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Make a beautiful and delicious cake without mastic

Cake without mastic turns out the same tasty andbeautiful, like a dessert using the mentioned product. You can prepare such a treat in many ways. We decided to present you some simple and affordable recipes.

cake without mastic

Cakes without mastic: photos and recipes

The most simple and fast home-made dessert is biscuit cake. To make it to a festive table, you may need the following components:

  • sour cream of the largest fat content - about 200 g;
  • eggs large - 4 pcs .;
  • flour of the highest grade - not less than 250 g;
  • sugar syrup - apply at discretion;
  • soda food (should always be extinguished with vinegar) - dessert spoon (take incomplete);
  • sugar small white - about 230 g;
  • sunflower oil - for lubricating the mold.

Mesem dough

Before baking a cake without mastic, you shouldto cook a biscuit dough. To do this, separately grind sugar and egg yolks, and then add fatty sour cream to them and leave them aside for a few minutes. Meanwhile, they begin to process proteins. They are pre-cooled, placed in a refrigerator, and then whisked through a mixer until persistent peaks. After that, the proteins are spread to the yolks and mix well. Then in the same dishes add the extinguished table soda and flour.

Baking process

To make a beautiful cake without mastic, you shoulduse a special heat resistant mold. It is oiled (sunflower, refined), and then spread out all the dough. Filled dishes are placed in a preheated oven and the contents are prepared for an hour.

Once the biscuit is rosy and fluffy, it is taken out and cooled. After this, the product is cut into three equal cakes.

wedding cake without mastic

Cream products

A wedding cake without mastic requires the use of only a cream. To make it yourself, we will need the following products:

  • cream of large fat content - 500 ml;
  • sugar is not very large - 200 g;
  • strawberry jam or fresh berries - to taste;
  • peanuts roasted or plates of almonds - at your discretion.

Cream Preparation

Before forming a wedding cake withoutmastic, it is necessary to whip up fat cream. To do this, they are pre-cooled, and then placed in a deep and narrow bowl, which is then poured and fine granulated sugar. In the best way, this product is whipped with a mixer.

At the exit you should get an airy and very luxurious cream.

How to form and serve to the table?

Cakes without mastic are formed easily and quickly.To do this, one of the cakes is placed on a large cake, and then impregnated with sugar syrup. After that, it is smeared with cream and spread fresh berries (you can use jam).

Covering the product with a second cake, it comes withsimilar. After the described actions you should get a pretty high cake. It is completely covered with cream and then embellish.

The side parts of the dessert are sprinkled with roasted peanuts or almond plates, and the top is smeared with strawberry jam.

If such a delicacy is meant for a wedding, then it can be made high-rise.

We make a delicious cake without mastic "Tiramisu"

"Tiramisu" is a very tasty and delicate dessert, for the preparation of which you will need a minimum of time.

cakes without mastic

To make such a cake at home, we will need:

  • cheese "Mascarpone" (soft) - 250 g;
  • powder from sugar - 3 large spoons;
  • cocoa powder - 4 large spoons;
  • rods (cookies) "Savoyardi" - 1.5 packs;
  • raw eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • strong coffee (black) without sugar - 400 ml;
  • cognac any - 3 large spoons.

Cream Preparation

Cream for this cake is prepared very quickly.Soft cheese "Mascarpone" is combined with egg yolks and powdered sugar. Then, lightly whipped cream is added to them. By re-mixing the ingredients, a slightly thick but not liquid cream is obtained. It should resemble the consistency of fatty sour cream and not spread.

How to form?

Form a cake "Tiramisu" preferably on a largecake plate. For this, the Savoyardi sticks (biscuits) are alternately dipped in black strong coffee without sugar, in which several spoons of cognac are added in advance. Then they are beautifully laid out on a dish and smeared with a previously prepared cream. After that, the filling is again covered with biscuits, etc.

When all the sticks are laid out on the cake,The formed dessert is completely greased with the remains of the cream. And its side parts are left in the open. Finally, the cake is sprinkled with cocoa powder using a small sieve.

Present the dessert to the table

Now you know that making a cake withoutthe use of mastic is quite realistic. After the homemade delicacy is fully formed, it is put in a refrigerator and held for at least six hours.

cakes without mastic photo

Correctly cooked cake "Tiramisu" turns out very gentle and soft. He should not be cut with a knife. It should be eaten with an ordinary spoon.

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