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"The Bride", A.P. Chekhov: a brief summary. "Bride" - story about the choice of life path

In 1903 Chekhov's story "The Bride" was written.The summary, which is given below, will show how an ordinary provincial girl changes attitudes toward reality and takes a very serious decision in her life.

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Chapter 1

Nadia, seven years dreaming of marriage, alreadywas twenty-three. At last she became the bride of the young and beautiful son of Father Andrey. She liked the bridegroom, but the closer the wedding day, the less joy she experienced, as Chekhov notes, the bride.

A brief summary of the evening, from whichthe story begins, is as follows. The main heroine lived with her mother and grandmother, who owned the house. About ten days ago a distant relative from Moscow, Sasha, was staying with them. He came every year, and every time he persuaded Nadya that her life was meaningless. And now he noticed that the servants were sleeping on the floor in rags, and nobody in the house had anything to do with this.

The following describes the dinner with guests, among whichthere were Andrei Andreevich with his father. Empty conversations at the table. The game of the groom, who in the city was called an artist, on a violin. Once he studied philology, but now he did not do anything useful, he only occasionally played charity concerts. The guests left after twelve, and Nadia got up to her room. This was the end of this evening Chekhov.

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"Bride": a short summary of 2 chapters

The girl woke up when the dawn dawned.For several nights she could not sleep. I was thinking about the upcoming wedding and my fiancé. She liked him, but for some reason the fear of the future was getting stronger. Walking in the garden, she met her mother and tried to talk to her about her worries. But Nina Ivanovna, who was in the home of her mother-in-law in the position of a prizhivalka, did not understand her daughter. "The girl wanted to hide from everyone," Anton Chekhov writes. The bride - the short story of the story about her you read - went to herself, again alone thinking about the impending future.

After lunch, Nadia and Sasha were left alone, and heagain started a familiar conversation. The fact that the girl must necessarily learn. That she will ruin herself in this city. What to live like this is immoral. And Nadya seemed as if she had already heard all this.

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At night the girl woke up again.She suddenly realized how unhappy her mother, who had never loved her husband, but now completely dependent on her grandmother. I remembered about the strange Sasha. The idea that she really needs to learn, no longer seemed so unnatural.

Chapter 3

The house was preparing for the wedding.Hastened with a dowry, in which one coat was six pieces. Once Nadia went with Andrei Andreyevich to watch their house. This day Chekhov describes further. Brief summary - the bride always felt uncomfortable - this episode is the following.

Andrei Andreyevich drove the girl through the rooms, and shealready now she hated it all. Especially she did not like the picture with a naked lady, which the groom praised. And he kept saying, noting how unpleasant it was for him to see people in the service. But at the same time he recognized that idleness does not color, and therefore dreamed that after the wedding they will acquire a piece of land in the village and will work on it.

Nadya returned home unhappy.Besides, she was uncomfortable with the thought that the guests would come again in the evening. And she will have to smile, listen to absurd speeches and play the violin. Thus, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov concludes the description of this day.

"Bride": a summary of 4-5 chapters

At night it began to rain with the wind, and Nina Ivanovna,disturbed by knocking on the street, entered her daughter's room. Nadia suddenly sobbed and began to say that she wanted to leave. That she does not like Andrei Andreevich. That she does not want her life to be as petty and humiliating as that of her mother and grandmother.

А утром девушка сообщила о принятом решении Саше, continues Chekhov. Brief content (the bride, in her view now ex-was very serious) of their conversation is reduced to the fact that Sasha promised to pack Nadi's things in his suitcase. He will buy a ticket to St. Petersburg. The girl had to go to see him off, and after the third bell to get on the train.

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Everything turned out as planned.It was raining outside, and only Nadia went to the station. Already in the wagon, she realized that she would certainly leave. And when I got on the train, everything went through life like a lump. Something huge and wide was unfolding in the front.

Chapter 6

It was May.Nadia - now she studied in Petersburg - passed the exams and got ready to go home. On the way I came to Moscow to Sasha. The girl thanked him for helping him change her life. However, I could not help but admit that now, several months after the last meeting, Sasha seemed old-fashioned to her.

At home, the girl was waiting.Both mother and grandmother forgave her a long time ago. They felt that there was nothing left of the past. On the street to go afraid, the guests almost did not take. A month passed in solitude. Nadya, who was walking more in the garden, it seemed as if everything in the city was getting old, out of date and waiting for something new. And she believed that these changes are not far off - Chekhov writes.

Brief description - "The Bride" narrates aboutlife choice of a person - ends with a message about Sasha's death. Nadia, having learned the sad news, suddenly realized how lonely she was in her native city. The girl last walked around the house to say goodbye to everything that had left traces of the past. Ahead of her was a new, mysterious life, which attracted and attracted her. Nadia packed her things, and the next day left the city. Now, as it seemed to her, forever.

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In a work written in a difficult for Russiatime, the author touches upon the problem of the new world view that was very disturbing to him. According to contemporaries, the story was inspired with something optimistic and fresh. Although we must not forget that the heroine came to a new life, causing distress to her relatives: the mother became very old during the months of her absence, the grandmother lay for a long time. Raises questions and the ending of the story. What happened next with Nadia, who believed that she would not return to this city? The reader Anton Chekhov makes you think about this.

Summary ("The Bride" is no exception)any work conveys the main points of the story, without the emphasis on detail. Meanwhile, this is an important part of all the writings of the writer. Therefore, in order to try to comprehend the writer's intention, it is nevertheless necessary to read the full text of the story.

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