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How to cook a banana cake with fresh fruit pieces

Banana cake can be prepared for any occasion.However, most of all such a fruit dessert is fond of children. After all, there is not only a tender biscuit, sweet cream and icing, but also pieces of a ripe banana.

How to cook a delicious banana cake

banana cake

Necessary ingredients for biscuit:

  • sour cream 20% - 170 g;
  • eggs of medium chicken - 3 pieces;
  • wheat flour - a full glass;
  • banana ripe - 2 pieces;
  • sand sugar - 1.5 cups;
  • baking soda and apple vinegar - for ½ small spoon.

The process of mixing the dough

A banana cake can be made from any base,However, the most delicious dessert is obtained from a soft and soft biscuit. To make it, you need to break the eggs and separate the proteins from the yolks. The first is to be beaten with a whisk, and the second is put together with sugar, sour cream and 2 peeled bananas into a blender and chopped until a homogeneous gruel is obtained. Next, both masses must be combined, and then, stirring regularly, add wheat flour to them. To make a banana cake turned out to be big and magnificent, it is necessary to add baking soda into the biscuit dough, which should be extinguished with apple cider vinegar.

Baking of the cake

The resulting dough must be poured into a form forbaking, oiled, and then send to the oven for 45 minutes. After this time, the banana biscuit should be removed from the dish, put on a cutting board and cooled in air. In the meantime, you can do the preparation of butter cream.

Necessary ingredients:

delicious banana cake

  • condensed milk - 1 jar;
  • banana ripe - 2 pcs. for cream and 2 pcs. For filling;
  • fresh butter - 170 gr.

The process of preparation of cream

Banana cake turns out tastier if in creamuse not only condensed milk and butter, but also fresh fruit. Thus, you should pour a can of condensed milk in a bowl, put the melted butter and 2 ripe bananas there. All products must be mixed using a blender and nozzles-knives. After obtaining a homogeneous sweet-oil mixture, you can safely proceed to coating the biscuit.

Formation of dessert

sour cream banana cake

Cream-banana cake should startform only after the sponge cake has completely cooled. Next, it is necessary to cut it into three shortcakes (if height permits), and then put one part on the cake cake and grease it with plenty of cream. In order for the dessert to be original, it is advisable to put thin slices of fresh banana on top of each cake. You should rise high enough cake with sweet cream and fruit.

Dessert surface preferably coated with whiteglaze. To do this, it is necessary to melt the light milk chocolate with two spoons of milk and butter. Then warm icing is required to pour on the cake and, until it is frozen, put on it pieces of banana.

Correct feed to the table

Banana sponge cake should be served totable only after it is completely soaked with cream. For this dessert is recommended to be placed in the refrigerator for 9-12 hours. Then it is necessary to cut it into pieces and present it to guests on separate saucers along with hot tea.

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