quite simple to follow all the rules, because the Maggi diet recipes are very clear in which it is impossible to get confused. In addition, it is nutritious and nutritious. The menu consists of a large number of eggs, meat, vegetables and fruits. There are no contraindications, people of any age can use it. The Maggi diet allows you to lose in four weeks from 10 to 30 kilograms.

The order of nutrition.

It is necessary to drink a lot of water, it is also alloweduse tea and coffee without sugar and diet drinks with gas. Prepare all meals only without fat and oil, using salt with pepper and seasoning. If between meals you feel hungry, you can eat a carrot or cucumber. If the number of products in the menu is not specified, then the portion size is not limited. Also, the diet of Maggie suggests that during her time you will go in for sports.

-first week

For breakfast every day: 1-2 eggs and half a grapefruit.

Mon. At lunch - fruit to choose from. Supper - boiled meat.

W. In the afternoon - a chicken fried or boiled. Dinner - salad from vegetables, 2 eggs with toast and orange.

Wed. In the afternoon - toast, tomatoes and skim cheese. Supper - boiled meat.

Thu. In the afternoon - fruit. Dinner - boiled meat with salad.

Fri. In the afternoon - zucchini and kidney beans cooked, 2 eggs. Dinner - fried fish, salad and grapefruit.

Sat. In the afternoon - fruit. Dinner - boiled meat with salad.

Su. In the afternoon - chicken fried, boiled vegetables, tomatoes and grapefruit. Supper - boiled vegetables.

-The second week

For breakfast every day - 1-2 eggs and an orange.

Mon. In the lunchtime, a fried roast with salad. Dinner - salad, 2 eggs and an orange.

W. In the afternoon, a boiled man with a salad. Dinner - 2 eggs and grapefruit.

Wed. For lunch, fried meat and cucumber. Dinner - 2 eggs and an orange.

Thu. In the afternoon - boiled vegetables and low-fat cheese, 2 eggs. Dinner - 2 eggs.

Fri. At lunch - fried fish. Dinner - 2 eggs.

Sat. In the afternoon - boiled meat and tomatoes, orange. Dinner - fruit salad.

Su. At lunch and dinner - chicken fried, boiled vegetables, tomatoes and orange.

-the third week

All these products can be eaten throughout the day in any quantity.

Mon, Wed. - All fruits except sweet.

Tues. - All vegetables except potatoes.

Th. - fish boiled, boiled vegetables and a green salad.

Fri. - meat boiled, boiled vegetables.

Sat, Sun. - one kind of fruit.

The fourth week.

All these products are distributed for the whole day.

Mon. - 4 pieces of fried or boiled meat, 3 tomatoes and 4 cucumbers, toast, grapefruit, a can of tuna.

W. - boiled meat 200 gr., 2 tomatoes and 4 cucumbers, toast, orange.

Cf. - low-fat cheese, a spoonful of cottage cheese, 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers, boiled vegetables, toast, grapefruit.

Th. - half boiled chicken, 3 tomatoes and cucumber, toast, orange.

Fri. - 2 eggs, salad and grapefruit.

Sat. - a little cottage cheese, 2 chicken boiled breasts, 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers, toast, yogurt, grapefruit.

Sun. - a can of tuna, 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers, 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, grapefruit.

The results of this technique are simply impressive, maybe you will now join her fans.

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