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How useful are inhalations with laryngitis and how to conduct them?

Laryngitis is the inflammation of the submucosal andmucous layer of the trachea and throat. Most often the disease develops against a background of colds such as tonsillitis and rhinitis, as well as infectious diseases - scarlet fever, pertussis and measles. As an independent process laryngitis occurs as a result of hypothermia of the throat, voice overstrain, alcohol abuse and smoking. It is also often diagnosed in people with removed tonsils and problems with the digestive tract.

Inhalation with laryngitis

Symptoms of laryngitis:

- scarring, perspiration and dryness in the throat;

- painful swallowing;

- hoarseness or complete loss of voice;

- dry cough;

- headache;

- temperature increase.

Inhalation with laryngitis nebulizer

The benefit of inhaling with laryngitis

To quickly and effectively eliminate symptomsIt is recommended to use inhalation with laryngitis. During such procedures, the action of drugs is directed directly at the affected ligaments, which allows for a short time to achieve positive results. The simplest are soda inhalations, which help to gradually restore the lost voice function. But. conducting such manipulations, it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to inhale too hot couples, otherwise the already complicated situation can be further aggravated. Medical inhalation with laryngitis is recommended to be carried out as often as possible, since the enveloping layer of medicinal substances is quickly eliminated by saliva, especially during meals. In addition to soda, various antiseptic solutions may also be prescribed if the cause of the disease is viruses or bacteria. Sufficiently good effect has special emollients, such as essential oils and herbal medicinal herbs. However, to carry out such inhalations is contraindicated with laryngitis of an allergic nature!

Inhalation by nebulizer

Nebulizer with laryngitis

A convenient solution is inhalationwith laryngitis nebulizer, the action of which is based on the spraying of drugs in the form of microscopic particles. The main advantage of this device is safety and versatility, therefore it is often assigned to children. In such cases the nebulizer is installed at some distance from the baby to saturate the air with useful particles.

Contraindications to the use of nebulizer

However, even with such a wonderful device there aretheir contraindications. First and foremost, inhalations should not be carried out by a nebulizer with nasal bleeding and fever. It is also not recommended to use this technique for cardiac or respiratory failure. With caution should be given to inhalation with laryngitis to young children, and to avoid a possible burn, you do not need to leave them alone during the procedure. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the liquid being pumped, otherwise the baby can inhale the burning fumes. For children enough even warm water, with frequent irrigation it will provide an excellent effect. However, before carrying out herbal inhalation with laryngitis, you should always consult a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate drugs for you, taking into account the peculiarities of your body.

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