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Likopid for children: reviews of doctors and parents

The worst thing is when a child is sick.And it's even more frightening of the drugs that are assigned to him at the same time. Many parents, before giving their child a medicine, try to learn about him as much information as possible. Today we will talk about the drug in tablets "Likopid" for children. Reviews about him are quite good, doctors often prescribe it, sometimes even give out free of charge in clinics, but there is a question of raising the temperature in the child during the reception of the remedy. How to respond to parents? Should I take it? We gathered in this article the views of parents and doctors, as well as information from the instruction itself to the drug.

Lycopid for children reviews

Likopid tablets for children: doctor's reviews

Physicians prescribe the drug after the childsuffered an infectious disease. It is recommended to use the means for complex therapy due to secondary immunodeficiency, with acute chronic infectious diseases, herpetic, purulent infections and viral hepatitis. Often complaints are made about the temperature rise in a child. In this case, try to bring down the heat, but if it does not go down, then the medicine is canceled.

"Likopid" preparation: instructions, price and contraindications

In the instructions to this drugit is said that children are not allowed to take it in case of fever. Also, do not use it for fever or hypersensitivity to its components. It is noted that at the time of admission, a fever in the child is observed up to 38 degrees, but this is not considered an excuse for drug withdrawal.

The price of the drug starts at 200 rubles.The package contains 10 tablets of 1 mg. You can take children from infancy by ½ tablets once a day for a week. When hepatitis recommended 1 tablet 3 times a day for 20 days. For chronic infectious diseases: 1 tablet a day for a decade.

Leave in pharmacies is done by prescription. Self-medication is not recommended.

Lycopide instructions price

Likopid tablets for children: parents' feedbacks

As parents say, almost every kidthere is an increase in temperature a few days after the start of admission. Some manage to knock it down on their own, others have to call a doctor or cancel the drug. "An obligatory condition for taking the medicine is that the child should not have a temperature," the parents warn, "since it has already been noticed that if there is not a faded infection, it will appear for certain."

Likopid for children. Overdose

As stated in the instructions, the drug does not affectconcentration and the general condition of the baby. From outside effects, only a rise in temperature is mentioned, which is its side effect, if the child had a soft spot of inflammation. The instructions say that there were no cases of overdose in children. Fortunately, there were no deaths either.

Likopid tablets for children: feedback and suggestions

Lycopid for children
The drug has a good reputation among doctors andof patients, however, in each individual case of fever, the child has different activities. Parents recommend not to cope on their own with this problem, but once again to invite a doctor for advice. To date, this tool is one of the most advanced in pediatrics for the treatment of secondary immunodeficiency and is widely used by physicians in practice. We can only keep track of the condition of our baby and respond in time to exacerbation, but it is best, of course, that children do not get sick at all!

Let our kids be healthy without additional medications!

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