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Dried or fresh? Figs - useful properties and contra-indications of delicious treats

figs useful properties and contraindications
What is figs, useful properties andcontra-indications of this product that it is possible to prepare from it - all answers to these questions are well known to the inhabitants of the subtropics, where this tree of the family of ficus grows. The tree can live about 500 years. The value in this giant long-liver represents the most delicious fruit, famous for its medicinal properties and the fact that the figs are also dried, getting no less useful and sweet dried fruits.

How useful is fresh figs?

These juicy thin-skinned fruits contain in theircarotene, ascorbic, tannins, fatty acids, proteins, microelements (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium) and sugar. What is the difference between dried fruits and fresh fruit? The difference is that the fresh sugar content is about 25%, while in dried fruits it is increased to 40%, while the dried fruit is stored much longer.

Figs. Useful properties and contraindications

Like all dried fruits, figs, and even fresh onesfruit, very useful. The potassium entering into its structure promotes strengthening and a relaxation of blood vessels. This is an excellent prevention of hypertension, heart disease and problems with the veins. The fig contains the substance ficin, which positively affects the coagulability of blood, which reduces the risk of blood clots in the vessels. Fig is a very rich dried fruit, it cleanses the intestines, has a diuretic effect, improves the functioning of the kidneys, it is recommended by doctors for anemia.

than useful fresh figs

Figs. Useful properties and contraindications in folk medicine

In folk recipes is used not only figs,but also the bark juice (painkiller), and the kidneys of the tree (from gastritis). Fig is known for combating diseases of the respiratory tract: bronchitis, tonsillitis. With inflammation of the gums, you can take a decoction of figs. Despite the high sugar content, nutritionists are advised to use it instead of purchased sweets, however, no later than 6 pm. It contains fiber and fights harmful cholesterol. When choosing dried fruit, you should buy beautiful light fruits, not squeezed or blackened.

figs with milk from cough

A fig with milk from a cough is very simple to cook.To do this, you need to take a little dried fruit, pour a glass of milk, then boil. The resulting drug can also gargle with angina, treat some skin inflammation. Still from the sore throat will help a decoction of dried fig leaves. A solution of figs on water will help to crush and remove stones from the kidneys. With inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, dysentery is suitable for decoction based on nettle leaves, which also uses figs.

Useful properties and contraindications of thistropical delicacies quite closely intertwined. So, it can not be eaten with gout, and because of the high sugar content it is contraindicated for diabetics. Fiber can cause harm if a person suffers from severe inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Otherwise, this fruit is very, very useful. Eat figs instead of artificial sweets, are treated with figs, combining business with pleasure.

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